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Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:01 am
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Post subject: The Spirit of Zappa and McLuhan Retrieved!! Reply with quote

Reviews of BobFest 2013:

I am still slowly making my way through the Bobfest archives although I did listen live to many hours..........words really just don't do justice to what Bob, Carolyn, and JW have brought forth with iONdom and I am immensely grateful and honoured to be a part of it.

After 144 hours of generosity, Bob stayed on the line for a while doing the Bill show (for which Bill was out of the picture) and THEN talked for another hour and a half with me and Alison. His voice was tired, Bob was tired, he was out of ice cream... but he knew I'd had an intense week and wanted to make sure I was complete. And Carolyn joined us on that call. The immense generosity and kindness of Bob and Carolyn is unparalleled in any world.

iON has said, "Talk to Bob. He'll talk to you 'til you're tired flap out."

iONdom/Dobbstown have reinvigorated, updated, and elevated
the spoken word.

Speaking is not only the source of all creation, it's become an
art form here.

The part where Carolyn falls in love with Bob all over again because of his radiance despite days without sleep... how awesome.

The significance of iON's return to the airwaves, within the environs
of Bobfest, is significant, as well - and not just for folks who missed

Thanks for these words, -----!

I AGREE 1'000%!


Bob and Connie really raised the bar on the planet with that 144-hour manifesto.

144 hours of worlds being upheaved as the great one ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Dobbs
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