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Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:46 am
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Post subject: Reviews of My Life-World Reply with quote

Someone wrote:

[[ I first heard of you through Off Planet Radio with Randy Maugans. I heard what you and Carolyn were talking about and thought "I want what they have" so I ordered RNA Drops and have been taking them. I'm trying to catch up on who you are and what you are doing now and I really like what I hear! That is to say, I don't really get the intellectual theory's you and others are are talking about, (depends on what the subject is) but this is the most interesting thing out there! I've been asking everyone I know if they heard of RNA Drops and no one (except for 1 who looked this up as I was talking about this) knows what I'm talking about! I listen to a lot (probably all BS) and I really think this is cutting edge. Thank you for all you do. I'm engaged and listening, unfortunately, I'm on the East Coast and by the time you are getting started, I'm fast asleep! I want to talk to you some time. I've got to schedule some time off, then I can call in. ~ Many Thanks!

Great Energy ~ Keep it up ~ you remind me of my father who would be 95 this year and he would be right there with us! ]]

Someone else wrote:

[[ It was good of you to introduce me to James [Martinez] and hear some off his
amazing life and your connections. It filled in alot of the blanks for
me around Walter [Bowart] and how you and James met. Like he says you are the
only person in this world who really Knows who he is! I think that you
offer this gift to so many of know your people, Bob!

Life is rich rich rich, exploring all these dimensions of culture,
art, history, politics, finance, business, music, technology,
literature, media,personalities, and creations in/on/off the planet
and beyond to parallel worlds...WHEW!

YUP! I feel blessed to be on this very exciting, ever-expanding,
goose-bumps, no-mind adventure with Bob and Carolyn and iON and their
very merry band of Dupes and iONettes..YAYEEEE!

Totally FULL and ready for MORE! ]]

Bob Dobbs
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