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Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:39 pm
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Post subject: We (and Lynn Curl) Embarrass the Mayo Clinic Reply with quote

From the "magnesium advocacy group" on FACEBOOK:

[[ Lynn Curl
Thank you Dr. Carolyn Dean and ReMAG! My husband has hypomagnesemia. He has had a picc line for over 7 years and required 4 grams of IV magnesium 3 times per week up until September of this year. We have been everywhere including the Mayo Clinic and told that there was nothing that they could do. The next step was to be a port. In the past 2 years he has had 3 life threatening events as a direct result of the picc line (blood infection and on 2 different occasions blood clots). In September the picc line came out for good as a result of another blood clot. We took a giant leap of faith against all of his doctors advice and he started on ReMag under the guidance of Dr. Dean. The results were immediate, his magnesium levels are testing higher on ReMag than they did on weekly infusions. We are forever grateful to Dr. Carolyn Dean and her commitment to helping others. My husband now has a quality of life he was told was not possible! And thank you to this facebook page for the ability to read and share as we all learn more about the benefits of magnesium!

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Carrie Wow...that is wonderful Lynn Curl!!

Alan GREAT!!!!!

Myss Lynn Curl - May I suggest you write a short history of your husband and the PICC line challenges to deliver the critical Magnesium into his body? And, then include the steps taken to improve the quality of his life..... ie the ReMag and Carolyn Dean, MD.

Print it and give it to all physicians with the request that it be added to his medical records.

Donna Brings tears to my eyes

Ruth Wow!

Lori Wow! What a testimony!Smile

Amy What an amazing story!

Diane That is incredible. I'm so happy for you and your husband!

Ann Awesome news! News like this has to get out to the real world!

Nancy Awesome. That is just wonderful!

Judy Heart Warming and Wonderful!!!

Linda that is wonderful and I'm sure your story will give inspiration to others, it did me.

Kate Wonderful and inspiring, I am happy for you and your husband!

Jana So happy for you, Lynn and your husband. Thanks so much for sharing this information.

Coralie Absolutely fantastic. Happy for you. Thanks for sharing

Laurie Awesome!!! That is so encouraging to me as a maggie beginner

Joy Yahoo! Glad you took the leap and trusted the Fabulous Dr Dean!

Sharon Thank you for sharing, Your story gives me happy for you and your husband!

Jenny Fantastic results !!

Annette Awesome

Paula Some say its a hoax. nice

Elizabeth That is amazing! I am so happy for you.

Terri What a testimony for ReMag!!

Trish Beautiful! Congratulations
16 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Lisa Healer heal thyself. Yep, when your body is given the right tools, it heals. And many thanks to the brilliant Dr. Dean. PS. Love ReLyte!

Avril Wow that is an amazing example of the the bioavailability of ReMag!

Diane that's great! I've been taking it for around a month and I think it's working. Just had another RBC mag test and waiting for the results. I feel a little more full up on it with less cramping and muscle twitching.

Carol What a great testimony. So glad he is responding.

Dee That's wonderful!!!

Annette Who says it is a hoax?

Chuck Lynn Curl has he had any experiences with transdermal?

Lynn Curl Chuck-yes, we actually tried several days with different methods of transdermal and he was not able to get the amount he needs, his labs dropped and were critical.

Lynn Curl I want to thank everyone for their kind comments. Also, I wanted to add a few things. My husband was diagnosed with malabsorption at the Mayo Clinic. He loses mag through his bowels, therefore oral magnesium was never an option. ReMag does not affect his bowels. We still do weekly labs just because we have no room for error with his condition but we know we are close to backing off on labs. Dr. Dean was the one who pointed out the obvious to us, that my husband's IV would give him highs and lows on mag since he was wasting. ReMag has stabilized his levels and also gotten his labs higher than they have ever been on the IV mag. As for cost, ReMag is saving us money. We have out of pocketed for a home health nurse weekly for over 7 years. Our insurance would not cover unless he was homebound. We have both primary and secondary insurance however, we still paid a small fortune annually for home health, labs, supplies, medicine etc. The picc line was his lifeline to magnesium however almost cost him his life more than once. I refused to believe that was his path and that is how I found Dr. Carolyn Dean. Dr. Dean not only gave him a better quality of life, there is no doubt that she saved his life! As the Holidays approach and I think of the things I am most grateful for, it would be the answer to Prayer and many hours of research-Dr. Carolyn Dean!

Lisa This is such wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your husband. Continued good health to you both. (I think I will spring for the ReMag after all.)

Diane Wow Lynn, thanks for the update. What a blessing! It's kind of shocking after all the two of you have been through that the answer could be something so simple.

Lynn Curl Diane - Amen! We have traveled the country and seen over 40 well known specialists. You are taught to believe what you are told by folks who are well known in their field. One of our doctor's even had a syndrome named after him:) A one hour consultation and a couple of emails with Dr. Dean forever changed the course of our lives. I am sure that family and friends thought we had lost our minds when we chose not to go with the port and give ReMag a try. The timing of all of this coming together is no coincidence either. Our phone call with Dr. Dean was one week prior to the unexpected issue with the picc line. Had I not spoken with her on that particular day and things fallen into place like they did, my husband would have a port and be sitting in an infusion center 3 times a week. I still can't believe the answer was so simple. I have given her book to several of his doctors. I wonder how many people are not as lucky as we are?

Victoria Lynn Curl - thanking God for your husband's progress on Remag, and for the timely help from Dr. Carolyn Dean. So encouraged to read this! Reminds me of the quote I found the other day: "Sometimes our only source of transportation is a leap of faith" ... you both had certainly reached that place...rejoicing with you...may you be blessed with continued healing.

Tamara Lynn Curl, I'm curious what your husband's serum Mg. levels and RBC were running. I had a chemo drug when I was little that damaged my kidneys, they waste Magnesium, I also have IBD and don't absorb properly. There have been times when I've gone to the ER multiple times in a week for infusions. My levels are higher right now than they have been in my life, but I haven't started Remag yet. I've added Wheatgrass and Spirulina to my diet along with some other foods. Not sure how my body is absorbing it, but it's worked. For 15 + years I've had Mg. serum levels that run between 0.4 - 1.0 and recently I'm up as high as 1.5. My symptoms were PVC's, PAC's, parasthesia in my face, my arms would "go to sleep" for no reason, muscle crumple and overall feeling bad…..I've been to Hopkins, Georgetown University, etc. and all anyone has ever said to me, is take Mag Ox, Amilorida (a Potassium sparing diuretic) and Vitamin D. None of that worked, and I had to do my own research, switched forms of Mg. started making these smoothies, took Epson salt baths which I think is a biggie and went for IV infusions. I have a bottle of Remag that I've used once, but need to get going on that….

Lynn Curl Hi Tamara-his serum levels would run at 1.1. He would have all of the symptoms that you mentioned. He would have labs done once a week, so depending on when he had the IV and labs were drawn we were always looking at the highest around 1.6 after an IV. On the ReMag his levels are now consistent and serum levels running 1.9 and low 2 range. We believe that adding the Relyte will even increase his levels. We did not have much luck with foot baths or transdermal getting the levels high enough. You may want to reach out to Dr. Dean. I wish you the very best on your journey! PS He has had RBC however, the serum levels are what we have been working with for the past 7 years, the only test the dr will order, so it is easiest for us to work with. ]]

Bob Dobbs
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