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Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:23 am
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Post subject: More Ridiculous RnA Drops Testimonials Reply with quote

[[ Phil in the U.K. wrote:

Since first taking RNA drops over a year ago and subsequently the other completement formulas I have witnessed some extraordinary changes in my body. The most amazing to me are my muscles which have toned up remarkably all over and I now easily have the best physique of my entire 48 years of age.
Other incredible changes have seen the complete eradication of worrisome knee joint pain which was beginning to impact my worklife, also the neck and shoulder pains I have experienced on and off for 30 years have decreased dramatically.
I no longer experience poor circulation which led to tingly fingers and ice cold hands, even in summertime.

Another incredible effect of the drops which I noticed this summer was I no longer suffer any sunburn!! This is even more amazing as I am naturally fair skinned and normally tan quite slowly with lots of lotion required, but not now, I just lie out in the hot sun for two hours or more (with NO suntan lotion) and get nothing more than some temporary light soreness for half a day and then its gone! Previously such recklessness would have led to bright red sore painful skin, followed by lots of peeling a couple of days later, but not anymore.

There have also been definite improvements in sight, hearing, tastebuds, teeth, gums, skin, nails, stamina and strength ...............I would recommend them to anyone, just take them and give them a chance to work their magic on you!

Someone else wrote:

Hi Bob - I enjoyed our conversation on Tuesday. Thanks for the recording on Chromosome 14.

Here is the testimony about my hand that we talked about:

I set my hand down on a hot burner on the stove before 6pm and immediately ran to the sink to get cold water on it. It looked like cooked chicken in several spots when I pulled it off the burner. I got some ice cubes onto it and was trying to decide what to do, but not thinking very clearly. When I started to feel faint, I asked my husband to drive me to the doctor. There wasn't anything the doctor could do, but she confirmed it was a second degree burn and gave me an Rx for cream once the blisters she was sure I would have broke open.

Back at home, I had the thought to put RnA drops into the cold water my hand was in and it immediately felt better. I soaked my hand all evening because every time I took it out, the pain was too intense for me to handle. At bedtime, I wrapped my hand so I wouldn't bump it and tried to go to sleep, but the pain was too intense and I kept getting up to soak it for another few minutes. Finally I realized I was going to have to push through it and got into bed gritting my teeth and hoping I would be able to sleep. I woke up just after midnight and realized there was no pain at all in my hand! I smiled and rolled over and slept the rest of the night!

The next day it looked so good it was hard to imagine what had happened. I soaked my hand on and off all weekend and by Monday you couldn't tell I had burned it. I never had any pain after that first evening. Even a sun burn hurts longer than that! Two weeks later, my hand peeled in the spots that were burned the worst. I LOVE RnA Drops!

Thank you and please give my best regards to Carolyn! ]]

Only puny secrets need protection. Big secrets are protected by public incredulity. - Marshall McLuhan and Barrington Nevitt, TAKE TODAY: The Executive as Dropout, 1972, p.92

Bob Dobbs
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