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Tue May 18, 2010 10:08 pm
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Post subject: frater 222's:::: seven concerts to the dead Reply with quote

up until now i have only circulated this privatley through email...

re: 7 concerts to the dead

carl jung had his seven sermons for the dead...see:::::

Sermo I

The dead came back from Jerusalem, where they found not what they sought. They prayed me let them in and besought my word, and thus I began my teaching."]

....and 'i' have my seven concerts to the dead (its more of an ongoing thing than a definite number right now though....)

on this day, in feburary of the 2010th year of our lord, i, frater 222
do hear by announce that i have been conducting 'concerts' (permformances) for the dead who reisde on the 'other side' of the veil....

...this endeavour is veyr similar to the jung's seven sermons to the dead. and they are related in ways i may expond upon later....
(jung's sermons had to come before the dead would be willing to sit and listen to my concerts) (both the sermons and the concerts have to be done to prepare the way for the resurectION)

i have visited my concert in the astral releam and have seen the crowds gathered to watch the concert...which is my performance of living my life...ion prediected/hinted at this astral travel in a private sessION the day before . had never done any 'astral travel' before.

before this....
in a dream i was also visted by dead ancestors who told me that a crowd was gathering on the other side....they were in the parking lot at that time...pregaming, before the 'show' started. atleast, this is what my grandfatehr told me in a dream.

this dream was so significant that.....

i asked the three ghosties (MM, Zappa, joyce) via GLOW a/o this dream and they confirmed the dream with the following visual can be seen here

my question for GLOW, which she didnt know until AFTER she gave the answer, was thus:

[[[[[[["can yall comment on the dream from my grand father regarding my mission and everyone gathering in a "parking lot" on the other side (ie: spirit world, place where dead people go...)

now, this question was in regards to a dream i recently this dream my deceased grandfather appeared to me. ive had a series of dreams from him, in one dream he told me the secret of life.

so in the dream that a group of people were waiting/gathering in a parking lot (like they do before football games or concerts) in regards to me, my life and my 'mission' (more on what i precieve my 'mission' to be later, perhaps) i was the show or concert...he said there were big doings in the spirit world regarding my 'mission'.

one quote i got from him was something like
'everything is happening/coming together'

btw, thanks so much glow for doing this!! you are the bomb! and im so glad to see you a part of fivebodied...saint glow i say... "]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

today, via the jungian technique of active imginatION.... i learned that 'galieo' was the first to 'show up' to the 'concert' (given his keen sense of discovering the 'important things')... that is my life / 'my miss-ION'.....also, my grandfather was teh 'MC' for the concert. he was also flat foot dancing, like seen here:

...i will eloborate more on the above as the spirit moves me and as time and energy permit.

of interest to the above i will quote michael bertiaux from the gnostic voudon workbook, where he speaks about the importance of carl jung

"There are many zothyrians who believe that with the creative work of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung...who was a special world-teacher of the renewl of the gnosis, a new aion or eon began, which is identified with the sign of Aquarius in the zodiac..." p. 80

much love
-frater 222
"you were, tootoo too ...the graced of gods...& salus of the wake...Winner...primed at the studience, propredicted...the choice of ages wise! Spickspookspokesman of our specturesque...we miss your smile."
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