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Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:05 am
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Post subject: How are you going to continue to ignore the NEW environment? Reply with quote

First recent testimonial:

[[ My son was born with perfect skin so never would we have ever thought that by the time he would be four months old we would have to battle such awful skin condition. He was diagnosed with a severe case of eczema.

There are a million treatments on the market and we tried every single one of them in hopes to find the cure. Some would work for a week and some wouldn't work at all. We even tried all the old timer myths like grapeseed oil and mayo.

We then came across this RnA stuff... we also had our doubts with it but said this is going to be our last attempt. He started by taking 2 drops twice a day and then gradually is now at 5 drops twice a day and within 2 weeks his eczema has vanished.

I would recommend this product to anyone. My lil boy now can live a life with kids and not be picked on for the scabs and skin flakes all over his face. I also like that I can give it to him everyday and know it won't thin his skin or cause side effects. I have included some before and after photos. Thanks to RnA we can breath easy. ]]

Second recent testimonial:

[[ Hi Bob and Carolyn,

I was finally able to listen to the archives for the 7/18/13 Payday, this morning.

In Part 2, 18:30 mark, where Dr. Dean was responding to Sara about the removal of toxins from the body, Carolyn said that the lymphatic area of the right hand chest was the holding area
for the removal of toxins.

At that moment, a question I have prayed and pondered for 13 years was finally answered. When I first became ill in 2000, the real nightmare had begun with
the right hand side of my chest, all of my lymph (smalll & large swelled up), no medical person EVER answered my question as to what this was.

I know you both know how incredibly amazing the RnA drops are. It fixes even the unknown. The lymph system of our bodies is NOT understood by conventional as well
as alternative medicine.

Dr. Dean's explanation on the lymph is profound and everyone needs to know how important it is. I know the RnA drops literally have been eating up the
waste that has been backed up in my lymphs. This month, the lymphs in my groin area that have been the size of golf balls and open and draining for 13 years completely healed.
The right hand side of my chest, where hundreds of lymph have been swollen and aching for such a long time, are almost gone!

To be perfectly honest, I never thought I would heal,
and I told my husband that if I died, to find out what was in the lymphs that had gotten me so sick. I will be on the RnA drops exactly 1 year as of August 1st.

The ReMag & ReLyte
has eccelerated the healing. In fact, when I put the ReMag & ReLyte in a glass of water, it sparkles like crystals. TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!

Bob, you said in Pt. 1, 33:50 mark, we can relax because we can feel the change with the RnA. We lose the fear of the void, and I can get out of this. All things will pass.

I am laughing and sobbing as I write this. I have waited SO LONG to have some deep questions, that I never thought I would have an answer to, answered.

So very grateful to both of you! ]]

A lot of traditional chemistry is going down the drain, soon.

Bob Dobbs
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