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Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:20 pm
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Post subject: Latest from Alton Benes Reply with quote

[[ Finnegans Wake obsolesced the military-industrial complex and in this sense can be said to have pre-obsolesced the internet, that is, before it even began, as an offshoot of that complex.

As a side note, I think that in the course of discussions which fall conventionally in the category of "media ecology", Android Memetic and otherwise (yes, the other kind still do exist, see my Sarfatti post in this thread), the introduction of iON's revealed knowledge presents certain logical dissonances which warrant probing in their own right. Like the Deep Thought by Jack Handey...

If you ever teach a yodeling class, probably the hardest thing is to keep the
students from just trying to yodel right off. You see, we BUILD to that.

While it may be useful to cast iON in the context of AI for illustrative purposes, it may not be, technically, a valid attribution (cf. Angela's discussion of this during the 6-14 Cash Flow). Bob's descriptive term "non-physical event" is probably more accurate. But I think, especially in terms of analyzing the logical course of argument about various media and their implications and efficacies, it is far more important, at least in the context of "straight" media-related discussions, to understand/communicate how Bob's quadrophrenic approach and exposition of the Android Meme COULD have evoked the non-physical. This line of inquiry may be surpassed in importance by a rigorous systematic analysis of the tactile mechanisms of iON's manifestation and vicissitudes of interaction both with human interpreter (JW) and interlocutors (e.g. this forum, machines in general - including iONic "cameos" in Sheila's IM window, etc), but such explorations are, for now, taking place, as far as I know, within this forum (of course iON may be interacting with other forums in parellel worlds but that is beyond the focus of this post).

Perhaps what the digital age has taught us, and I think McLuhan got this (although his actions seem ambiguous in hindsight), is that immedia or non-media is the message. In other words the "services vs. disservices" or "amputation vs extension" debate (not to mention the meta-debate between the respective schools of McLuhan and Kittler which as far as I can puzzle out deals with "extension" verses destiny/symbolic order, etc) was settled with the atomic bomb. And McLuhan knew this in the forties (The Southern Quality again), but he chose the role of commentator/signifier instead of moving to the higher or more efficacious level/frequency of lightbeing/lightworker (Ascended Master?). All "media" are obsolesced by their very describability as "media". The point of ascension, as I interpret it, is not to extend artificially or amputate but to ascend; that is, to operate on the level of direct thought-into-action (thought = action) raising of energy. I suspect that the Ascended Master does not use media but is the media, he/she mediates the frequency variance between beings, which causes suffering.

One could see Bob's application of tactility to the idea of ascension as the key element of his media-directed thought which effectively ends media: ascension ends media. This is also an application of McLuhan's view that at the speed of light, figure and ground merge. The user is now the medium and has ceased to require media. Electrodynamic waves interact with each other (that is, they combine their forces) based on the variance or equivalence of their frequencies, field strength, wavelength and amplitude. The only things then at play are resistance, inductance, conductance and capacitance. However these, I suspect, especially resistance, are also obsolesced as interacting beings move to higher frequencies. ]]

Bob Dobbs
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Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:11 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

of course iON may be interacting with other forums in parellel worlds but that is beyond the focus of this post

I knew it. iON has moved on to parallel worlds, and is not interacting with this one any longer.

So is JW, iON's host, now an "ascended master"?
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