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Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:12 pm
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Mr. dreamhuffer

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Post subject: Potential unanticipated effects of Stellar Husbandry Reply with quote

Hello there everybody. I was on fivebodied before as mr. defeatvoid then as dreamhuffer and then I lost and forgot my password a third time so I'm here as mr. dreamhuffer now.

I posted this question on Paul Laffoley's blog but I thought people here may have some interesting ideas too.

During your lecture you were talking about an aspect of the house of time that requires the creation of a neutron star as component.
My question is what do you imagine are the unanticipated effects of stellar husbandry on the ecology of the solar system (ours or whichever one plays the petri dish)?

Here are a few of my own thoughts on this:
All the celestial phenomenon in the area are effecting each other and have probably reached some kind of an equilibrium, but I am thinking that by creating some new celestial phenomenon from scratch, transmuting one into another (a star into a sun) , or just milking a star for energy, that must upset the balance in some way which may cause some kind of cascade effect.
One direction I have been thinking about the effects of such technology is on the human psychic level. Celestial phenomenon can exert certain effects on our consciousness, solar flares, planetary alignments, etc) a new celestial event in the solar system may have some unanticipated psychic effects as humans are bombarded by different ratios of energy.

A more humorous side tangent is how we could develop totally man made zodiac houses by stellar husbandry cultivated constellations. Perhaps in the future the science of star creation' effects on the human electromagnetic organ is perfected in ways that cultures can anticipate what celestial phenomenon placed where (or near what, or in combo with) will cause this effect on human behavior: a paint by stars programmable planetary culture.

Another direction I thought about is how the vacuum of outer space may be an ecosystem lush in life. Perhaps there are life forms that seem to us to be just a bunch of space radiation, who knows dark energy could even be something comparable to algae in the ocean? If hypothetically there exist such life then the solar systems current configuration is the homeostasis for this life. One possible problem I can imagine occurring is if for a specific device (such as the house of time) a star with a very specific energy output is to be created, then when the star is born it may change unpredictably over time, baffling technicians, as unknown life forms begin to discover this new niche as a food source, a nesting material, who knows maybe even an aphrodisiac.
Another problem I can imagine is that by changing the solar ecosystem it may cause some life to die out and others to grow wildly and that may have some kind of terrible effect, who knows, a life form that may have been on the menu of some other species that starved to death can now eat our ionosphere freely.
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Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:47 pm
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Post subject: Peter Beter by The Wanderers Reply with quote

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