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Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:40 am
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Joined: 14 Aug 2006
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Location: here and there

Post subject: Assessing Channel 2 Material Reply with quote

Dennis Pennis

"...Gimme harp this harp
harp this harp bite
harp this harp kiss
harp money"
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Mon Jun 25, 2007 8:48 am
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Joined: 20 Nov 2006
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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Moscow,

Post subject: Atlanta and Seattle Reply with quote

This could be the reason why I forgot I had a penis this weekend.

Yes it is true, I like women named Elizabeth from England.

I am making sure my penis does not run away from me again.
I have my penis on lock-down.I know where it is at all times.
It tried to leave my crotch, but I nailed those cock and balls down to my groin.Teach that dick to try to escape.You are not going anywhere penis, you are stuck with me forever.


I have vagina voodoo times TU.
I can make you forget that you had a penis too!!


Hit dat bottom!!!


17 Portland
18 Seattle
29 Pittsburgh
32 Atlanta

Seattle 2010 = Vancouver, BC 2.0?
Author: The Tim | Posted on June 16th, 2006 in condos

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I spent all day at the Art Institute downtown with my wife, at her “portfolio day,” which marks her completion of the “Residential Design” program. If you know someone that needs an interior designer for cheap (since she’s just getting started) shoot me an email.

Moving on… If you’ve been with this blog for a while, you may recall way back in November when we compared Seattle to our neighbor to the north, Vancouver, BC. Specifically, we discussed condos, and the fact that many people feel that Seattle doesn’t have enough of them. Well, several readers sent me a link to a new story on the topic: Booming Development set to change Seattle’s look.

Despite soaring construction costs and land prices, the downtown Seattle residential pipeline is booming with new condominium projects. Forty-nine new buildings — 13 of which already are under construction — are planned to be completed by 2010.

And all those buildings mean room for thousands more residents, who will need places to get groceries and the other necessities of daily life, and perhaps send children to school.

To some, it’s an expansion that’s long past due.

Seattle is “playing catch-up” to growing cities such as Portland and Vancouver, B.C., said Dean Jones, president of Realogics, a real estate marketing company in Seattle.

Buildings like 1521 Second Avenue are luring people downtown. It’s the baby boomer generation, mostly — once children move out, people need less space in which to live, said panelist Kate Joncas, president of the Downtown Seattle Association. Younger professionals make up many prospective downtown buyers as well.

Developers are targeting a range of incomes. New condos will cost from $300,000 to more than $2 million.

To meet demand, 10,000 new units are planned for 2010. But panelist Matthew Gardner, principal real estate analyst at Gardner Johnson in Seattle, said he expects 60 percent of that number to actually be built.

Construction costs have reached “astronomical figures,” he said, limiting development. From April 2005 to April 2006, the cost of copper tubing increased 71 percent, Sheetrock 24 percent, plastics 20 percent and concrete 12 percent, he said.

Labor costs are on the rise, and urbanization in China and post-Katrina rebuilding are sucking up the supply of building materials.

Nevertheless, housing demand is strong in downtown Seattle. Emerging neighborhoods such as Belltown, Denny Triangle and the Market District are becoming popular for downtown’s culture and proximity to businesses.

Alleged Seattle Skyline 2010

I guess I don’t really have all that much to say about all this. Maybe Seattle really is “under-condo’ed.” Maybe while the condo market in the rest of the country crashes, condos in Seattle will be boom, boom, boom. I mean, everyone I know wants nothing more than to spend between $300,000 and $2,000,000 for the privilege of owning 500 square feet in a fancy new high-rise downtown, separated from their neighbors by nothing more than a few layers of drywall and insulation. Isn’t that the American Dream™?


I do not understand why the white people of Vancouver, B.C. complain about the Chinese immigrants.

Alot of wealthy Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong helped build Vancouver.

It is very funny how anti-American Canadians
are going to have a very American fate...

the more anti-American they are the more, they will end up having to suffer American problems


soon your students will whore themselves to get through college
soon your cities will sprawl out
your unemployment will rise
your politicians will use immigrant labor
you will begin to have gang violence
you will have crack whores and tweakers
your white trash will multiply


the more anti-American a Canadian becomes the more Americanized he becomes...

they will be entranced in a pyrrhic victory of Finlandization

Canada is a late 20th century ICON.

I am about 21st century image making.

we live in the post-nation state era

fuck your little country...

fuck it for rejecting me!!!
I tried to get through immigration
they refused me!!!

Netherlands gave me a better response
less time too!!!

what the fuck is a European nation doing giving me more respect than Canada?

screw Canada

Canada's motto should be "Give us your affluent, your overeducated, your Unitarian masses yearning for socialized medicine"

fuck that

They have universities in the Netherlands that teach in English.

The Dutch are asshole elitists...

what does that say about Canada?

If you are worse than the Dutch there must be something wrong with you.
Seriously something fucking wrong with Canada.

Trade War with Canada results in dramatic U.S. Economic Depression scenario

The USA has now enlisted the help of group of allies in their attempt to isolate the EU from the rest of the world over GM. However, this group is by no means a broad coalition. Besides the USA it contains Canada and Argentina - representing three of the four countries that grow 99% of all GM crops.

Be proud you are from Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver makes GM food that gives Europeans weird diseases.


If the national mental illness of the United States is megalomania, that of Canada is paranoid schizophrenia.
--Margaret Atwood, Canadian writer

7 22

U.S. doing better than Canada in cutting toxic pollution, says NAFTA report

They say we are informed and intelligent, they are insular and foolish. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and a plethora of world-class universities. Nobel Prize winners by the dozen, internationally renowned scientists, scholars and sages. Goodness me, they even produce better anti-Americans than we do.

We have anti-Americans in Portland that make Quebecan separatists look like cock suckers in comparison.

John Aimers, head of The Monarchist League of Canada (MLC), sees support for the monarchy as one way for Canada to set itself apart from the “cloying embrace” of the United States. Curious, to say the least, Mr. Aimers would have Canadians accept a nationalist argument rejecting a next-door neighbor in preference of a far-flung aristocracy.

That is your god-damned problem

You think that James Joyce word pun borderline so-called McLuhan bullshit of "no identity" card is an excuse suitable enough.

Well guess what...

Canada is Nationalist...

and they do it in a cheap manner

and Canada will have economic problems...

it will be because of your elitists immigration policies.

fuck borderline

I am about borderlines


Canada is borderline
Macrohard is borderlines

Los Angeles
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Sat Jun 30, 2007 2:32 pm
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Joined: 20 Nov 2006
Posts: 1573
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Moscow,

Post subject: .. Reply with quote


1 out of 8 people who married in the U.S.A. met online

Los Angeles
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