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Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:18 am
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Post subject: Nobody noticed this before... Reply with quote

... not only Sheila's painting came in on my birthday, Feb.2, but we just discovered that Matthew Hurtado started the site and posted the infamous ad on Feb.2, 2011. The evidence:

From: Matthew Hurtado <wellnesspromatt>
Subject: Re: iON's Answer
Date: February 2, 2011 9:25:36 AM HST
To: "Dr. Carolyn Dean" <help>


check out the text I put up this morning. I'm going to add 'progress' videos to the page when I make them soon.
Also before and after videos, etc. I'm just laying out a story. It's a bit much, your opinion please!


The ad:

{{ Call Us To Place Your Order Today!
Matthew David Hurtado - 608.235.8804
Home Contact Us BLOG FAQ Extra Terrestrials Order Usage Wholesale/Affiliates Chromosome14 Humor Chemtrails GMOs RNA is NOT RnA Stories RnA Discovery
After logging over 50 hours with Extra-Terrestrials, (yes, that's right)...I was given the information to bring forth RnA drops. Discover what Modern Science hasn't a clue about that can RADICALLY alter your life-forever!

"How The Heck Did I Grow 3/4 Inches Taller... Slim Down My Waist, Balance My Blood Sugars, and Begin Replicating PERFECT Cells In Less Than 2 Months?"
** Disclaimer: not everyone is going to grow taller or slim down. The fastest path to YOUR joy is what becomes manifest. If you are slim, you may balance out...if you are too tall, you may balance that as well. **

How Can YOU "THRIVE" In The TOXIC World You Live In, Feel Immense Bliss24/7 and Other Health Benefits NOT Legal to Mention?"
RnA is Available NOW
(and ReAline Too.)
RnA Drops

Welcome to the world of RnA
(Relax n Allow) drops...

I Haven't Even Gotten To The Good-Stuff Yet...

*Warning: this material may be highly offensive. Vulgar language & bashing common theories/ideologies will most likely offend those who are still asleep who have not come into their power yet. I will not candy coat my true story.
Can you imagine totally balancing blood-sugar, lipids, and cellular behavior in 30 days? ...We're not making any medical claims, but let me tell you what THEY would say about this discovery we know of as "insulinose":
It's impossible. Such a discovery does not exist. There is no such thing as 'insulinose' and it certainly is NOT the "missing key" to advancing DNA & ascending (I mean) rescinding mortality. You most certainly are NOT an immortal and cannot stay in this physical body - let alone turn back the 'clock' and reclaim your youth! You are powerless. You must submit to medical law and adhere to sub-optimal functioning of your physical body. The best you can hope for is a painless transition and don't drink the water or it will kill you! Your doctor is responsible for yourdrugs, I mean health-care, and the chemtrails and GMO's are going to take you out. At every turn, every corner, you are a victim. You're fucked! Lay down and die... submit to authority. Death is at every corner. Desire death. Leave the meatsack for "heaven" and pay taxes before you check out.... and NO, heaven won't get boring. It's a goddamn paradise compared to the hell you gotta put up with here on this planet. (Do you ever feel that your outer-world suggests these messages to you?)

Let Me Be Your Tour-Guide Through The "Shift-of-the-ages" Already Happening...
Let me tell you how it all began... This is myREAL-LIFE JOURNEY from hopeless despair, sickness & dis-ease to aSIX-FIGURE PASSIVE INCOME STREAM, Incredible well-being, andFREEDOM from Fear.

Strange shit is happening, let me show you...

** I don't own the rights to this video. It is posted on youtube. **
"RnA Drops Are Powerful! I Watched My Husband Shift Through Some Powerful Changes...
He's So Happy Today."

I Can't Wait to Try My Bottle!

This is the throw-back "retro" site for

at 12:00pm

03/02/11 - Listen to iON talk about RnA drops on CashFlow (Achieve Radio). This is a one-hour segment. Scroll to 30:30 to get right to it! More iON information and other "real stories of RnA" can be found here. Click here for more!

- I have new a baby and iON said I can begin the drops 2 months after Leora is done nursing.

After a great session with iON last night, I would like to explain to the ladies what RnA drops are for.

All that Gobbly-Gook over on the left is Matthew's "Testosterone" story line... and it's not all about the 'power' that men seek.

Think of a desire that you have.... right now.

Are you looking for a physical restoration of well-being?

Maybe you'd like to balance your weight, instead of trying another "diet" craze?

Perhaps it's a hormonal or emotional issue? Or better yet, would you believe that you could NEVER AGE AGAIN?!

It seems far-fetched. Yet only you can decide. The drops are the second part of what's called a 3-2-1 process.

If you listen to iON, then you know what this means. If not, then maybe you've heard Abraham Hicks talk about this: you have a desire. It is always given. The only work on your part is to allow.

That is how the universe works. So here's what the RnA drops actually do.... they give NEW INFORMATION to your DNA. Your DNA is like a copy machine. It takes information and copies it. So if you give it new information, it makes new copies! This changes your physical meat-sack body.

With RnA, this happens by default. You don't have to be thinking any specific thing. You will notice shifts. The idea of a placebo effect is not relevant to RnA drops.

So, let's say you're a woman and you have blood sugar issues? You would take the RnA drops under your tongue twice a day. We can't say that the drops would balance all your lipids and blood sugar within 30 days. That isn't legal. We're not medical doctors and we do not diagnose or treat disease. Yet you could use the drops and if the fastest path to your joy is to balance your blood sugar, we're suggesting that you might manifest this.

So the question comes up, do I need the drops? Can't I just do this without them? Of course you can. But how has that been working for you so far?


My husband had so many health issues before iON. He was a total wreck. Always unhappy. Well, as of late, all that has changed. In record time. I have personally witnessed this process and will tell you that these RnA drops will be profound for you.

That's all I can tell you right now, yet we will have many testimonials coming in soon. I am looking forward to my experiences to share with you as well.

- Sabrina Hurtado


1-Month Supply of RnA Drops - $149.99
Limited Time Introductory
Sale Price - $110.00
(Save $39.99!)
** Cost of production is very high on these RnA drops. Extra discount for quantity orders. **

RnA Drops

Add ReAline to Your Order Here:
1-Month Supply of ReAline Caps - $69.99
Limited Time Introductory
Sale Price - $59.99
(Save $10.00!)
** More Discount on Quantity Orders. **

ReAline Formula


** Check out the BLOG for RnA drops at - BLOG YOUR RESULTS! **

Store Hours: 10 am - 6 pm CST (Mon - Fri)
"It's The End of The World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine!"
(I can sum up the entire rest of this page quick: you WANT these RnA drops.)

Dear 2012 Victim: ugh, you've been misled to believe the "end" of the world is near. The money-checks dried up, the economycollapsed, the flu of the swine fizzled out, birds dropped dead, bees checked out of the building... and many, like me, felt they were going NUTS with 'energy' shifts causing light-headedness, off balance, tiredness, "ascension symptoms" they call it. I know you or someone close to you. David Pike, Jeff Rinse, Ben Fullfork, Lenny Hornywitz, all the guru's got your mind on a leash... right? Doom and gloom. Fear sells. (The names above are ficticious in order to protect the integrity of actual people with similar sounding names. But I'm not referring to them, so don't worry.)

Well, maybe not.. yet their messages have certainly affected your world. Maybe it's your crazy sister listening to Jesse Adventura depict how the global elite are going to incinerate you soon... depopulate the whole planet... buttfuck each other, and turn every human into a micro-chipped mindless robot.

I was scared myself! I was a hop-skip-and-flip-the-bird-to-the-world near-death about two years ago. My life sucked. It was a meaningless existence... lost my job. Lost my health. Lost my wife. Bankrupted. No home. No income. Couldn't walk, wasn't happy about anything, and figured the 'elite' class of old-white-hairs had me pinned. It must have been the nazi's. They must have poisoned my cereal. Processed food & chemtrails did it to me. That's what I believed... it had to be something, I was powerless. My wife got sick of me bitchin about all this and disowned me for a bit. How come if I knew so much of what was going on... did my life represent more of a prison than a chicken in a commercialized farm?

Then I met iON... and My Ascension Began!

"You can be, do, and have anything you want Matthew."

Those words resonated with a long knowing that I've always felt. After one hour of listening to iON remind me of my own power, I was back in charge of my life. Within weeks I was back in the gym, working a job, and courting my wife again. Within a couple months I had bought a business with ZERO out-of-pocket dollars.

Two months later I tripled that business with least effort. A few months later I was 37lbs more full of lean, rock hard muscle. Life was bending over for me. I logged over 32 hours of iON-time to date. So you're probably asking yourself, "who the hell would name their kid iON?" Well, this is your moment of sobriety... you might want to sit down for this. Or at least suspend your disbelief in anything outside your own "programmed" outer-kingdom reality. iON is not a person. It's a group of 'extra-terrestrials' in what's called 'the guf.'

I was Engaging My Own "Non-Physical" to Accelerate
My Own Knowing That I Am A Powerful Human Creator!

(Which by the way is, PHASE I, of a 3-part 'coming into your power' process known as Ascension)

PHASE I - Come into your own power! Watch Video.
So what the heck does this have to do with YOU and the RnA Juice to ascend your DNA to access higher vibrations? Okay, good question. I'm going to give it to you now:

No matter what religious belief you hold, one thing is certain. You've been told that life is eternal. Yet everything in your world suggests that life is eternal only in spirit. ...But what if the PHYSICAL was actually the eternal? Holy crap, is that a possibility? Have you been told stories of "another" world your entire life, which scared the hell out of you (the thought of dying) in order to get to heaven? And if you are eternal then why isn't everyone celebrating when your loved ones die? It doesn't add up?

It's a bullshit story from the beginning...

Here's what I can tell you: you created a veil to separate you from your own power. That veil is the idea that this "other" world is necessary to come into your God-ship. So in essence, you believe that you must CROAK to be in your eternal "bliss", right? Now on the same token, this suggests that your life is 'less than' while you are here on Earth. But think about it, HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU BE LESS THAN GOD IF IT IS GOD THAT IS YOUR LIFE IN THE FIRST PLACE... and WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SEPARATED FROM YOUR OWN POWER IN ORDER TO EXIST IN THE PHYSICAL? And why the HELL ARE THE CHRISTIANS NOT LISTENING TO JESUS SAY, 'BEHOLD, YE ARE GODS' & REALIZE THAT JESUS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN? Are you or are you not his equal? Jesus was God in the flesh. If you believe him, then "These things I do, ye shall do and even greater" must ring a bell, huh?

Okay, while you noodle around with that riddle, let's just get on to the next step of the process. Just toy with that idea - God in the flesh. How can God be in the flesh and then decide he can only be God if he leaves the flesh?

PHASE II of Activating Your Own Personal Power and Authority as A Sovereign Being, HERE ON EARTH IN YOUR PHYSICAL MEATSACK BODY is to Engage the Bread of Living Water.
As Outlined in The Book of Revelations. (We've already had the blood-moon, so the TIME is NOW btw.)
Want some info on Revelations? Click here to get the info now.

Get off your knees for a moment... I know, I caused you to blasphemize about that last bit. The idea that you are less than God feels good to you. If you accept the latter, that you are in fact a God, which Jesus did tell you (and to obey his Word) - that is a load of reality to handle. You might immerse yourself into a full blown panic attack over this. So let me soften it for you...

You are not God. And on the other hand, you are. There is still a veil that you created to separate you to keep you dishonest about your power. If you decide to take your power back or not, that's up to you. Yet the energies on the Earth are going to shift with or without your concern about this. The South pole might end up right on top of your house! Many people - like yours truly - have been going MINDLESS trying to adapt to the phenomenon occuring in our bodies, our world. The frickin birds... their little hearts popped! Cows are dying in Wisconsin where I live. They're checking outta here right in their prime. Most people think "HAARP" is causing this. Or chemtrails. Or something else 'evil' and I submit to you that THERE IS NO SOURCE OF EVIL! To place your power outside of yourself is to deny your creation, as everything in your world is self-created by YOU. Without fail or exception. That's the problem of being "as God" is that you have to accept that YOU are THAT POWERFUL.

Whether you want to or not, you will soon have to. It's the time. Now. There is no more time. You are being called up the 'the bigs' again. That's why so many people are walking around sideways, falling over, seeing orbs, feeling weightless, and forgetting everything - it's a shift! Don't google about what materia medica has to say, they'll have you believing it's the MS, the Fibro, the CFS, the "we don't know what the fuck this is so we'll give it a designer label and treat it' syndrome.


That's where RnA drops come in... I would tell you how the drops work, but remember the technology doesn't exist! And yet it is...

It's like the discovery of the meridian system in Chinese acupuncture. The western medicine model doesn't believe in this. Yet it is. Been around for over 6,000 years in China. In reality, it's been around forever. It was only rediscovered then. But then again, there is no then... it's now. Eternally. So rediscover RnA drops and YOU'LL experience all the 'PROOF' you require.

What did I notice during Month 1 of Taking the RnA drops?

My experience has been SHOCKING. Shifts occured so rapidly that I couldn't keep up. I'd suddenly have these moments of pure bliss. Trust me, when you feel as screwed up as I was for so long - sudden bliss will scare the crap out of you! That occured for me within just two days of taking the drops.

The next shift I noticed was feeling weightless. Like I was hovering an inch off the ground. My physical body was full and pumped up - yet I wasn't working out much? And my muscles didn't get sore. Ever. I know it sounds ridiculous, but see for yourself. I'm not kidding you. Also my wife started noticing my abs. My waist got tighter in one month, despite eating more "junk food" and not working out much.

There has been a downside too. It wouldn't be "real" for me to say it's been all magical and without contrast. I had a HELL OF A TIME adjusting to this shifting going on. It got me breathless, literally. The power. Coming into your power is not a "light and fluffy" experience for all. One woman I know of, who is a medical doctor, she also reports 'detox-like' symptoms during her first month. The best I can make of this is, all the screwed up crap you accumulated has gotta go... and that might be a little uneasy at times. The key is to relax. Allow. Take less drops for a while if you have to. Come into your power more gently.

This is NOT A TINY LITTLE THING. It is a major shifting of sorts. You might be 'out of sorts' at times. But hell, your whole world is right now, so that's par for the course. Just go easy. Don't take more than 3 - 10 drops per day!!! I started out with 2 drops, 2 times per day. Now I believe the protocol is 4 - 6 drops, 2 x day with the new improved formula. I got to be the test-mouse during experimental trials. I didn't grow a six-pack of balls, or two inches taller (yet). I just might though... more on that later.

Here Are My Photos
(I'm sorry for the FUGLINESS you're about the witness) Before RnA Drops & After Month 1:

Now I'm here to give you the "real deal" and not candy-coated version. These changes in my body happened by 'default' as I was HARDLY working out. iON told me that I'd have a lot of cellular shifting going on - they weren't lying.

After Being Lazy As Hell While I Go Through This Shift...I Swore I'd Look Like SHIT After Taking These Drops... But My Abs Got Better! Muscles Were Full!

** Please BLOG YOUR REPORTS here - check it out: **

Like I said, the shifting hasn't been easy. I've had epinephrine surges that feel like I'm being torked from one reality to another...IE, 'kicking and screaming' into the kingdom! So I figured I'd look like complete shit after 1 month on the drops. I mean, seriously.. my mind cannot understand how I could NOT WORKOUT and EAT GARBAGE and get results like someone who dieted on grass and protein shakes. Sometimes your mind is not your friend. My mind has been kicking and fighting against this shifting process the whole time. Well Christ, look for God sakes... my wife was groping my abs the other day. She's totally impressed and I'm thinking "don't make fun of me, I haven't been working out." Then she said, "no, you're lookin good!" So I finally busted out the camera and took my picture.

As iON said the other day, "do you see your belly?" "Well, you see... you haven't been to the gym. You outta be pudged out and holding water. You see, your 12-pack is looking fine Matthew."

So The Verdict Is In: The RnA Drops AreDEFINITELY Defining Muscle Mass! But Be Warned: More is NOT Better.

So in conclusion, I'd agree with iON. The RnA drops are CERTAINLY DEFINING MUSCLE MASS. Yet I must warn you - DO NOT GET OVERZEALOUS ON THE DROPS. More isn't going to make it go faster. More will just be assimilated into the body.

I guess I'll also mention that I've gotten bigger and yet lighter while on the drops... defying the laws of gravity perhaps? Stranger stuff is happening I guess. I just read about 100,000 sharks swimming less than 100 yards 'close' to the shores in Florida. We are going through some major changes. No one said it is going to be easy... I guess that's why I got on the RnA drops. I was looking for help adjusting to the new energies on the planet. To prepare the way for my new Jerusalem!

Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on the progress...

** Based upon Month 1 Contrast, (IE, feeling the drops were a littleINTENSE)... I consulted with iON and ReAline was born!)

How can this be!? Like I told you already... things are changing. It's a mind-fuck! Well, iON told me in my last reading to go and see how tall I was. Lo and behold, I grew.

My hair is growing faster too. I'm not a monkey, but I am noticing a more 'thick' feel and a faster rate of growth. So what is coming next? God knows! We'll see soon.

I'm updating again, ...

I actually took about 9 days off the drops to assess what "the old me" was like. Here's the scoop: the old me is gone. I was told that when you're in a new place, you can't be in the old place. So I just began again continuing forward with my drops - SUDDEN BLISS might shock your system! I felt an instant change in my perception, very calm, notice that I feel more at ease. Well, that's all for now. Tomorrow, many of the "pioneering" orders go out the door... so I'm expecting outrageous feedback in the next few weeks!

I'll be going on ReAline, our newest product... DESIGNED TO HELP REPLICATE CELLS MORE EFFICIENTLY...

Stay tuned...

Month 3 Log: Would you like to read more? Month 3 Click Here to Read More.

Would You Like to Try the RnA Drops (Risk-Free) For 30-Days?

If you're happy with your results, stay with the program.

If you're not happy, we'll be happy to exchange your order for any other product in my nutrition store. That's within 30-days of your purchase.

1-Month Supply of RnA Drops - $149.99
Limited Time Introductory
Sale Price - $110.00
(Save $39.99!)
** Cost of production is very high on these RnA drops. Extra discounts for quantity orders. **

RnA Drops

Add ReAline to Your Order Here:
1-Month Supply of ReAline Caps - $69.99
Limited Time Introductory
Sale Price - $59.99
(Save $10.00!)
** More Discounts on Quantity Orders. **

ReAline Formula

** Check out the BLOG for RnA drops at - BLOG YOUR RESULTS! **

PS - We are making ZERO medical claims of RnA drops. Please consult with your medical doctor if you are looking to treat or diagnose a condition. }}

Bob Dobbs
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