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Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:17 pm
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Post subject: iON Primer and Constant Update Reply with quote

1. iON's agenda (starts immediately):

2. Excerpts from iON's private sessions (starts immediately):

3. CASH FLOW Archives (begin with the latest):

4. Another site devoted to iON:

5. iONic Output when not on CASH FLOW (scroll down to the last inventory to find the list of iONic performances other than on Cash Flow [Dr. Carolyn Dean did not appear on any of these except one]):

THEN the "Flood" begins at Information Farm:

6. iON's YouTube Channel:
(in the upper right-hand corner, you can click on "Uploads (8Cool" to see the full list of 88 videos):

7. The First Words from iON:

The following is what iON said (not recorded but typed by Carolyn - we can't say these are the exact words but iON later said we could make the transcript more precise with iON's recall/help [we haven't done that, yet - BOB] - when I asked JW (after the 3 of us had been silent for 30 seconds) the question (according to iON - I can't remember what I asked since I wasn't taking the experiment that seriously), "Who's speaking?":

{{March 18/09

It is the process with which is between the 3 of us which is our experience.

You alluded to it several times last night - the process of which where others were doing this psychic work. [I had been talking to JW about my experiences with the Evergreens the night before - BOB]

The gist of this process that’s opening is that there seems to be more of a tactile experience of the change in the veil. Turning inside out. Which means, what we know that is, is not and what we know that is not, is.

We are just now coming to a place of resolution.

Parallels to the resolute desk in the White House. British ship lost a couple hundred years ago. Queen Victoria had two desks made out of the ship: one in White House, one in Buckingham Palace.
It means something different to those in power than tourists.

Feeds a little of a conspiracy theory.

The information we are getting access to; they already know it.

Might have gone into it last night but had to clear and make sure we were OK.

Gist of this process is a simple process, it’s easy, it’s fluid, like the viscosity of oil and water… but you can make vinaigrette very painlessly. Indeed these realms do mix, fluidly. That’s why it’s so significant, once you know, you can never go back.

Now you have a whole new vernacular, which has to do with “carnal” knowledge of this new expression of reality - you are getting it fast. Cursing as you are blessing. Past that, it’s getting much, much, much easier. Lou Dobbs is very upset about this.… Using him as a silly example… of the main part of the android meme.... [there follows another couple of hours transcribed - BOB]}}

8. Content of One of the Best TAILGATES (11 hours on May 19/10):

This was perhaps the most remarkable Tailgate - although every previous one is a god in itself - and these are my sparse notes for quick referral.

All times are approximate as I had to run up and down stairs to avoid the echo effect:

2:55:20 rant

3:25:20 the ninth gate

4:50:20 more on the emptying of the guff

4:55:20 sodom, gomorrah and lot

5:04:20 nostradamus and ion

5:10:20 Martin Luther King, Jr. comes in and rants

5:37:20 George Gurdjieff comes in and pontificates

6:50:20 what JW experiences during ion

7:01:20 califia's stock market research

7:15:20 carolyn explains the "time" box

8:15:20 brian's actual "dreaming" conditions

8:30:20 tv show "charmed" rant

9:05:20 DAVID WORCESTER (b.1928) is phoned and brought in

9. iON's Funniest Rant:

10. JW's computer was not turned on when this was recorded... but that didn't impede iON:

11. iON invades JW's Broken Computer AGAIN:

12. We talked to Walter Bowart via iON:

13. RADIO iON:

14. The Role Model for RELAXING AND ALLOWING & 3-2-1-ing:

15. The Bible's Book of Revelations as never understood before:

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 1 to 3

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 4 and 5
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 6 and 7
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 8 to 11
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 12 to 14
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 15 and 16
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 17 to 19
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapters 20 to 22
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapter 23, 1-22
$50 US

Revelations Revealed: Chapter 23, 23-38
$50 US

Bob Dobbs
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