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Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:14 pm
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Post subject: Documents on the D-Cell Reply with quote

John Brown's initial report on his discovery of the B-Cell in The Aberree:

An article by Hilary Dorey on his own B-Cell research after Brown's death:
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Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:58 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote


By Associate Joe Dun Sloan
The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XVIII - #7
Sept-Oct. 1962, p.8-9

Since I came into possession of the late John Brown's laboratory notebooks, photomicrographs, personal letters, etc., and embarked upon a personal attempt to confirm some of the amazing claims he made for the B-Cell, I have been stymied by one basic claim, the source or origin of its force or energy.

Brown declared the cells assimilated and stored within their organisms natural sunlight, solar energy, in the form of pure light. The cells, he said, feed and obtain their sustenance from sunlight, the source of all life, and release this natural energy into the culture in which they grow. It formed crystals which might be described as light in its purest form of materiality.

As this light force cannot be detected and measured by known and accepted scientific instruments, we resorted to the unorthodox instruments which probe beyond the limited realm of dogmatic science. These are the pendulum, Biometer, and radiesthesic and radionics instruments.

The first indication that the cells emitted a strange "X" force was obtained by Dr. Brunler, who reported a Biometric reading of 416. This I assumed referred to the health potential, as another Associate obtained a health reading of 420 Biometric. Normal health was established at 100, which indicated that the cell catalysts contain a health potential more than four times greater.

Two radionics instruments, similar in principle to the Dr. [Ruth] Drown and [George] De la Warr instruments, determined that the catalysts came in on the radium rate of 999 (one reading was 999.9). This confirmed Brown's statement that the cats were highly radiative and that these radiations produced the effect. The radiating source, he said, was the crystals which the cells created in the culture used in making the catalysts.

One Associate has been very helpful in our research, but prefers to remain unidentified due to his position in the electronics and missile field. This Associate is an authority and experienced operator of Biometric and radionics instruments and shares an intense interest in the B and D cells. He tested the cell catalysts to determine the presences and amount of white light units according to the A. Stanley Rogers principles of light, of which I am wholly ignorant. A dry catalyst was checked and gave a reading of 540 units, relatively small. But after being submerged in water a few minuts [sic] the same catalyst registered higher than the panel's limit of 99,999 units and "went off the board. This confirmed Brown's explanation that the catalysts remains relatively inactive until placed in water. This acts as a conductor of the radiation, which Brown termed "mitogenic" or "life" rays. Other catalysts gave similarly low readings when checked dry, but the intensity increased enormously after being wetted. Some of the larger catalysts went off the board when tested dry and wet readings were not possible.


Associates familiar with the principles of harmonics will understand Brown's claim that plant and animal insects and pests cannot exist within the sphere of these radiations. as a crude check I put two snails in jars containing untreated tap water. The snails in the jars with tap water were content to meditate unmoving within their crusty shells. But the snails in the jars with cell water got out of there like the building was on fire. I pushed them back to the bottom of the jars and they were going over the op again in two minutes. Anybody interest in raising racing snails? I know how to make 'em really move!

Merely from curiosity we made a health check using the same radionics instrument. With the subject's health established at 100, a glass of tap water was put in the "well" of the instrument. The reading dropped to 35, indicating that the boasted product of the Metropolitan Water District contained elements detrimental to health. A small D-Cell catalyst was put in the tap water for a few minutes and tested again, the health reading went up to 95. Then a few drops of Dr. [Nelson] Bach's homeopathic remedy were added to the water and the health reading increased to the original 100. Associates may interpret this as they choose, as no health claims are made by the maker of the catalyst.

This radionics Associate interested a friend, a qualified chemist, in the catalysts and together they have confirmed other of the unusual claims made by made by Brown. And they used standard, scientifically accepted tests and equipment. This phase of research into the life and labors of these enigmatic, microscopic beasties will be recorded in a later issue of the Journal. Also reports of chemical tests which confirmed Brown's most amazing claim, that the catalyst obtains and maintains a favorable PH factor in water.

Associates wanting to experiment with the C-Cell catalysts may obtain them from Brown's former co-worker and present maker of the D-Cell matrices. His address is H.M. Dorey, 12 Arnold Ave., Newport, Rhode Island. A resonable [sic] donation toward further research is humbly suggested.

From a Chicago supply house I have located a dandy attachment from garden hoses. The catalyst works fine in this and saves the bother of using pails, barrels or tanks to activate the water. Simply attach the gadget to the hose and water everything in sight with D-Cell water, can sell for $5 to cover costs and postage and including three D-Cell catalysts. Joe Dun Sloan, 6315 Middleton, Huntington Park, Calif.

Another Associate compared D-Cell water and tap water using the seed germination test. He wet newspapers with both waters, sprinkled seeds on them from the came packet, folded them up and put them away to germinate. He found after a few days that the seeds wrapped up in the newspaper treated with D-Cell water germinated twice as fast and grew twice as fast as the seeds wrapped in the newspaper treated with ordinary tap water!

* * *
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Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:51 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Challenge of the D-Cell

BRSAssociate Seeks to Duplicate John Brown's Amazing Experiments With the Immortal Cell.

By Associate Joe Dun Sloan
The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XVIII - #3
April 1962, p.17-18

When John Brown, pharmacist of Middleboro, Massachusetts, culminated 15 years of intense research to discover a natural way to a long and healthy life by creating a new and unknown cellular life, he naturally expected science to investigate his claims. Yet from the moment he made his startling discovery on Dec. 24, 1950, to the present, no scientist of repute has ever made a sincere effort to prove or discredit Brown's fantastic claims. He invited many to visit his laboratory and test fields to witness the results of his experiments, but none accepted. Yet science, sui generis, denounced and ridiculed Brown and hounded and persecuted him to the day of his death.

Brown's partner and associate, Hilary M. Dorey of Newport, Rhode Island, continued to make and experiment with Brown's amazing B-Cell, except that the cell has now been named, obviously, the D-Cell.

I became interested in the D-Cell after reading about it in the old issues of BRSA Round Robin Journals, and contacted Mr. Dorey through Riley Crabb, BRSA Director. I experimented with the cells to convince myself to their merit and was startled at the results I obtained in my front yard. Since then I have been in close contact with Mr. Dorey and we have developed a close and trusting friendship. As a result of our association I now possess cultures of the cell, microphotographs made by brown, and most important of all, Brown's own laboratory notebook.

I am now engaged in repeating, within the limits of my means and ability, the experiments made by Brown. For hours I watched the Cell under a microscope, seeing it change through the evolutionary phases described by Brown. I witnessed its affect upon plant life in my own yard, and twice it effected results upon my own body that medical science cannot duplicate. Thus have I verified to my own satisfaction that some of Brown's claims, at least, were valid.

Other tests are beyond my scope and ability to make. To this end I solicit the aid of other sincere BRSAssociates who are more qualified and equipped. I will enumerate some of the other claims made by Brown and will welcome letters from associates who feel they are able to prove or disprove these claims.

The Cell will grow more and better plant foods without the use of fertilizers and poisonous sprays. In most instances the unfavorable qualities of the foods are eliminated. For example, cucumbers without the "belch" effect, strawberries that do not cause rash, tomatoes that reach maturity while still green, etc. The Cell causes fungi, anaerobes, yeasts and molds to break down into living chlorophyll and photosynthetic cells. It introduces chlorophyll into chlorophyll-less plants such as lichens, etc.

In diseases of plants and animals the Cell destroys, through the blood stream, parasites such as lice, mites, fleas and worms before they reach the cocoon stage.

The Cell breaks down penicillium mold and rebuilds it again into blue crystal and chlorophyll and photosynthetic living motile cells. The penicillin mold is reinforced because parasitic agents cannot live in the presence of this blue crystal mold, which gives off a full spectrum of natural ultra-violet lights of very high frequency waves. The Cell transmutes the chlorophyll bodies into differently shape chlorophyll motile cells, which through a process of statics transmute themselves into a photosynthetic cell.

The D-Cell can transmute itself from a chromophogenetic cell into a long phagocytic cell that ingests and destroys harmful bacteria. I have seen this evolutionary change under the microscope, and have a commercial laboratory report which proves the Cell purifies polluted or contaminated water in this manner. (L.O. Anderson, director of the guidance and training center at 270 S. St. Andrews Place, Los angeles tells me he uses the D-Cell catalyst in his drinking water and it removes the unflavorable tastes of commercial water purification, such as chlorine.)

Mr Anderson's experience appears to verify Brown's claim that the cell water maintains the same PH-factor as human blood, as chlorination is a method of restoring the proper PH-factor to the water in swimming pools.

Most important of all in this age is Brown's contention that the Cell will eliminate or nullify atomic fallout radiation in drinking water, thus offering the possibility of insuring our water reservoirs against contamination from atomic fallout.

An indicatory test of this effect was made here recently by an Associate using a radionic instrument. He tested a glass of water containing approximately 20,000 units of radioactive rays. A D-Cell catalyst was placed in the glass of water. After 11 hours a second radionics test indicated that all radioactivity had been removed from the water, I would like to have similar tests made with more orthodox and scientifically acceptable instruments.

Though other and more unusual experiments and claims are contained in the laboratory notebook of the late John Brown, the above are sufficient to be tested at the moment. If I, with the cooperation of other Associates, can prove part of the above claims then we have clearly indicated that John Brown was indeed the most unjustly persecuted benefactor mankind ever known. And that Hilary Dorey who courageously continued Brown's work serves the earnest support of every BRSAssociate in his efforts to vindicate Brown and fulfill his dream of giving humanity the means of obtaining a full, long and healthy life.

* * *

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Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:02 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote


By the late John Brown
Registered Pharmacist

In view of the revived interest in the B-Cell or D-Cell catalyst, we've decided to rerun Brown's original story.

The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XVIII - #5
July 1962, p.16-20

I have found the object of global Science's expectation, a discovery none expected possible in this century -- the long sought missing link in evolution -- the secret of pure life.

Here for the first time I am prepared to divulge complete details of my success in isolating the "living cell", an attainment whose promises surpass those of nuclear physics, for the benefit of mankind.

If my claim sounds magnificently over drawn, let me add this with equal sincerity; many leaders of every science field would go beyond my assertions. In the B-Cell, they would recognize a power that instantly renders the atomic age obsolete, and paves the way for man's first step into the Solar Era. Unreservedly, I say that the most brilliant scientists of our time would react in this manner, if only they would come with open minds to my laboratory in Middleboro, Massachusetts to observe the Immortal Cell at work. Those I have contacted to date, yes, pleaded with, have persistently refused me the opportunity of only thirty minutes duration to show before their own eyes the proof that:

a. The B-Cell is the key to the cure and eventual eradication of the deadliest diseases known to mankind.

b. Once developed and regulated for widespread use or application, will rejuvenate the weary bodies and minds of our aged people.

c. Hunger [c]an be eliminated from the face of the earth with a new kind of more aundant food, of more nutritive value and cheaper nuclean protein foods which are now growing min my laboratory test plots for all to see.

d. The introduction of the Immortal Cell to the water reservoirs and farms of our land will signal the end of polution [sic] and destructive, disease-carrying parasites.

You may wonder, why then are certain groups turning a deaf ear to me and in effect denying these revolutionary benefits to our people? Is it because the B-Cells acceptance would cause the overthrow of many theories and practices? such as the virtual abandonment of drugs and surgery used in the treatment of man's maladies? As the pressure against my discovery continues, I have been served with a Federal Order that in effect asks me to "shut up", although not a single government scientist, or any other kind, has ever set foot inside my laboratory. Would you shut up? Or would you turn, as a last resort, to the Public, standing on your Constitutional Rights to consider yourself in the right, until you are proved wrong?

The B-Cell is not for sale. I want no millions. I ask only for a larger properly equipped and staffed laboratory, to speed up the output of the gift of the B-cell to our needy masses. If I am a quack, charlatan, or misdirected genius -- as many have accused me of being -- then I ask that the most learned of the accusers accept my invitation to come here and find indisputable reasons or evidence to show me up and close my shop. Or in the name of Brotherhood and decency, let them become aware of their responsibility to the lay millions and help me to place the advantages of the living cell, the fundamental unity of all life, with in the reach of every man, woman, child and animal. Now how more direct can I be? Until those who are authorized by professional training recognize their imminent duty, one way or the other, I ask YOU to be the judge of my discovery and me.


I am a registered pharmacist by profession, a natural scientist by self-application. After many years of watching diseased and maimed people trek into my Pharmacy for chemicals and drugs, many of them pain-twisted chronics, I was seized by the penetrating thought that man was never intended to pour so many of these objectionable potions, sometimes poisons, into his body. In the two thousand years of accepted medications, science has failed to provide total banishment of the source of mankind's agonies.

In modern times the worst and most prolific killer diseases are barely being thwarted. Can the answers to the failures of science lie in hits unvarying search for artificial solutions, its reliance upon research with inanimate (dead), instead of the animate (living) things? Since man is an animal in nature, I conclude that the field of natural science must hold the key to his well-being on earth. Anyone with a background of biology knows that a living cell is the fundamental unit of all life ion this planet. What unknown secret does it hold? If the means of its sustenance, the "missing link" in evolution can be found, everything in our world would be subject to a glorious change.

I was not foolish enough to overlook the magnitude of the odds against my discovery. Others have tried and failed, yet I become determined to try my hand at it. On nights and holidays I spent my time in the basement of my home, where I had constructed a simple laboratory, as simple, it might be said, as the kite of Benjamin Franklin.

By 1943 I had perfected a semi-colloidal fog dispersion -- a proto-plasmic solution. It contained no discernible cell but I was sure that I was on the right track and decided to sell my pharmacy business and buy a place in the country where I might experiment directly with the soil elements. I divided a section of land into laboratory test plots, treating some seeds with the colloidal solution while letting others oft he same ground soil go untouched.

Late that first summer I was just as amazed as my family and friends at the crops grown from the treated seeds. All were unusually large, vigorous pants. The leaves were only slightly scarred by parasites while close by, the ordinary crops were chewed to very noticeable extent.

Building lab cultures of the semi-carbonized vegetation from the extraordinary growth, I waited days before placing a first smear under microscope. I must admit I shuddered with excitement when I saw the results, Living Nucloi [sic]! I nursed them, keeping constant watch for developments. The cells transmuting themselves into motile ones, dividing and feeding, reproducing themselves into two or three cells in a period of twenty-four hours. I was overwhelmed only to a point, however; other researchers had also succeeded in causing this feat of unicellular reproduction. The real goal was multicellular discovery.


Dismal failures marked the next four years of search. I will spare you the recitation of the myriad technical enigmas and entaglements that almost overthrew me from every direction. More important, I will spare science these pitfalls which waste their time when it (science) undertakes to retrace my footsteps. My reward came on December 24, 1950. The isolated cell (I named it the B-Cell) had unmistakably reached a higher state of life, new, crystalline in appearance and each cell of a culture was developing an umbilical cord in from one to three days! Through it, each emitted nucloi colonies of "mother" cells, etc. The rate of production reached many thousands in a few hours.

In brief, the Cells now possessed the mechanism of heredity, passing through easily-seen chromosomes and gense stages. I hasten to say that any professional person with even a basic knowledge of genetics will recognize these distinct phases under the microscope. What will startle him however, is the phagous development in the whole evolutionary process. In expanding and contracting, the cell organism assumes the shape of a cucumber seed, the phagous, then reverts back to its original form again. Science has most desperately sought this very miracle, knowing that it would supply a solution to the mystery of the "missing link" in evolution.

But how to apply these marvelous creatures, now that I had them? I returned to my garden plot to test their usage. I plowed under a crop of rye, using new chemicals and treating a section of common vegetables and fruit seeds. At harvest time I invited neighbors and friends to witness the results. From a single kernel of corn I obtained seven complete, uniform tall stalks, bearing from fifteen to twenty-one ears of delicious corn. These were entirely free from corn-borers or lesser destructive parasites. The rows of corn on the cobs themselves were increased from eight to as many as eighteen. The suckers or shoots, became corn stalks in themselves, with leaves as wide and green as the mother plant. This is an extraordinary occurrence as any farmer will agree. The corn was very sweet and could be eaten raw.

My tomato plants were heavy with rich, ruby fruits and one plant produced over three hundred of them. Again, these were not the usual kind of tomatoes, but were extremely crystalline. Though green they tasted sweet, not sour or aciduous as one would normally expect. This meant that unlike the average growing tomato plants, the nucleous [sic] fruit attained alkaline maturity before color maturity. technically speaking, the minus 7-PH factor (or hydrogenion) concentration was more quickly raised to PH-7 or excess, which, in natural foods edible pleasantness.

In my clover beds I found stems reaching a height of sixty-nine inches. Timothy hay had grew six feet or taller. My bean clusters were 250 to the plant whereas the same variety of plants for neighboring farmers produced about 90.

There were of course still some unravelled mysteries to be probed and solved. Just how, for example, was the ingestion of B-Cell causing these otherwise common plants to attain uncommon size? And what about the plant's resistance to parasites? Although I did not know it at the moment of my perplexity, almost a year of intense research of microscopic study and culture experimentation was needed to pave the way to the phenomenal explanation that the cell embodied solar energy or, a solar catalyst (enzyme).


Over this period of time the following observations bear witness to this conclusion.

1. Tiny flashes of bluish-white light (photons) were visible to bear witness even in natural sunlight, occurring within the walls of the walls of the jewel-like crystalline organisms. What I observed here was natural atomic energy at work.

2. The cell itself disclosed a complete band spectrum (rainbow colors) traveling from the blue or ultra-violet and (potent energy source) and CONTACTING all the natural colors TO the red end (the FEEBLE end) of the spectrum! In a sense the organism minutely represented the sun; for this tiny particle of life was capable of emitting rays of natural light!

3. IN the evolutionary process of the cell, it was turning a BEAM of polarized light to the right and to the left, until it came into a state of equilibrium. This is known as the dextrorotatory and love-rotatory configuration.

Broken down into non-technical language, this last point explains my new pant's immunity to parasites. Insects, worms, etc., simply cannot live or propagate in the sphere of the influence cast by this type of natural light.

Meanwhile, the over-size growth of my nucleo-protein vegetation is the result of the B-Cell's ability to radiate solar energy of very high frequencies. If this were possible in plants, why not in other organic life, man and animals? I have hundreds of testimonials from people in all walks of life, given of their own volition, which indicate beneficial results obtained from the B-Cell on many diseases. These people, of course, have drunk B-Cell treated water own their own responsibility. I am not a doctor and do not practice or prescribe. But after these people had seen the results obtained in plants and animals, they evidently drank cell water and according to their own words, experienced cures of a wide variety of ailments.

As a practical carrier of the cell, I devised a porous cement matrix enabling easy contacts with water (conductor) with the cell light rays (electricity). A matrix submerged in a gallon of water, irradiates the contents, with the water supply being replenished at will from any faucet. This water, then, is what the ailing persons tried on themselves. They have been victims of arthritis, colitis, varicose veins, heart, constipation, eczema, sinus, hypertension and numerous other ills -- all claiming either relief or cures. (Brown's story of the Immortal B-Cell will be concluded in the next Journal.)

* * *

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Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:16 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote


By the late John Brown
Registered Pharmacist

Part II

The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XVIII - #6
August 1962, p.3-8

Mr. G., for example, suffered a protruding hemorrhoid with occasional bleeding. He had been using B-cell matrix water on his garden and household plants with excellent results and decided it must contain something "wonderfully beneficial". Both he and his started to drink the water. His hemorrhoid disappeared about a year ago and has not returned. He is sure that the cell water rid him of the condition.

Crippled with arthritis for 17 years, another victim was hardly able to walk. I met him after someone had given him the cell water. This man is spry and upright again and currently, he is painting houses. Or, take the case of Mr. W., his condition has been painful urination and passed blood. He was frightened enough to see a doctor. the diagnostician suspected that he might have cancer of the prostate gland, common among middle-aged men. Before the physician could announce his final decision, the patient was using cell water of his own accord. Both the bleeding and the pain ceased, he said, in less than two weeks.

My own case, perhaps, stands in secondary value to most of the others, but I have not experienced a cold in ten years. I can also show that the skin on my arms and legs is as smooth and pliant as a young man's and I am now 66 years of age. though i do not drink liquor, I smoke incessantly of CELL-treated tobacco grown in my test plots (a sweet smoke, by the way). In spite of usually arduous day and considerable mental concentration, I seldom tire. However, a man of 82 would seem to offer more convincing proof of the B-Cell's rejuvenating powers. Mr. --- is a retired railroad engineer. Some years ago, when his prostate glands were removed, he lost "sensation of urinal tract and passage, forcing him to wear a bladder. Because he fond the appliance bothersome, he was eager to discard it and secretly began drinking the cell water formerly reserved for his garden. Mr. W insists that ingestion of the B-cell water not only helped him to discard his ill-acting appliance but has taken years off the record of longevity. He proceeded to demonstrate that he gained muscular control and coordination throughout his whole body, crossing the fingers of each hand over the other, placing a foot atop a porch floor higher than his waist, skipping rope, turning a somersault. He has regained his ability to eat and retain all food, he says.

Although I have never acted as either prescriber or therapist, I have never been surprised at whatever results are divulged by these people; for some of my own experiences with the immortal Cell have disclosed the cause of various diseases in plants and animals. Actually, they become sick in much the same way as humans.


First, consider the well known fact that cancer occurs when the wall fibre of the human cell is destroyed. No more reproduction of new cells can take place. The cell organism dies. Now turn to the cell of my experiments. We see that when it reaches the mechanism of heredity, those chromosome and gene phases, it is clearly shown that the chromosomes are lying with the wall fibres. Also the umbilical cord or tube is evident, through which it issues new "mother cells" and is a continuation of the same fibrous network.

I have never seen the wall fibres of the immortal B-Cell become rupture. Therefore, knowing the cause of disease and knowing the disease resisting ability of the immortal Cell, we instantly know the means of preventing disease, whether in man, animal or plant.

Further, because human senility is marked by cell deterioration, we have the answer to old age. This is all logical and heartening deduction. It all begins, and we'll understand it, when the water enclosing the sunken matrix and its embedded cells acts as a conductor of the latter's natural LIGHT rays. When the water enters the body and natural light enters human cells, a gravitation static process gets under way. This in turn is an outcome of the cell's photosynthetic catalystic [sic] stage. (And of course photosynthesis is Mother Nature's way of combining light, water and air to make up the food and fuel we need to keep us on the go, to keep living.) Peering into the microscope, the cells can be seen in their photosynthetic phase which look like a universe in motion, the sun in the center with the planets rotating or revolving around it.

As they rotate they are also revol[v]ing centrifically [sic] and in opposite directions from one another, and the cells can be seen in constant contraction and expansion within the organism. This suggests hat one neutralizes the magnetic "pull" of another, producing balance, or in other words, stabilizes the gravity field of the total unit. Just think how this applies to the planets in space!

Finally, we boil all this down to its common meaning to you and me. When we are sick, the body metabolism is out of balance.We have seen that the ingestion of the immortal Cell can correct imbalance through the gravitational static process and we have learned that the rapidly multiplying cell, when in the body, is not subject to rupture but does, in fact, rush to the battle line to take the place of the destroyed cell, both resisting and defeating the disease. We have already seen indications of the B-Cell rejuvenating powers.


Although no experiments have been undertaken to determine whether it can restimulate or prolong rejuvenation of human procreative ability in life's twilight, there are some positive reasons why we cannot call this an impossibility, for we have succeeded with birds and the results point to success in the highest plane of life on this earth.

I speak of the pidgeon [sic] flock owned by Mr. G. This particular fancier is a retired chemical engineer and scientist of one of the world's largest manufacturing laboratories. I will, at the proper time or occasion reveal his identity and interest in my experiments, but at the present, Mr. G wishes to conduct his own tests on his Cape Cod estate where I enjoy a supervisory liberty. We first tried the water on several pairs of his prize pigeons, valued at between $1000 and $2000 a pair. Almost at the start, we noticed an increase in the birds' growth. Lice abandoned them, but more importantly, their mating instincts were visibly enlivened. One pair at fourteen years of age began breeding, producing eggs.

Other pigeons which were considered as "should nots" are doing the same now that the entire flock is eating treated food and drinking and bathing in Cell water. In the entire flock of over 500 birds, there is not a sick one. I will add, even at the risk that Mr. G might be recognized by other fanciers, that his long distance racers are known as the "winningest" in Southern New England, and in fact are nationally famous.


Meanwhile, the pigeons are only one of the wonders to be witnessed on the estate which stretches across a hill overlooking Cape Cod Channel. There is a network of pipes descending to the beach sand on the bank, and what is a sterile soil or sand, to the eye, is now growing lusty eggplant, sale, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, even peaches.

In this example we believe we have the glorious solution to the parched lands and the limitless methods of transforming soil sterility in all the lads into rich green farms that will bear not merely today's kind of food but the far more nutritive nucleo-protein types throughout the deserts of the world.

Before us lies the first job of purifying all sustaining waters, our farm ponds, lakes, streams, reservoirs, etc. Filtering plants can be constructed which in the long run will be no more expensive and complicated than locking the miraculous cell in a porous substance like cement at the water inlet. Stable water would require but the submergence of a Cell.


Take the matter of Mr. J's duck farm. A commercial breeder, he markets approximately 20,000 ducks yearly and it goes without saying that ponds are necessary to his operation. The waters are murky with filth and organic matter. We did nothing more than sink a cell matrix in them. Obviously, the ducks' relentless ablutions still keep discoloring the water but there is no undeniable crystalline property in it, and its former stench is completely gone. No insecticides whatever are used any more on the farm, yet the ducks remain lice-free. They mature from two weeks to a month earlier, thus saving the breeder money for feed, and because the birds are more robust than ordinary, they bring a better market price.

On still another farm (and I have treated several in the area) the ponds were extremely filthy with frog slime. It took only eight days to make them crystal clear. I have kept jars of water sparkling to the eye and taste for indefinite periods. The reason is simple in every instance. The action of the cell is such that it transmutes all present organic matter into a mechanism like itself.


Last summer, Gordon Dean, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, wrote of future atomic advances for bettering mankind's lot. One of science's greatest achievements, he said, would be the discovery of a method by which we could store up now wasted solar energy. As you bear in mind that I have referred to a district photosynthetic phase of the B-Cell, I invite you to follow Mr. Dean's next words very closely.

"It (the method of storing up solar energy) might be accomplished by photosynthesis. If many could learn how to reproduce this process synthetically, and to speed it up, it might give us a way to store up rapidly for later use, the energy contained in the sun's rays. But all this is little more than a dream today."

Only a dream? I am ready to supply all needed evidence that the B-Cell represents the alarm clock that science has been waiting for to awaken itself from dreamland to reality. Open eyes and open minds are needed to realize today's presence of the eagerly sought phenomenon. That man knows how to store up solar energy and supply it beneficially today is certified by at least two more examples. As I reveal these, I hope that I will convince the scientists among my readers that the solar enigmatic task before us is, learning how we can regulate solar waves for everyday use.

I have a spectrum reactor that makes the sun vibrate in its orbit. This can be seen with the naked eye. Here, I am sure, we can distort the sign signals sent out at the instance of any enemy. It can cause solar upheavals in their midst. Why not use the sun instead of the bomb? At this time I do not care to enlarge upon this phenomena. All that is lacking at the present time are the tools to bring this about.

Lying on my lab table are watermelons grown by the Cell in the lab test plots. These have lain there without refrigeration, yet without spoiling, for one year or more, to date; and I guarantee you would enjoy a sweet crystalline slice from either of them this moment.

Secondly, in the jars of cell water in this same lab stand crisp green plant leaves. Not only are they much alive but are sprouting white shoots at their base. Persons of botanical knowledge will readily agree that these leaves could not exist for any worthwhile period without light from the sun, nor in water that is devoid of all soil or any known plant food. Needless to add, my lab is dark except for artificial light. Still, while neither the sparkling water nor the leaves have been submerged or changed, filters, or what have you, for four years! No rot or death has taken place. The healthy plant leaves have been utilizing the solar energy of the Cell; the photosynthetic catalyst process keeps it alive.

Whatever I have said, I stand ready to prove. I have recorded the microscopic phenomena of my research on micro-movie film. This film awaits a willing, open-minded scientific audience. Meantime, I consider it necessary to reiterate that the B-Cell is not for sale! I wish for tools to work with and the aid of brilliant minds for the projects ahead. That is the real purpose of this story. I have agreed to tell it because find myself backed to the wall by the bar of prejudice and willful ignorance that has confronted me.


Present day science must come to realize that we are all in very much need of this might organism, not only to conquer diseases and old age, but to correct the many admittedly past mistakes in all fields of natural science.

This discovery places us on the threshold of the Solar Era; from here we will travel into Solar Time, into many new dimensions where there is no time. Recently, Einstein's suggestion of such new dimensions, brought him a flood of opposition from some of his most loyal colleagues.

This result comes from a certain segment of knowledge, men cannot find explanations readily in books. The bitter disappointment I have experienced is not because I am personally being boycotted by members of that segment, but because of the results of my experiments are. This constitutes the withholding of the Immortal cell's abundant potential from the people, you your children and their offspring. For, I repeat, at the present time, the B-Cell is nowhere for sale; it could, some day be made as freely obtainable as aspirin, once science supplies its stamp of approval. Condemnation before investigation is not right. This is really what I have been up against in the past.

Then it is not time that learned, open-minded men investigate the discovery that enlightens all life on the planet, and if I "have something" is it not time they roll up their sleeves and go to work on behalf of a better lot for all mankind? Or does the Immortal Cell merely deserve to be ignored?

* * *


"Thank you for the nice letter and also for your great interest in the B-Cell. Yes I am dissolving the partnership agreement because my partner thinks that he can carry on without me, but I am sure he cannot because he does not know how to keep the Cell alive. The results here in the valley as well as in the State of California on the cotton crops is the best that was ever produced in the history of the state. This is confirmed by the local papers here in the alley. Where the Cell was applied to the cotton crops it produced up to as much as five bales where before the best they could get was from one to two bales. So I suppose my partner saw this and this is the reason why he probably now thinks he can get along without me. Time will tell. The cotton grown this year is the best concerning the color and fibres; so good that this is the first time the growers have got a premium of 3 a pound. The Cell went to work with the bees, pollination, which I knew was responsible for the good results

"There is a great deal more to this phase of the discovery that cannot be explained on paper, but in the near future I intend to pay you a visit my good friend and tell you more about this great work that enlightens all life on the planet. It is the answer to the present turmoil. If they want a real cosmic Sputnik they will find it in the Cell as it reaches the photosynthetic phase in the evolutionary process. Here it resembles a universe in motion, with a central sun and the planets revolving or rotating centrifugally around the central sun. There is so much to this great phenomena of the living that one cannot do it justice by trying to explain it on paper. All I can tell you is that the cell will show how it creates life under the microscope in natural sunlight, or the effects of Mitogenetic Cosmic rays or radiation on germ cells (creation), Cosmic 100% instead of the 25% we are now getting. The B-Cell in its present state of evolution has reached a much higher stage of life than back east. It's energy here in this great state has more than doubled as the magnetic pendulum will prove. I believe this is all due tot he everlasting sunshine and the attitude in California. If we could get a good unorthodox scientist to view the cell under the microscope in natural sunlight he will find what I write is true. It really is a new universe in motion. Probably you may have a good friend who will be interested in making this a better place for all of us.

"Doctor, I have many people who send in checks as donations to help the non-profit research work. Do you know if it is legal to accept these donations? I have nothing for sale; at the present time I am sending all their checks back. I have many people who are writing in for catalyzers every day but I have to refuse them because I am afraid of the Food and Drug Adminstration, and the Postoffice might make trouble. Can you help me to clear up this situation?

"After this partnership is dissolved, if I can get help from the good people, I would like to open up a small laboratory to continue my non-profit research work. Probably you could help me to spread the word to all the satisfied B-Cell users, such as starting a fund to support the coming research, especially in the field of agriculture. I would like to start this work with a new, semi-carbonized plant tissue which has been innoculated with the living cell and the auto-carbon catalyzers. These give us the answers to eliminating the hydrocarbons and sludge from the auto engines. They are the answer to smog in our cities. This auto catalyzer, I am glad to report, also eliminates the ping from the cheaper grades of gasoline, a great saving factor in the operation of the cheaper grades of gasoline, a great saving factor in the operation of the gas burning engine. Well, doctor, probably you can get something from these poorly written lines to write a story in your valuable publication to help in the coming research work that lies ahead of us. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated by me as well as those who have already made use of the discovery. Please find a $10 check enclosed as a small donation to help the cause."

John C. Brown
1727 Emma Lee Lane
Hanford, California
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Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:34 pm
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Joe Dunn Sloan

Harmony Grove, California
Labor Day, 1962

The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XIX - #5
July-August 1963, p. 16-20

I've been interested for the past two-and-a-half or three years in the D-Cell developed, or created, by the late John Brown, a Massachusetts scientist. He attributed any number of fantastic claims to this D-Cell; and after his death, his work was continued by his associate, Mr. Dorey of Newport, Rhode Island. I became interested thru articles in the old BRSA Journals, and, like most of you, found something new to fool around with - I wanted to find out what it was.

I got some of the cells - I tried them out in my yard - I was amazed at the results - I became more interested and more curious - I got deeper and deeper. Riley had me write a few articles for the Journal - he had me talk a few times - and I find out now I'm up to my neck in these darn things and I don't know anything about them.

I know how to make them, but I don't know where they come from. I don't know how they reproduce. I don't know how you get this wonderful effect from them. I've got so many examples - so much evidence that they do have this wonderful effect - and I'm puzzled trying to find out what it is and where it comes from.

Radionically, with New Age instruments and things, we have been able to prove, radionically, that these cells - matrixes - contain fantastic amounts of white light according to the principle of A. Stanley Rogers - of whom I know nothing. It is the radiation from these cell matrixes when put into water - they radiate what John Brown calls "mitogenic" or light rays. They imbue the water with light, as he explained it. They also create a condition unfavorable for the reproduction and growth of harmful bacteria. They also neutralize or cancel out radiations from chemicals such as chlorine, acids, alkalines, fluoride, etc, that are normally put into your water.

Now we can prove all this with radionics instruments - with the new age - out of this world - instruments. We are now trying to prove it scientifically. And chemically we can. We have a scientist - a chemist in Redondo Beach who has been experimenting with it along with a BRSA associate in the San Fernando Valley who is an electronics engineer engaged in the missile field - a man who knows what he is doing. They have been conducting experiments for the past two years. They have been interested in the p-h factor of the water; improving scientifically and chemically. And this they have been able to do.

But to prove it to a scientist is something different. I became acquainted with a scientist - a man who is working at Cal tech - one of the best universities in the country - and last Sunday I spent from 3 o'clock in the afternoon to 9'o'clock at night talking to this man. He is very open-minded. He is interested in this New Age Business. He's checked into spiritualism, flying saucers, all this screwball stuff. He is interested in all of that. And he has been interested in the Cells. He's trying to help me, he wants to. But he says he's had this old dogmatic creed and can't beat into him for so long it subconsciously creeps in on him - on his thinking and his acting.

And so I gave him some of the Cells to test. His theory was that the live cell culture which we use in making these matrixes - the culture, when it dries, live cells in it become dormant. And when this matrix is put into water, the water brings these encysted or do[r]mant cells back to life, and that is where you get your effect. Of that is where you find your cell.

He would not go along with Brown's theory and my own - that the radiations from the crystals formed in the water produce the effect. So he devised this test - and I agreed with it. That he would take one of these matrixes, he would break it up into a powder, put it into the sterilizer at Cal Tech, completely sterilize it and destroy any life that might be in that cement matrix; and then he would place that on an agar plate. And if he created life on that agar plate, he would admit that I was right and that he was wrong.

I got a letter from him two days ago. He's surprised. He said he ground his thing up into a powder, put it in his sterilizer, put it into an autoclave, and he thought he had completely sterilized this powdered matrix. Yet when he put it on his agar plate he developed a culture. He said he couldn't understand it.

His explanation was, "I must assume the sterilizer did not completely sterilize the powder; and that the cement in which this culture was put, so protected these cells that the sterilizer did not destroy them." If that is true. I've got the most fantastic thing in the world. I've got a cell you can't kill! It can't even be sterilized at Cal Tech!

So he's going to take this thing again - he's going to put it back into the autoclave - he's going to put it back in the sterilizer the second time - he's going to beat 'em to death. And he's making another culture and he said he'd check it Tuesday and let em know. This is the scientific aspect, or viewpoint. This is how they check things. If they get a result they can't explain, there's something wrong with their instruments! They will not even check the theory I put forth. They want to do it their way, with their methods, their tools, their instruments; and yet they get the wrong results, they have to dream up a fantastic alibi.

So, scientifically, I don't think we'll ever prove these things. When I became interested in them, there were so many experiments which I, myself, could not make. I did as many as I could in my own yard end and I was amazed at the results. So I asked members of the BRSA to make simple tests at their own homes to try it on their plants, on their animals, and let me know the results. Many of them got the cells from me, some of them wrote for them, and in the past two months i've been busy in every spare minute of my time from 5:00 O'clock till twelve at night answering these letters. I haven't been able to do any more research, my cultures are all going to pot and everything. And some of the letters I get are so fantastic that I don't even believe them myself! And I'm supposed to know what this is and what it does!

Now these are people who knew nothing whatsoever about the Cells, except from what they've read about it. The results they get are not biased nor prejudiced, or arrived at through a preconceived opinion or idea or information. It's a result they get strictly from using the Cell and Cell-water. I'd like to mention many of these but I believe it's unsafe. I would like to mention just one. This is rather fantastic, I think you'll enjoy it.

A lady in San Francisco wrote to me a month or so ago and said she'd heard about them and she wanted one to try on a plant. She said "I wouldn't think of drinking the water. Not that I don't trust you, but I just wouldn't drink the water." She wanted to try it on her plants. So I few weeks later she wrote to me - she got wonderful results, her plants were just doing lovely. She was growing avocado seeds she'd never been able to grow before and stuff like that. So she said she's now drinking the water. she learned from her best girl friend, who had amazing results from using the water - she lear[n]ed of the results she had and believed her, so she started drinking the water. And you should see the letter I got from her two days go. Four pages, single spaced, typewritten. This woman's on cloud nine! But the most amazing thing of all she said (I swear to God!) this thing brings back sex! This is a sixty year old woman who said she had felt like she was 80 - she dragged herself home from work too tired to even watch T-V - her feet were killing her, etc, etc. She felt like a dishrag. After several weeks of this water, she said she felt like she was 20, her feel [sic] don't hurt her anymore, she's just as lively as she can be, and it's bringing back sex!

I don't recommend it for that purpose! You know of course the legal ritual of legal wedlock. But this is one of the things which Brown also stated in his notebook. He explained it in a very moral manner. Sex is life. Life manifests and shows thru sex - that is, the life force is received thru the sex organs, etc. Peter Ballbush at Genic Thermanaires one night gave a demonstration of some kind, and he particularly tressed the sex organs as being very vital and important in this work.

So I don't recommend it for that, but it does offer a very promising future for our senior citizens. You might say that it will take them out of their rocking chair and put them back on the sofas! But I don't want to give you the idea that drinking this cell water will make you young again or get rid of your old age, but it will make you enjoy it a lot better!

So for all the people in the BRSA who have helped me with these tests, I deeply appreciate your letters and the information you have given me. They are very important to our research. Many have written and asked me about methods of using the water. Of course for drinking water, you put one cell-matrix in a gallon of water, wait 24 hours and then drink it. That is all there is to it. Keep adding more water to it as you drink it up. It will last roughly five or six months,
And then it must be replaced.

If you are using them for gardening or yard work where you need a lot of water, after about three-months search, I found an outfit in Chicago which makes a plastic chamber which is divided into three sections. You can put the hose on one end, the nozzle on the other, you put three catalysts in it and you've got all the water you need for gardening, watering all the trees and flowers and everything in your yard. You don't have to fool around with making it in a jar and watering them again.

So if any of you want to see one of the catalysts, or if you want to see one of the chambers or something, I'll be here this afternoon. Just walk right up and ask me whatever you want to and I'll be glad to help you.

(Q) How long are the cells good for?

We have found thru radionics tests that they poop out in about five or six months. All depending upon the amount of water you use. After five or six months, they drop from roughly 99,000 units of white light to 35,000 units of white light.

(Q) As long as they are kept out of water they are still good?

As long as you don't use them, and keep them dry, they last indefinitely. But after you put them into the water, they begin draining, you might say.

(Q) re the cell you use in the gas tank.

Only a little bit of blue coloring to differentiate. Many people would hate to can put these things in the gas tank, you can put them in your car radiator, you can activate the oil your car with them...and the same cell will work on your drinking water. Therefore, merely for psychological reasons, we use a harmless vegetable dye and dye the fuel cells the blue. It's the same cell, the same culture and everything else.

And while we're on that subject - when I came here in June, I tested my car. I filled my gas in Huntington Park at a Richfield station, drove to Vista and filled it again. I had used 4.1 gallons of gasoline. The mileage is roughly 97 miles, which gives me, I think, 24 miles per gallon. It's 159 Chevvy [sic] Impala, 8-cylinder car, using regular gas on the freeway at 65 to 75 miles an hour which is pretty good. I haven't used any of the cells in my car since then, that was two or three months ago. I checked my car coming up here again today and I got 20 miles per gallon on the freeway, regular gas. So they do seem to improve your gas mileage an awful lot. I think even 20 miles is wonderful for regular gas.

(Q) I've kept track of my mileage for the last 1200 miles that I've driven the car, and since I put the D-Cell in the gas tank (we drive a Buick with a gas heater) and over time, I've arranged two more miles per gallon.

That's pretty good. We've found that it's very difficult to check mileage on a car when you're doing city traveling. Stop and go. If you're making a trip of 100 miles or so you can check and get a fairly accurate reading on it.

I think that's about all, it's after twelve. Thank you very much.

* * *

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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE D-CELL, supplied by Hilary M. Dorey

The Journal of Borderland Research
Volume XIX - #5
July-August 1963, p. 20-21

What is the D-Cell?
It is a microscopic, multicellular, living organism cultured in the laboratory of Hilary M. Dorey.

What is the D-Cell Catalyzer?

It is a pure, crystalline concentrate of organic materials (D-Cell culture) in a cement matrix.

Of what is the D-Cell Catalyzer?
In the right concentration it will cleanse and purify water; it will catalyze gasoline for more effective performance of automobiles; it will catalyze fuel oil in diesel engines and in oil heaters and furnaces; in agriculture it will increase growth and productivity from 200 too 300% and in plants and animals it will stimulate, reactivate and normalize cellular metabolism. It has many, many more useful applications which you will learn about later as it is put into wider experimental uses.

How long will the D-Cell live in the cement matrix?
Indefinitely in the dry state, when not in liquids, oil, etc.

How is the matrix used catalyze water?
Drop a catalyzer of the proper size into your container and fill it with water. Keep it covered for sanitary reasons. As you use the water always refill the container immediately so that it is always left full. Never draw off more than three-fourths of the water at one time. This way you will always have a supply of catalyzed water.

What kind of container should be used?
An earthenware crock is best. Glass is good. For gardening wooden or metal containers are all right. Where drinking water is concerned, never use platic or aluminum containers.

What is the best water to use?
Tap water, but many people prefer to use a cleaner water such as from wells or springs, or distilled water.

Will the catalyzer do anything for the water besides purify it?
Yes. It will put life into it.

How long will the catalyzer be effective when put to use in water?
For best results, replace it after six months of continuous use.

Is there anything harmful to animals or humans in the D-Cell?

Has the D-Cell catalyst been tested?
Yes. The last test (6/9/63) showed that the #2 white (gallon size) when dry tested 4730 units of white light energy; so this is equal to over 15,000 units when wet.

Should light be excluded from the bottle containing the catalyzer?
It makes no difference; however, if left in direct sunlight for long periods, moss will form, which is natural under such conditions.

How often should the container be washed out?
When sediment is found in the bottom of the jar?

Will moderate heat or cold destroy the potency of the activated water?

Should I take the catalyzer or the catalyzed water with me on trips?
By all means. Always carry a bottle in your car.

How about water and beverages served in restaurants?
The 1-quart catalyzer is excellent to carry in a small container in the purse or pocket for this purpose. It is handy also for office workers who do not wish to carry water with them every day for the office.

Does catalyzing change the taste of the water?
It has the effect of making water very palatable. Many people say they could never again go back to drinking ordinary tap water. One woman compared the catalyzed water to melted snow from the mountains.

What are some of the effects upon plant life?
The catalyzed water renders them singularly free from pests and parasites. The fruit or vegetables are of exceptional flavor and texture and keep much longer without refrigeration.

Has the D-Cell been tested on animals?
Yes, and with great results. The animals are more active, their health has been improved, their life span increased, and they are freer from body parasites. The grubs of heel flies have dropped off from cattle and intestinal parasite were cleared up in three days in a prize bull.

Is there any way to catalyze water as it comes out of the faucet?
Some people have put a water feeder on the faucet. This charges the water as it runs through -- nice for showers. The water-feeder is a plastic container which screws on to faucet or hose. Put in three #2 white catalysts and fill with water, let stand for 24 hours to activate the catalysts.

H.M. Dorey, 12 Arnold Ave., Newport Rhode Island
Joe Dun Sloan, 6135 Middleton, Huntington Park, California

* * *
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