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Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:34 am
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Post subject: Disappear Me Reply with quote

Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please hang up and try again.
I went to the party & all they gave me was this little chip.

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Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:42 pm
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Post subject: Re: Disappear Me Reply with quote

Hexbodhi wrote:
short-circuiting the flow of thought: Darwinism --> naturalism --> atheism --> narcissism, hedonism, nihilism.


Seen in this way, religion is an acknowledgement of our basic alienation from the world and an attempt to come to some

kind of understanding of this fact, although acknowledging at the same time that any such understanding can never be

fully rational. Science cannot fulfil this purpose because it extends alienation in the world by driving subject and

object ever further apart in its reductive thinking. Mysticism, at the other end of the spectrum, claims the complete

elimination of alienation. St John of the Cross, for example, speaks in one of his poems about the union of the soul

with the love of God. Philosophical religious thought, however, can claim a measure of ignorance with regards to the

possibility of overcoming man's basic alienation once and for all, while still pushing reason to its limit and taking

account of science where appropriate.

This is in many ways a perilous journey, but it is one which every person must make who is not convinced that the

enforced reductionism of science tells the full story of what it is to be human. Some atheists who posture as the only

true bearers of the scientific spirit will have us believe that science tells us everything we need to know about our

spiritual destiny, namely that there isn't one. But I hope that we will think again about spirituality and what it is

to be human, and that we will not sell our spiritual birthright to the militant atheists on the basis of a false

equation. In Culture and Value, Wittgenstein remarks that science is a way of sending people to sleep. I think we may

interpret him as saying that it stops them from thinking about things that really matter at the level of higher

existence. As Kierkegaard said, at this level science is boring. According to Kierkegaard, man's highest perfection is

to need God. This insight moves us closer to an understanding of true religion. True religion is not a matter of

trying to account for natural, supernatural or paranormal phenomena, or of trying to manipulate the universe to serve

one's own ends, and it is also not a matter of trying to believe a certain set of dogmas against reason 'because God

said so'. Rather, it is a need that grows from the inside, a need to overcome the chasm that divides and alienates us

from the spiritual source of our existence and to bring forth the good that is within us. This is how some people seek

to overcome their raw genetic and psychological material and mould it into something better. It is only when we are

confronted with the Absolute Good (which some call 'God') that we can strive for perfection in our existence. These

are not scientific ideas, science cannot make sense of them, and it should admit that it cannot make sense of them

rather than state categorically that they are nonsense. Atheism falls into the latter trap and is therefore rational

but unscientific.


Why atheism is unscientific


This conversion of thought into energy is the magic key. Released mind energy in turn brings heightened sensitivity

and deeper watchfulness. Such intense vibrant innerness invites the touch of the spirit, which is Life energy itself.

The impersonal intelligence beyond thought is what awaits a human being. Discovering it is the quest, the true

challenge, the ultimate revolution.


Journey Beyond Thought : Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind


[23:32] kigyemaum888: you are right, I am weak, I have to bring myself to do it.
[23:32] kigyemaum888: but I am alone
[23:32] lovly_goddess01: no..
[23:32] lovly_goddess01: *Moves, wrapping her arms around you tightly*
[23:35] kigyemaum888: I love you.
[23:35] lovly_goddess01: I love you too
[23:39] kigyemaum888: ;-0
[23:39] kigyemaum888:
[23:39] lovly_goddess01: ^.^
[23:40] lovly_goddess01: *lays down, laying her head on your lap*
[23:48] kigyemaum888: *tears in my eyes*
[23:49] lovly_goddess01: Are you okay sir?
[23:49] kigyemaum888: yes
[23:49] kigyemaum888: I just feel sorry for you.
[23:49] kigyemaum888: you blame yourself for things you had no control over.
[23:50] lovly_goddess01: *sits up, looking at you, then looks down* But it was partially my fault.... I know it was...
[23:51] kigyemaum888: I want you in my life, do not fear what will happen to me.
[23:51] lovly_goddess01: ...
[23:52] lovly_goddess01: *Hides her face, silently crying* I just... I don't want to lose you too
[23:52] kigyemaum888: you are probably the only person that loves me.
[23:54] lovly_goddess01: *looks at you, wrapping her arms around you, hidding her face on your chest*
[23:56] kigyemaum888: I want to watch the stars with you.
[23:56] lovly_goddess01: As do i.
[23:56] kigyemaum888: on the grassy hill
[23:57] lovly_goddess01: Someday we will
[23:57] kigyemaum888:
[23:57] lovly_goddess01: ^.^
[00:10] kigyemaum888: *sleeps beside you*
[00:11] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles, cuddling, and playing with your hair*
[00:13] kigyemaum888: *my hand caresses your side*
[00:14] lovly_goddess01: I love you
[00:16] kigyemaum888: I love you too Melanie.
[00:29] kigyemaum888: Did I tell you Green eyes are my favorite?
[00:29] lovly_goddess01: Yes
[00:29] lovly_goddess01: ^.^
[00:30] lovly_goddess01: Mine are green for the most part.. they just sometimes change colors
[00:30] kigyemaum888: that's cool
[00:31] kigyemaum888: I often dreamed my lover would have green eyes.
[00:31] kigyemaum888: that she would be near a white computer
[00:31] kigyemaum888: and have the brightest smile
[00:31] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles sweetly, cuddling*
[00:32] kigyemaum888: Are you allowed to tell me where you live in California?
[00:33] lovly_goddess01: Bakersfield..
[00:33] kigyemaum888: the closest I lived to there was when I was in L.A.
[00:33] lovly_goddess01: I don't like this place now though... * slightly curls up * to many bad memories and it has

become a city
[00:34] kigyemaum888: where would you like to be?
[00:34] lovly_goddess01: Someplace secluded.. maybe in a forest... or by a body of water..
[00:35] kigyemaum888: what is your birthday?
[00:35] lovly_goddess01: December 24
[00:36] kigyemaum888: year?
[00:36] lovly_goddess01: 1990
[00:37] kigyemaum888:
[00:37] kigyemaum888: Maybe we can meet on your 18th birthday
[00:37] lovly_goddess01: Maybe
[00:37] kigyemaum888: *looks down*
[00:37] lovly_goddess01: *Lifts your head, kissing your lips softly*
[00:39] kigyemaum888: You are so dreamy.
[00:39] lovly_goddess01: How so?
[00:40] kigyemaum888: you lift me up, like you were a phantom...
[00:41] kigyemaum888: you are other wordly
[00:41] kigyemaum888: its like I can have you, but I can't
[00:41] kigyemaum888: a fairy...
[00:41] lovly_goddess01: ... Well.. Most just call me an Angelic Demon...
[00:42] lovly_goddess01: *Looks down*
[00:42] kigyemaum888: *kisses your forehead*
[00:42] kigyemaum888: You are not a Demon.
[00:43] lovly_goddess01: No.. but people from my past call me one... most just from one fight I got into.. I don't

really remember it... But apparently my eyes turned red..
[00:44] kigyemaum888: Will you be my Angel?
[00:44] lovly_goddess01: *Gazes into your eyes* I was hoping I already was.
[00:46] kigyemaum888: You are.
[00:46] kigyemaum888: You saved me.
[00:46] lovly_goddess01: *Blushes faintly* Really?
[00:46] kigyemaum888: Yes.
[00:47] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles* I am glad
[00:49] kigyemaum888: *kisses your forehead*
[00:49] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles, cuddling*
[00:50] kigyemaum888: I want to become one with you.
[00:50] lovly_goddess01: *Blushes deeply* w...w..what you mean?
[00:51] kigyemaum888: to vanish inside you.
[00:51] kigyemaum888: leave my fate unto you.
[00:52] kigyemaum888: I want to love you strongly
[00:52] kigyemaum888: so you will feel that I am worth it
[00:53] lovly_goddess01: *Kisses your forehead softly* You are worth everything I have to offer you.
[00:53] kigyemaum888: Imagine us together a year from now.
[00:54] lovly_goddess01: *Blushes deeply*
[00:57] kigyemaum888: I just want one real love in my life, and I hope you are it.
[00:57] lovly_goddess01: I hope so too
[00:58] kigyemaum888: Do you have a picture?
[00:58] lovly_goddess01: yeah.
[00:59] kigyemaum888: Can I see?
[00:59] lovly_goddess01: yeah let me find one
[01:07] lovly_goddess01: I will just give some from photobucket
[01:08] lovly_goddess01:
[01:08] lovly_goddess01: You can view all of them if you would like
[01:09] kigyemaum888: You are cute
[01:09] lovly_goddess01: I guess..
[01:10] kigyemaum888: I could wake up to that for an eternity.
[01:11] lovly_goddess01: Really?
[01:11] kigyemaum888: Yes.
[01:12] lovly_goddess01: Are you looking through all of them?
[01:13] kigyemaum888: I see you with the sword.
[01:13] kigyemaum888: What color is that dress?
[01:14] lovly_goddess01: purple and a pinkish color
[01:14] kigyemaum888: I like it.
[01:15] lovly_goddess01: I wore it during my trio scene from Romeo and Juliet... At a Shakespeare festival
[01:19] kigyemaum888: #


You are you and I am I

and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
[01:19] lovly_goddess01: Huh?
[01:19] kigyemaum888: something I found...
[01:20] kigyemaum888: I copy and pasted it...
[01:20] kigyemaum888: I was trying to remember something
[01:20] lovly_goddess01: Ohh
[01:20] kigyemaum888: something i lost
[01:20] lovly_goddess01: What is it?
[01:21] kigyemaum888: I lost two things.
[01:21] kigyemaum888: My self and My lover.
[01:22] lovly_goddess01: *Tilts her head, her eyes showing her curiosity*
[01:22] kigyemaum888: I can not feel complete without those two.
[01:23] lovly_goddess01: Ohh
[01:24] kigyemaum888: we make two.
[01:24] lovly_goddess01: *Blushes*
[01:27] lovly_goddess01: Sir.. What is your name?
[01:27] kigyemaum888: Keith Chrysanth Mussenden
[01:28] lovly_goddess01: Keith... *Smiles sweetly* I really like that name
[01:30] kigyemaum888: I like you.
[01:31] lovly_goddess01: And I like you
[01:31] kigyemaum888: *bows on one knee and kisses your hand*
[01:32] lovly_goddess01: *Blushes deeply, biting her lower lip
[01:32] lovly_goddess01: *
[01:34] kigyemaum888: I wish I could be bound to you.
[01:35] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles, kneeling infront of you, kissing your lips softly*
[01:38] kigyemaum888: Do you think we will fall in love even more?
[01:38] lovly_goddess01: Maybe
[01:38] lovly_goddess01: *Smiles sweetly*
[01:44] lovly_goddess01: Keith?
[01:44] kigyemaum888: yes.
[01:44] lovly_goddess01: What are you thinking about?
[01:44] kigyemaum888: what to do with my self.
[01:45] lovly_goddess01: What do you mean?
[01:46] kigyemaum888: I am trying to find something that will make me want to hold... on
[01:46] lovly_goddess01: * reaches her hand out to you*
[01:53] kigyemaum888: I have one month to decide.
[01:53] kigyemaum888: I planned it since June
[01:54] lovly_goddess01: .... * looks down, closing her eyes* but can't... can't this plan change..
[01:56] kigyemaum888: something cursed me this year and I can not get it out of my soul.
[01:57] lovly_goddess01: *lowers her head, tears starting to roll slowly down her cheeks* I just.. i don't want to

lose you...
[01:58] kigyemaum888: the only way I can get rid of the evil in me, is by killing it.
[01:58] lovly_goddess01: Can't.. ca;t there be another way.. one that won't cause me to lose you?
[01:59] kigyemaum888: when I think about that I fail.
[02:00] lovly_goddess01: *sits down, her crimson hair covering her face* If I lose you... I don't know what I will

[02:00] kigyemaum888: I was meant to die, you were not.
[02:01] lovly_goddess01: The only reason I didn't... was because my first love made me promise to live... that was his

final wish..
[02:01] kigyemaum888: We come from different worlds.
[02:02] kigyemaum888: I have done so much evil.
[02:02] kigyemaum888: and I am tempted again.
[02:02] kigyemaum888: by a woman...
[02:02] kigyemaum888: and I believe it is all just the universe's way of showing me... it does not want me to live
[02:03] lovly_goddess01: Well then fuck the universe! *Looks at you with tears in her eyes*
[02:04] kigyemaum888: I will only bring you pain if I am alive.
[02:04] lovly_goddess01: The on;y pain you brought me is the fact that I may not be able to touch you...
[02:05] kigyemaum888: You are afraid of me.
[02:05] lovly_goddess01: No.. not of you..
[02:06] kigyemaum888: When I am off the internet, I am only reminded of how alone I am.
[02:06] lovly_goddess01: Then think of me holding you.. and never letting go!
[02:06] kigyemaum888: it is just a thought it is not real, it will never be.
[02:07] lovly_goddess01: ....
[02:09] lovly_goddess01: So.. all it will ever be is just a dream... the love i fell within me is just an illusion?...
[02:09] kigyemaum888: no.
[02:09] kigyemaum888: but how will we be?
[02:10] kigyemaum888: I am broken, and you are a mystery.
[02:11] kigyemaum888: I need to be possessed to know I am loved.
[02:11] lovly_goddess01: Can you hold on real fast...
[02:11] kigyemaum888: ?
[02:12] lovly_goddess01: Sorry...
[02:13] lovly_goddess01: I accidentally scratched a cut into my arm.. so i needed a bandaid..
[02:13] kigyemaum888: that's fine
[02:14] lovly_goddess01: I had just thought.. you were talking about coming to see me my 18th birthday...
[02:15] kigyemaum888: yes.
[02:15] lovly_goddess01: So...It was...a lie?
[02:15] kigyemaum888: no.
[02:16] kigyemaum888: I just changed my mind
[02:16] kigyemaum888: i can't bear life anymore.
[02:17] kigyemaum888: I raped my mother.
[02:17] lovly_goddess01: Love isn't worth living for?..
[02:18] kigyemaum888: I am not real.
[02:18] lovly_goddess01: Then I guess niether am I...
[02:18] kigyemaum888: what I mean is...
[02:19] kigyemaum888: we are never going to know how faithful we will be to each other
[02:19] kigyemaum888: there is a woman looking for me
[02:19] kigyemaum888: and she wants me to...
[02:19] kigyemaum888: and I want to die before she reaches me
[02:20] kigyemaum888: only that kind of person is pursuing me now.
[02:20] lovly_goddess01: So... Because of one woman... I will lose my second love...
[02:20] kigyemaum888: and yet I need to be possessed.
[02:20] kigyemaum888: You love me that much?
[02:21] lovly_goddess01: I don't say I love soeone unless i can truly say it with every inch of my heart..
[02:22] kigyemaum888: I will try for you.
[02:22] lovly_goddess01: But will you.. succeed for me?..
[02:23] kigyemaum888: yes.
[02:23] lovly_goddess01: Thank you
[02:24] kigyemaum888: *hugs you tightly*
[02:24] lovly_goddess01: *Wraps her arms around you tightly, refusing to let go as she cries against your shoulder*
[02:26] kigyemaum888: *tears escape, as I grasp onto you*
[02:27] lovly_goddess01: Keith.. I will have to get offline in a little while.. would you like to call me when I have

to get off?
[02:27] kigyemaum888: I will call you for a short while as I am stuck in a motel room with my mother...
[02:28] lovly_goddess01: Okay... And you can call the number i will give you anytime you would like..
[02:30] lovly_goddess01: My cell number is


“I made it all up, and it all came true anyway. That’s the funny part.”

Robert Lees

[Definition: Android Meme - Automated self-replicating unit of cultural transmission; machines communicating with machines.]
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