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Tue Oct 30, 2007 11:08 pm
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Post subject: Excellent Overview by mons Reply with quote

mons wrote:

{It seems there's a lot to read and interpret, but in fact, the Holy Office Chart is very easy to 'get' once you have an idea of each of the Offices' enhancing values, as well as their own personal natures, if necessary. After that, you can fill in the rest of their tetrads through simple deduction, by squaring them against each other.

To hear Bob explain this process in detail, listen to his Intertextual Dynamics series, which goes over the whole Chart (part 1 – part 2 – part 3).

I'll add some enhancement aspects here, and perhaps some other aspects later.

1. Marshall McLuhan enhances Rhetoric because he details the rhetorical function of media – the MEDIUM is the message, and the CONTENT is the USER.

2. Herbert W. Armstrong enhances Grammar by his emphasizing of etymological research on the words and sentence structure in the Holy Bible, to determine what is actually being said.

3. Lyndon LaRouche enhances Logic by de-emphasizing Rhetoric and Grammar, instead emphasizing a refined message, without so much regard as to how it is said, despite the logician's task being somewhat similar to a grammarian.

4. Frank Zappa enhances Music through his incredible skills as a composer, musician and bandleader.

5. Peter Beter enhances Astronomy with his emphasis on picking out the figures amongst McLuhan's "planetary game" in the mid-70s:
Marshall McLuhan wrote:
Henry Kissinger seems to be the current triggerman in this planetary game among the intervals of first, second, third and fourth worlds, the first world being the industrialized West, the second being Russian Socialism, the third the nonindustrialized lands, and the fourth the electric world that has gone around the rest, becoming the primum mobile of inflation in all the rest.
…not coincidentally, Kissinger was one of Beter's main targets.
LaRouche's logic flips into Beter's astronomy when pushed to its limits, as it can serve the same functions. Look at how LaRouche even picks the same enemy:
Lyndon LaRouche wrote:
The record shows, that for nearly thirty years, elements of the U.S. Department of Justice have been engaged in world-wide political targeting of me and my associates. This includes early 1970s operations run in conjunction with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger's U.S. State Department.

6. Mae Brussell enhances Arithmetic with her elaborate, almost mathematical approach to researching media.

7. Finnegans Wake enhances Geometry by figuring in literary form the almost imperceptibly complex geometric nature of visual space that constantly racks the human race.

8. Cosmic Awareness enhances occult interests. It is an entity claiming to be the force of spiritual energy that runs through all things, and is channeled to gleam upon things from an astral perspective.

It flips into Zappa because he never advocated the astral perspective. See also Cosmik Debris.

9. Garrett Deane enhances personal interests – one tends to learn much in a special way from their closest friends and lovers in life, and Garrett was such a friend to Bob.

10. Club 22 enhances social club interests with the first four quadrants on the Tiny Note Chart – which are represented by the numbers 7, 22, 18, and 14. It represents what Bob was involved with in Toronto from the mid-80s to the early 90s on his radio show.
Club 22 is not retrieved by or flipped into any of the other Holy Offices because it encompasses all interests. McLuhan and LaRouche, as heads of two of these quadrants, are Holy Offices that happen to be enhanced and obsolesced (respectively) by Club 22. Instead, its tetrad shows what it does within each of the first four quadrants.

22 is the McLuhan quadrant – the TV environment (Holeopathic Television/Satellite), of tactile pattern recognition/resonance and the "schizophrenic" state. The TV Body is the main concern of this quadrant.

7 is the LaRouche quadrant – it is the radio environment (Holeopathic Radio/Satellite), of acoustic resonance and tribal paranoia, which is made obsolete by the satellite environment. 7 also resonates with 23, the Discordian number. Chemical Body politics.

18 is the Thompson quadrant, which Bob says is documented eponymously by William Irwin Thompson – this is the "computer" environment (Holeopathic Computer/Satellite), of visual resonance and hysteria. This "universal" state is subtly retrieved in the context of all the pattern recognition, and corresponds with the Astral Body. Compare to Philip K. Dick's VALIS experience.

14 is the Kroker quadrant, the focus of Arthur Kroker's work – the Global Theater/satellite environment (Holeopathic Satellite Squared), or total environment resulting from all tactile, visual and acoustic (as well as proprioceptive [sense of balance], kinetic, and osmic [sense of smell]) and acoustic space being retrieved at once, the resonance, and the cultural anarchy and panic resulting from it, so hence, this is where the "Holeopathic */Satellite" nomenclature comes from, the holeopathic retrievals of the prominent mediums of the global village. This quadrant is the natural reversed state of Club 22, typically emphasized by the Chip Body of the 80s, 90s, and today.

8 is the Dobbs quadrant, just for the sake of going full circle with all the quadrants. It is all of the first four quadrants/environments merged into the "Anthropomorphic Physical" (AP) quadrophrenic/ecstatic state of realizing the human condition, or in the five-body scheme, the Mystery Body.

As you may have deduced, "22/14" is the prominent clash between the states of enhancement and reversal in Club 22.
So, 22/14 can also be another way of describing the Android Meme.

The Anthropomorphic Physical has clashes with the Android Meme on a regular basis, which are called the AM/AP when referring to the AM's coverage of the AP, and AP/AM when referring to the AP position relating itself back to the AM's actions. All four quadrants have their own perspectives on these two phases.}

Bob Dobbs
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Wed Oct 31, 2007 11:33 pm
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Post subject: Re: Excellent Overview by mons Reply with quote

Linus Minimax added:

"What you have to understand is that advertising, as McLuhan said, is the greatest artform to ever happen; better than Beethoven, better than Mozart, better than Zappa, although he did not know of Zappa coming in, and better than Bill Clinton, today. The point is, you must understand that advertising is communication between machines! Machines came alive by 1967. Now, they're in an angelic state. So, advertising is communication between angels." - Bob Dobbs, Phatic Communion with Satellite's Machines

Bob Dobbs
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