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Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:01 am
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Post subject: i'm not beer Reply with quote

"Will Erokan's I'M NOT BEER reconstructs Todd Haynes' apocryphal biopic, I'M NOT THERE, with Robert Dobbs channeling five satellite conductors, unveiling the hidden effects of the news-humming celebrity culture." - Gerry Fialka

Note how the imagery in each Quadrant of my Tiny Note Chart is matched in each section of the video:

I'm now believing, and willing to say on PAYDAY and/or 60 Minutes, that the ingredients of the i-Cell are contained in my Tiny Note Chart - so much so, that Will's vid is the X-Ray of our majestic i-Cell!!

If Ginney makes it to this Saturday's PAYDAY, then I will develop her comments and questions on the matter.

Bob Dobbs
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