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Thu May 17, 2007 2:41 pm
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Post subject: Plaza of the Mind Interview - PART TWO Reply with quote

{{... Could you explain the four bodies and where the term fivebodied comes from?

The Chemical Body is what most people consider to be their "physical body". The dominant model for this is the product of Western science since the telegraph.

The Astral Body is what pervades all cultures - the belief there is more to our makeup than the Chemical Body. It is a huge storehouse of religious and spiritual

The TV Body is the repository of historical one-way broadcasting.

The Chip Body is the mutating warehouse of digital omni-directional media.

The Mystery Body is what we're still excavating and whose lineaments we cannot fully assess yet, if ever. We know it's made up of the previous four bodies but we don't know what more we will discover about its constituents, affects, and effects.

The Android Meme is the resultant of the interplay, violent and joyful, of the first four bodies. I claim this five-body paradigm is a lot more useful or comprehensive when applied to our post-9/11 scene than Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" probe.

This is what the Android Meme looks like as a flow chart:

When did you receive the title as the Worlds Greatest Artist?

Nelson Thall pronounced that in the late Eighties. He had experienced enough of me to know it was a sane wager.

How long of a history did the secret council of 10 have until the virtual disbanding in 1991?

Technically, since 1694. But its modern form was established on July 17, 1945.

What exactly is the nature of that organization?

The phrase refers to the Solar-Government committee that managed Bucky Fuller's "Spaceship Earth" after World War Two.

How were you able to manipulate the elections through your radio broadcasts and why did Marshall need to be fired?

As in the movie MAN OF THE YEAR (starring Robin Williams), I was able to create a virus while on the air that tweaked the telecommunications network that the members of the Solar Government used for conducting the election for Chairperson of the Secret Council of Ten in February, 1988. This is why Bob Marshall was removed from the electrified air.

Are you still a member of the council?

Yes, but I, as its Chairperson, dismantled the committee in 1990 so it has been dormant since then. I still get phone calls from former members and we occasionally have reunions to see if we are needed. So far, no dice.

What is Echelon?

The infrastructure of the Solar Government:

ECHELON is a name used to describe a highly secretive world-wide signals intelligence and analysis network said to be run by the UKUSA Community (comprised of intelligence agencies of five English-speaking nations), that has been reported by a number of sources including, in 2001, a committee of the European Parliament (EP report[1]). Its existence was first revealed by Duncan Campbell in a 1988 article, "Someone's listening," published in the New Statesman. According to some sources ECHELON can capture radio and satellite communications, telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and other data streams nearly anywhere in the world and includes computer automated analysis and sorting of intercepts.[2] The EP committee, however, concluded that "the analysis carried out in the report has revealed that the technical capabilities of the system are probably not nearly as extensive as some sections of the media had assumed" (EP report, p. 11).

^ European Parliament Report on ECHELON (July 2001). Retrieved on 2006-08-14.[4]

You mentioned to one of the FiveBodied members, in a reply to one of his posts, that ‘you are ready to get on the bus to Toronto’. How does one go about getting an invite?

Keep monitoring FiveBodied, all invites are posted there.

Can you briefly describe the role that artificial humans will have in the coming century?

The same roles that today's "artificial humans" have. But by the middle of this century, children will be raised in virtual-reality "chambers" where they'll think they're living in their bodies but will, in fact, be in their "minds". They'll be able to exchange their experiences with others in the same condition. This "medium" will be implemented first in Australia.

Have you found your percepts have evolved over the past several years or has there been a stasis?

Only to the extent they've been confirmed - as is shown by my charts. Now I wait to see how the hexadic (pointed to by my charts but not in them) unfolds. How and if that happens may force me to "evolve" my percepts in unforeseen directions.

What do the next few years look like?

Chaos in extremis.

What do you plan on doing until the beginning of the frictionless society?

Prepare to be President of the United States.

See the Formula chart:


I would like to thank Greg Lester for the title to this piece ‘the Real Deal’.





Appendix A


The story of the BME records:

Bob Dobbs Info:

ALSO visit (and scroll down): ]

Bob Dobbs Bio from Fialka’s site:

Bob Dobbs ‘Marshall-Dean-Dobbs’ sequence:

Cloack and Dagger:

The Formula Chart:

Echelon Wikipedia article:

Android Meme Flowchart:

Dobbs biographical info:

(For navigation, click on the "Article Index" box on the
upper right, not the "Parts" directly above.)

Meeting with Beter:

Up the Orphic Anti article:


Bob Dobbs
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