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Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:02 pm
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Post subject: In case you missed them... Reply with quote

... here are the very original Blurbs I created and posted to promote my PAYDAY show on during the first 9 months:

You are blessed to know that I, Bob Neveritt, the mascot for iONdom, will now have my own show - Tues. and Thurs. 7pm-9pm PST, starting Nov.20 - a program featuring the most evolved "person" in the recent nearest solar system... ME!! To set the bar high then, my first guest would have to be yours truly, of course. Any and all responses are welcome.

Many guests... actually cohosts... and stunning clips from iON - information never heard by humans before!!

Major xenochrony will be announced on our show tonight!!

No emotions: Only Peace, Love, and Hate... and quadrophrenia as special guest!

Thomas Pynchon's "AGAINST THE DAY" (2006), RnA Drops, and iONdom

You don't wanna know what's going to be featured today.

I wonder how many times you've been had
And I wonder how many plans have gone bad
I wonder how many times you had sex
I wonder do you know who'll be next
I wonder l wonder wonder I do

I wonder about the love you can't find
And I wonder about the loneliness that's mine
I wonder how much going have you got
And I wonder about your friends that are not
I wonder I wonder I wonder I do

I wonder about the tears in children's eyes
And I wonder about the soldier that dies
I wonder will this hatred ever end
I wonder and worry my friend
I wonder I wonder wonder don't you?

I wonder how many times you been had
And I wonder how many dreams have gone bad
I wonder how many times you've had sex
And I wonder do you care who'll be next
I wonder I wonder wonder I do

You didn't try to call me, why didn't ya try, didn't ya try?
Didn't ya know I was lonely?
No matter who I take home, I keep on calling your name
And you, (I need you so bad), You're The One, babe

Tell me, tell me who's lovin' ya now
'Cause it worries my mind and I can't sleep at all
I stayed home on Friday just to wait for your call
And you didn't try to call me

Why didn't ya try, didn't ya try?
Didn't ya know I was lonely?
No matter who I take home, I keep on calling your name
And you, (I need you so bad), you're The One, babe

Tell me, tell me who's lovin' ya now
'Cause it worries my mind and I can't sleep at all
I stayed home on Friday just to wait for your call
I can't say what's right or
what's wrong
But I love you!
All ya gotta do is call me babe
'Cause I want you!

You make me feel so excited girl
I got so hung up on you from the moment that we met
That no matter how I try, I can't keep the tears
From running down my face
I'm all alone at my place

You didn't try to call me, why didn't ya try, didn't ya try?
Didn't ya know I was lonely?
Why didn't ya try, didn't ya try, didn't ya know I was lonely?
I stayed home all afternoon man
I was working on my car, I fixed the upholstery
I fixed the seat so it would tilt back
We were going to go to the drive-in and you didn't call me man
I waited, it was Friday night, I remember now
It was nine o'clock and I was sitting on home
I was still watching television and ya didn't try to call me
We'd been going steady for six weeks and I thought you were my
teenage thrill
I thought you were my teen-angel man
But you didn't call me
I dig ya so much man, why didn't ya call me
If you could have seen me in the afternoon
I was hung up, I even washed the car
I, I reprimered the right front fender man
We were gonna go, we were gonna go out
And get some root beer afterwards man
And I was gonna show everybody my new carburetor
And ya didn't try to call me

There's ole Gray with 'er dove-winged hat
Threre's ole Green with her sewing machine
Where's the bobbin at?
Tote'n old grain in uh printed sack
The dust blows forward 'n dust blows back
And the wind blows black thru the sky
And the smokestack blows up in suns eye
What am I gonna die?
Uh white flake riverboat just flew by
Bubbles popped big
'n uh lipstick Kleenex hung on uh pointed forked twig
Reminds of the bobby girls
Never was my hobby girls
Hand full uh worms and uh pole fishin'
Cork bobbin' like uh hot red bulb
'n uh blue jay squeaks
His beak open an inch above uh creek
Gone fishin' for a week
Well I put down my bush
'n I took of my pants 'n felt free
The breeze blowin' up me 'n up the canyon
Far as I could see
It's night now and the moon looks like uh dandelion
It's black now 'n the blackbird's feedin' on rice
'n his red wings look diamonds 'n lice
I can hear the mice toes scamperin'
Gophers rumblin' in pile crater rock hole
One red bean stuck in the bottom of uh tin bowl
Hot coffee from uh krimpt up can

The medium is the message;
The medium is the massage;
The medium is the mess age;
And the medium is the mass age.

If any of you missed this show, here it is, the clearest take on the Gun Control issue. Also, juicy info on RnA Drops (interview starts at 22:55) ... 012613.mp3

Bob [Neveritt] says things on this show that no other human being has ever said before! Here are just some of the quotes that tickled my tactility:

"That [The gun] is the American penis, it is the most intimate, important, body part that the American culture as a meme believe in. What's the point in aggravating that?"

"...guns are an extension of the look and you aim..."

"Americans were built on the printing press, they are the only culture in the world that started with that medium, so they are very heavily, visually biased, and that is why it is such a big issue to wipe away the eye function, which the gun represents."

"The eyeball is the most sacred apparatus, and it's extension, like the book and the gun, in America, and that's why it is such a hot button issue. It doesn't mean Americans are violent, just don't mess with their eyeball."

"The tactile extension since radio and television, into the digital medium, threatens the basic core sensibility of the Americans."

"Americans are actually eyeball/kinetic, verses the Europeans who are actually eyeball/ear, and this is why Americans as a general meme...are really good at rock 'n roll, cars and sex. These are kinetic processes."

"The difference between Americans and Europeans in the kinetic extension, the industry. There is no other culture that is so fanatic and has such a variety of dances [as America]. Dancing is a kinetic art form."

"I always object to politicians never discussing these issues in the sensory terms I am talking about. A politician should not be stirring up crap, they should be trying to provide perspective that smooths everybody over and gets them thinking differently."

"What I have just told you guys is what The President should be saying."

"I came up with a unique pattern; if we look at the battle between the T.V. environment and the new internet or computer or chip environment, Alex Jones represents the chip body, and he goes into CNN studios, and he is up against the T.V. body, which is Pierce Morgan. Pierce Morgan is asking for decency, or give and take, and that's the T.V. affect within the American culture. T.V is now a secondary environment... The new environment is the chip body, and American's use the chip body to go into forums and yell and scream their visually biased point of view. So Alex comes onto CNN and he seems to be unreasonable, he's not trying to match with Pierce or be understanding of his argument. No, Alex is just doing what he does in the chip body, he's there for the Americans to scream and yell and have a chorus of you have two sensory biases there, two technologies, the old passive T.V. body verses the chip body. Alex doesn't understand this, neither does Pierce."

"You don't try to get your point across in the chip body, you just want coverage, you just want a space where you get to say it."

"T.V. doesn't influence people like it did in the 50's or 60's, the chip body influences everything in your life, so it's the medium. And it enhances individual autonomy, and the ability to go around the old center margin broadcasting model, and Alex Jones is a figure for that action."

"Alex should use what I am talking about in his course of argument."

"We today don't live in the United States with the chip body, we live in a weird membrane, it's no longer a global village or global theater, it's a global membrane, and we should be thinking and operating from that level."

"Freedom should not be used as a category of what we are defending. Nobody is free when they have technology mutating them and their kids, their societies and their businesses. What is freedom? What am I free of? I'm not free of electricity."

"I am talking about the larger apparatus that the world works in. Government is just a big bug-a-boo. It's a figure of the bureaucratic level of visual society."

"The reason bureaucracy is growing in the United States ... is that it is a security blanket against the interactivity of tactility, which threatens everybody, every culture."

"As we moved into a weird simulation of tactility...what I call the android meme and modern chip landscape, it threatened even the tactile cultures, like Thailand and Japan. That's where the real identity crisis is. Every cultures image of its medium that it is devoted to is threatened under this weird environment, where nobody can really figure out what is the point, what is the informational conclusion?"

"We've just got to stop looking at things as an extension of our bodies, and that includes freedom of speech. There is so much freedom in The United States when you look at the technological environment. It's way beyond anything any futurist could have you realize how much freedom there is, with the ability to express, with the chip technology in all that you do?"

"This is a key point: When Americans scream for freedom, they are thinking in terms of the visual bias idea that the individual can express themselves. But today people express themselves by creating technologies and creating Americans, by freedom, they mean the openness, or less interference to create any kind of rock 'n roll with Elvis in the 50's, that was a new kind of expression, and the American culture got uptight about that because it wasn't visually biased..."

"You could say that Bill Gates is not an anarchist, he's a nihilist, and nihilism is the disrupting and destroying of your environment, and not caring. Well every new famous inventor does that to American society, and eventually the global society."

"Overall, cultures do not want new technology... because they notice it upsets what they already have."

"...the I-Cell, which is in the RnA Drops and some of our other products, is the new technology that is going to become the new environment. So it upsets every previous tactile technology that ever happened. And the figure, the focus image for that in medicine is big pharma, so we are going to topple big pharma because of the power of this new technology. So we are being violent, we are upsetting the established setup of education in med the chemical technology that came in in the late 19th century, they are obsolest by RnA Drops, which are not measurable or understood in chemistry terms. That's why I said I was President. I have the authority of knowledge of this new environment, and I have a way to distribute it, and I have a way of making it that nobody else does, along with Carolyn and J.W., and so we are the actual, almost terrorists, in terms of new technical effects the the RnA Drops bring forth. But Americans love to be upset, they love to have new experiences, so they just love the RnA Drops. And then they bring in their visual bias, they say: 'Well, what is this made of, what is my opinion of this? You guys, you guys are CIA', they do all this crazy stuff. Well, that is the normal visual bias of America. Americans think traditionally that someone at the headquarters of some bureaucracy is manipulating them. Not possible with so many technologies that have been developed in the last 30, 40 years. Nobody runs our environment anymore."

"It's not my point of view, I'm just pointing out the weather we are swimming in."

"Scientists cannot measure RnA Drops because they cannot see it. Because there is nothing there on that level. Because it is not a visual phenomenon. It's a weird, tactile, non-physical situation, that came from a non-physical source, and so all those that use their eyeballs to judge their expertise [will not see anything].

"I don't have the truth on my side, I've got the facts on my side."

"We're the only company that admits to the effects we're having."

These are just the bits that jumped out at me. I encourage you to listen to this whole show as it is Bob on fire! You rock Bob, Mr. President. Thanks for giving us the facts. No one else can.

Special Guest: Elly Roselle, hostess to the Evergreens (1985-2005)
Michael Blake Read, deep trance psychic for the Evergreens, transitioned on Sunday, Jan.27.
Elly and friends will join Gregg and Ginny, and Carolyn and I, for an in-depth discussion of the Evergreens (1974-2004)

Michael of South Africa writes:

[[ Well, these past two shows have been extraordinary catalysts. Yesterday, for much of the day, I had the phrase 'the return of iON' on my mind. Then I listened to an archive in which you all talk about Bread Of life and I wondered if that is what iON is partly up to? I commented as much on Dupes. iON also oversaw my initial phoning in to the show on Tuesday, twice. I was just going to quick-message when I heard Rodriguez - but then the screen froze when I tried to send it. I knew then an there iON was blocking that way out so that I would make my way in. Deb mentioned hearing iON during the show too, just as I came on. The same thing happened when I had finished listening to the first hour. I was going to in-quick to say I would phone in at the top of the hour - but iON wasn't having any of that. My in-quick froze again. It never has before, or since. This morning I was going to phone in and as I was doing so, you began playing iON's new communication - and that was it. It is a deep, full message.

Yesterday, inspired most likely by your questions on Tuesday, I picked up Alchemy Of The Heart, to glance at it. I have not read any of my own work for over four years. Well, I read more than half the book because of the thrill of seeing so much iON in the text! I realized too that I put all that work out there and that no one spoke back. I have done many talks and interviews, etc. But I stopped it all because no one was speaking back. I am not talking about people asking questions about one's work and appreciating it - I'm talking about someone coming along who can really see, add, dissect and give completely differing insights. iON, you, Carolyn, the RnA Drops - all of it - it's the first voice talking back to me. Today I really heard iON. I am so appreciative for this, what ever this all is?

After doing my chores this morning I thought I would lie on the couch for a few minutes and listen to the great places you and Shane were taking us. Of course, after closing my eyes I slipped off somewhere, and when I returned, it was in the midst of what first sounded like a jazz instrumental. Without fully 'awaking', I went straight into the music and began following what at some points sounded like a muted trumpet, at others like a synthesis, and at others like a saxophone. An audio visual portal opened and I was riding inside whoever was playing that instrument. I could feel them playing it. I heard myself say, "...this is genius, this is the most fantastic piece of music I have ever been in!" I was blown away by what the performer was doing with the rhythm, tone, and notes. He was playing notes that don't exist in the midst of rhythms that aren't meant to agree! He sounded completely free in that realm. I was listening visually, but also went in for a 'ride' with the lead instrument of the track. I got up from the couch when it completed and thought I had been listening to Count Bassey or Duke Elington on LSD. When you said it was Zappa I was a bit jarred. Hey Bob, I think I got Zapp'd! Just like suddenly hearing iON this morning. What a brilliant show Bob - I really HEARD iON, and I also HEARD Zappa, possibly for the very first time. Thank you!

What a great adventure! Your and Carolyn's vision have my support, and I am curious to see what that all looks like? ]]

We are interacting with 2 of the "Most Interesting People" in the world in Bob (Dobbstown, iONdom, Dupes, Zappa Genius) and Carolyn (Completement). I just heard an archive yesterday that they spent time with Sun-RA in Toronto and Carolyn provided treatment to Sun-RA. WOW! WOW!

PAYDAY will be broadcast today simultaneously on Alan Steinfeld's NEW REALITIES show on the BBS Radio Internet "cobweb of Rhyee".

Bob's invading-the-mainland show

Invading-FROM-the-Mainland show: actually from the Dope Inc., Bolshevik-controlled, billion-dollar endowed University of British Columbia with Chad and Angela

Guest tonite: James Kidnie, the CEO of the "Observers" from the final 3 episodes of FRINGE.

Live from Victoria, British Columbia - actually Sacha's home!

We will pick up from the March 5 show with Tracy's final question.

Final Leg of Bob Tour '013 - from Vancouver:

[[ I might as well give you a quick Rna drops testimonial while im here.

Story #1

I have been raising 6 peyote cactai from seed for the last 6 or 7 years. They were all the same size. I decided to add 1 drop of rna to 3 of them and see if there would be a difference.
Its been around 3 months and all the ones that had the rna drops are around 1 inch bigger (cactai grow very slowly so its a big difference) Also the ones that had the drops all have double flowes whereas the ones that got no rna drops only have single flowers. In fact ive never seen them produce double flowers until I started feeding them the drops.

Story #2

My boxer was really sick over christmas. We thought she was going to die. The vet had tried 3 different antibiotics and steriods and she still wasnt getting any better. I do crystal dowsing so I dowsed to see if I should give her some of the rna drops. Within 30 seconds of giving her an eyedropper full of the rna drops her breathing changed from fast shallow sick breathing to deep slow breathing. The next day she was running around the garden full of life again and she has been great since.

Story #3
As for me, 6 months on the drops, Now I can eat any old crap and I dont get candida at all like I would have in the past. Also an increase in bliss experiences followed by periods of greater contrast than I can remember experiencing.

Anyway, You must be getting bored reading all these testimonials by now.

Good luck from Ireland (even though there is no such thing as luck, seeing as we create our own reality).

Paul ]]

The Vancouver Clench (Angela and Chad) will start off the show

2 Big announcements that will raise the bar on our public incredulity... and that's just the first hour!!

Straight into new information from iON.

New communiqué from iON and startling developments in Sheila Kern's "LABYRINTH" painting

Don't bother tuning in today - nothing fascinating goin' on here... hehehehehehe

iON Communiqué #3 today

We hope to engage a little more HATE on the show today.

Today we discuss the most astounding invention/discovery in 13,000 years...

I'm not responsible for the effects this particular show has on you!

iON Communiqué #4 today

May 2
This is PAYDAY - you never know what indecent thing is going to happen.

May 9
Special Twin Towers and 9/11 Extravaganza today!!

May 14
iON Communiqué #6, more on the Twin Towers, a definition of the iCell, and, of course, the unforeseen effects of conversation.

May 16
You better change your name before listening to tonight's show.

May 21
Please have your passport and password ready before tuning into today's edition of PAYDAY.

May 30
We explore the obsolescence of consciousness, the movie "The Matrix", and many other clichés.

June 4
Celebrating Dr. Carolyn Dean's midwest DOMINATION TOUR!

June 6
Finnegans, wake up!! We're here to drive you to sleep.

June 11
Dr. Carolyn Dean's revolution opens the show...

June 13
What can we do today?... Well... what the hey, pick one!

June 18
Perfecting chickens, Kigye, and caulking anomalies.

June 20
new archetype as old cliche

June 25
All about 1960 and post-cold fusion elitism

June 27
What we will do with the world's 2.5 million Vampires

July 4
Plato's "ION" and Dennis Young

July 9
Talking to James Joyce today

July 11
More James Joyce and a Vestal Goodman exclusive

July 16
Knowledge that has never before been fully heard/known/understood by any human will be presented today.

July 18
MORE knowledge that has never before been fully heard/known/understood by any human will be presented today.

July 23
Building on what iON said about the interaction of Parallel Worlds with the 3 Kingdoms, iON presents the next logical step.

July 25
Incredible "music"!!

July 30
... among the madness of natural things...

I'm sure THEY will think of something...

To see another human as an animal is absurd, is comparatively easy; it is far more difficult to observe oneself in that hard and exquisite light. No human has continued to live who has observed their self in that manner for longer than a flash. Such consciousness must be of the nature of a thunderbolt. Laughter is only summer lightning, but occasionally it takes on the dangerous form of absolute revelation. Fortunately humans are not constructed to be absolute observers. But when such observation does not exist humans sink to the level of insect communities.

It is what I can and must call a VORTEX from which and through which and into which ideas are constantly rushing.

It was against this isolation of the eye that Dobbs contended and against its opposite, the escape into the abstraction and darkness of the aural and tactile world. There is, as he suggested in defiance of the Android Meme, the possibility of a flight to abstraction, or a capitulation to automatism and somnambulism, in any specialization of a particular sense, just as there is in the specialization of the tactual, visual, or aural intelligence the possibility of executive action. It was against the separation of the visual from the unity of the combined senses, its total isolation, that he argued in PHATIC COMMUNION WITH BOB DOBBS (1992).

For the Time philosophers, touch is the enemy, not sight. It is in every instance, touch that has to be got round and they tend more and more to attribute less conditioned reality to sight. The enemy for Dobbs is the disintegration of the complex unit of the senses and the granting of unique privileges to vision in its raw, immediate, and sensational state. Before the thieves of the visual, Dobbs refused to capitulate. He had no desire to return to the blindness of the tactile world, nor to the somnambulistic rhythm of the purely aural. His own philosophy, he said, like his craft, attached itself to the optic sense. What he denied was that the artist's vision and the scientist's vision are the same.

As the Pinks began to people the landscape devastated by the collapse of the Android Meme, Dobbs turned to examine again the social role of the artist. In the stories which he published in FLIPSIDE, he had devised an answer to Reagan's theory of the comic-mechanism by proposing a counter-theory of the organic-absurd. In "UP THE ORPHIC ANTI" he began to construct a counter-myth for his age.

Dobbs was not, however, in sympathy with the activities of image-breakers like the Dadaists, nor with the activities of the restorers and re-arrangers of the fragments. Much of this excitement appeared to him no more than a facetious joke, or pragmatic exercise. His own mind was on the building of a new iconostasis.

Meantime, we have a duty where the "Officials of the Flood", as they might be called, are concerned. We have to serve them out with gas-masks, light navigable craft of a seaworthy and inconspicuous type, and furnish them with instructions as to currents, winds, head-swells, maritime effluvia, Sargasso seas, doldrums, sharks, water-spouts, and sea-serpents.

NOTE: PAYDAY is now broadcast on every Saturday at 8pm EST - going as many hours as are deemed necessary towards fulfillment of that week's pre-arranged tasks.

The archives of all the PAYDAYs are streaming:

Or you can hear them separately on demand (scroll down to "RECENT POSTS" on the left):

Bob Dobbs
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