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Sun Dec 24, 2006 1:01 am
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Joined: 14 Aug 2006
Posts: 1591
Location: here and there

Post subject: Merry Mithras! Reply with quote

It's the time of the season when we decorate the leaning tree with useless crap and gather around it to watch the cats and dogs eat tinsel. Anyone want to place a bet on wether or not any teething babies electrocute themselves on the fairy lights?

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Mithras...So if any females have wandered onto this post...Leave Now! You are unchaste for even having read this far. Don't you know Mithraism is an exclusively male club? How the hell did you pick the lock and escape the laundry room anyhow? We do it all for your benefit...Can't you tell? Run along and wash some jock straps or something.

Now boys, let's get to the important business of back slapping and plotting.

Good job with blowing all that shit up and stuff. You will find your Mithras bonuses in your Swiss Accounts by morning. Which Resort shall we invade to cure our hangovers at? Golf, sex slaves and blow! HA!HA!HA!

It seems that our absolute mastery of the ole' Babylonian/Egyptian Operating System has once again allowed us to install and manipulate various programs for yet another trip around the sun. As we all know the slow wobble that we dare not speak of outside of these walls is unstoppable, so let's keep utilizing the gradual energetic shift to our favour. I need not remind you that the success of this years projects is of crucial importance. We must use absolute precision to ensure our momentum carries through.

Think: Bigger Explosions! Harder Particle Smashing ! Extreme Geo-engineering Macho-ness! More efficient Slack Suction Funnels and Cattle Prods of Absolutely Epic Proportions! Don't forget, this year when we cue our "renegade" media assets to accuse us of playing for the same team...Rattle those Sabres! Grimace and snarl! Do like Dick does!

Then host International treaty negotiations and let the diplomatic talk degrade into moronic gibberish.

As you know this drama used to play out in the skies above us...But thanks to our Great Work it only exists on screens now. Good work with the airbourne filth and phosphour light.

Now lets get wasted and get on with the gold and silver gate pageant:

It all begins with a job interview for a position at a poison I mean Hospital. Discriminate with all your might boys...Just us remember.

The hybridized horsepower teacher gets furiously drunk and crumples his vehicle into a pillar on the Long Island Expressway...Whatever was left of him gets totally mashed and merges with the controls and engine!

Waves of drunkeness ripple out startling this guy:

Who sets to plowing an entirely new field. However, none of the mere spectators are up to the challenge of sinking the blade...Pussies...afraid of a little blood? Who are you?


Weaklings, especially youthfull ones like this

Are a threat and must never be allowed to take the plunge. Execute as many as possible...I enjoy adrenaline as much as the next guy...But only when its served on platinum platters at the ranch!

Respect your sisters? Ha Ha Ha!

We must control any and all snowball/ 7 billionth monkey effects...

So continue to both utilize and discredit the good work of Mesmer. We don't want this:

We do want this:

So encourage dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of dragons fire and of things that will bite. Get more heavy metal in the food and water supply.

So that waves of anger ripple back through the chlorinated sauce and cause things like this to happen

Good job with those two (?) discs Apollo! How's your sister?

Old? Playful? Good!

This Handsome cat picks up on that.

and convinces his stunt double to hunt, capture and torture an intoxicating little treat for secrets

The updated plot is fired off to these chicks:

Whose sweet nothings spiral off into the ears of these axe wielding heros.

And their thirst for revenge causes waves of inebriation to bezerk out and recombine chaotically through all sorts of mediums..

The energy of total wastedness keeps accumulating...We've really built up a lot of confusion and toxicity now! Take your places on the global chessboard and dig in!
Here comes the final show down:

The match begins...nicely scripted for our Pay Per View pleasure...

Is your luxurious home cinema equipped with all the latest luxury items?

Good, because as you know the real drama is between
your ass and the couch,
your cigar, your death drive and your jaw cancer
your fingertips and the remote

Bring it On!

Absorb the energy pulses from the shuddering canvas. They fatten the off shore accounts and spur major scientific advances.

We must continue extending our mono-vision with dazzling space agencies and other pyramid constructs that our shackled minions are busy cutting stones for.

The Eagle Eye view

misdirects the gaze of the impure masses away from the final blows, when the seat of language is siezed and properly utilized,

causing emanations originating from around the snakes corpus callosum to span across the whole egg shell swirl. Aleph Dada recieves his commands and fires up the plow.

Crystal shards, chair splinters, brain gravel, candy wrappers, frozen cigarette butts and tinsel turds are sprayed at many eyeballs.

The Hypertextual seeds are sown.

Offspring returning home from mind processing plants will find whatever ends up budding out of the melting snowbanks filth...and renew the process.

A whole new generation of Mithraic slaves and masters!

It is done!

Go pass out in one of your lush orgy chambers, wake up, Have one of your servants pilot you and the Empress off in your Sport Utility Limo Tank to a bomb shelteredlocal cafe of your choosing.

Get comfortable, nurse that hangover and consider having your sweetheart chuck a bottle of vanilla syrup at your head should you doze off.

Talk to fellow patrons if you must. Just be carefull what you reveal. Never mention Africa...I need not remind you of your solemn skull, scroll, key, garter etc. vows of absolute secrecy.

Beware the fairy lights, toyshop elves, and that fat assed old pederasts leaning barber pole.

Get the machines to sing carols and prepare for another drunken wheel around the Carousel.
"...Gimme harp this harp
harp this harp bite
harp this harp kiss
harp money"
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Tue Jan 09, 2007 8:52 pm
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Joined: 14 Aug 2006
Posts: 1591
Location: here and there

Post subject: Meanwhile, Aboard the Good Ship Marcus Garvey Reply with quote

Ring modulator and wah wah?

"...Gimme harp this harp
harp this harp bite
harp this harp kiss
harp money"
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