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Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:01 pm
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Joined: 31 Jan 2007
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Location: US

Post subject: Enjoy it! Reply with quote

Here's some movies
wanna free video ? !!! HERE IT IS !!!
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Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:59 pm
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Joined: 14 Feb 2008
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Post subject: Re: Enjoy it! Reply with quote

millerzloy wrote:
Here's some movies
wanna free video ? !!! HERE IT IS !!!

This forum is overflowing with genius!
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Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:02 am
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Joined: 22 Jul 2006
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Post subject: Re: Enjoy it! Reply with quote

millerzloy wrote:
Here's some movies
wanna free video ? !!! HERE IT IS !!!

Boer (pronounced [ˈbuːr] in Dutch, IPA: /ˈbʊɚ/, /boʊɚ/ or /ˈbɔr/ in English) is the Dutch word for farmer which came to denote the descendants of the proto Afrikaans-speaking pastoralists of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th century as well as those who left the Cape Colony during the 19th century to settle in the Orange Free State, Transvaal (together known as the Boer Republics) and to a lesser extent Natal. Their primary motivation for leaving the Cape was to escape British rule as well as the constant border wars between the British imperial government and the native tribes on the eastern frontier.
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Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:42 am
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Señor Ketchup

Joined: 14 Jan 2007
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Post subject: Re: Enjoy it! Reply with quote

octavian wrote:
millerzloy wrote:
Here's some movies
wanna free video ? !!! HERE IT IS !!!

Boer (pronounced [ˈbuːr] in Dutch, IPA: /ˈbʊɚ/, /boʊɚ/ or /ˈbɔr/ in English) is the Dutch word for farmer which came to denote the descendants of the proto Afrikaans-speaking pastoralists of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th century as well as those who left the Cape Colony during the 19th century to settle in the Orange Free State, Transvaal (together known as the Boer Republics) and to a lesser extent Natal. Their primary motivation for leaving the Cape was to escape British rule as well as the constant border wars between the British imperial government and the native tribes on the eastern frontier.

Bob Dean is frustrated, because I am faster than him.
Your Ad Here

On Tue, 5 Aug 2008 17:34:58 -0700 (PDT), Kigye Sarang <

My two accounts at fivebodied have been deactivated.

I believe the reason why this happened, was because it was obvious I
did not agree with him as often as his brainwashed followers.

Here comes the blah blah, so just skip the double lines if you are not
interested into being under the trance of Dean.



I've got nothing against fat people but I noticed that many SubGs in X-
day pics are fatsoes now. Guess that's why you've got extra time on
your hands, since you've probably got no sex or social life outside of
your Star Trek styled church events.

Weight gain is usually a sign of frustration.

BOB: I noticed and thought that, too.

McLuhan said to John and Yoko at his Center in Toronto in Dec.'69:

"Frustration creates bigness...."

Bob Dobbs

By Ritchie Yorke/June 28, 1970
John and Yoko spent the next couple of days meeting press for personal
interviews and occasionally frolicking in the snow on the Hawkin's
On the Saturday afternoon before Christmas, John met Marshall McLuhan,
Toronto's silver-haired communications prophet. The meeting was
arranged by CBS television.
McLuhan: Can you recall the occasion or the immediate reasons for your
getting involved in music?
John: I heard Elvis Presley.
McLuhan: Ah.
John: And that was it. There were lots of other things going on but
that was the conversion. I kind of dropped everything.
McLuhan: You felt you could do it at least as well as he could?
John: Yeah. But I thought we better get a few people together, because
maybe we wouldn't make it alone. So we did a team job.
McLuhan: The British are still more team-oriented than the Americans.
In terms of performance. The star system doesn't play quite as well in
England. The private star.
John: They have a reaction to that in England - treating their stars
and entertainers like animals. We're not like the Americans, to be
hyped by Hollywood. The attitude is be quiet, do a dance at the London
Palladium, and stop talking about peace. That's what we get in London.
Professor McLuhan then outlined this theories about why rock festivals
are becoming larger and larger. "Frustration creates bigness. And when
people are frustrated, they feel the need to expand, to get more room
and length. The man who gives up smoking gets so frustrated that he
puts on huge amounts of weight, even when he doesn't eat anything.
"Frustration in organizations results in huge growth of cities,
businesses, countries, territorial imperatives and so on.
"Frustration releases adrenaline in the system. Adrenaline creates
much bigger muscles and bigger arms and legs and has tremendous weight
on the political body.
"This is why dinosaurs ended in sudden death, because as the
environment became more and more hostile, more and more adrenaline was
released into their bodies and they got bigger and bigger and then
they collapsed.
"It could happen to America; it already happened to the British
Empire. Adrenaline just gave out. In fact, your songs represented the
end of that big adrenaline flow. As far as the U.K. was concerned,
Beatles music was the end of the adrenaline. And the beginning of
peace and contentment."
McLuhan then switched to a more familiar topic: the medium as message.
McLuhan: Language is a form of organized stutter. Literally, you chop
your sounds up into bits in order to talk. Now, when you sing, you
don't stutter, so singing is a way of stretching language into long,
harmonious patterns and cycles. How do you think about language in
John: Language and song is to me, apart from being pure vibrations,
just like trying to describe a dream. And because we don't have
telepathy or whatever it is, we try and describe the dream to each
other, to verify to each other what we know, what we believe is inside
each other. And the stuttering is right - because we can't say it. No
matter how you say it, it's never how you want to say it.
McLuhan: The moment you sing, you feel you are communicating much
John: Yes, because words are irrelevant.
McLuhan: Rowan and Martin say "We don't tell jokes; we just project a
mood." You're concerned with projecting a mood and defining it.
Putting down some pattern so that other people can find the pattern,
participate, and . . .
John: As soon as you find the pattern, you break it. Otherwise it gets
boring. The Beatles' pattern is one that has to be scrapped. If it
remains the same, it's a monument, or a museum, and one thing this age
is about is no museums. The Beatles turned into a museum, so they have
to be scrapped or deformed or changed.
McLuhan: They're in danger of becoming good taste?
John: They passed through that. They have to be thoroughly
McLuhan: What do you think we're moving into in the way of new
rhythms, new patterns?
John: Just complete freedom and nonexpectation from audience or
musician or performer. And then, when we've had that for a few hundred
years, then we can talk about playing around with patterns and bars
and music again. We must get away from the patterns we've had for
these thousands of years.
McLuhan: Well, this means very much in the way of decentralizing our
world, doesn't it?
John: Yes. We must be one country and stick together. You don't have
to have badges to say we're together. We're together if we're
together, and no stamps or flags are going to make anybody
together . . . folks.
The snow was falling in great white sheets as John and Yoko left
McLuhan's office and climbed into the Rolls for the drive back to the
It was still snowing the next morning when they met Dick Gregory at
the airport. Gregory entered the Peace Festival discussions with
vigor, pulling out ideas about festival spinoffs and entertaining the
On Monday morning, everyone was up early and rushed to Union Station
for the trip to Montreal. First came a press conference and then
twenty-four hours of meetings with politicians and representatives of
the commission investigating the legalization of marijuana in Canada.
Tuesday morning at 10:30, the press in Ottawa was stunned to learn of
an impending meeting between Lennon and the prime minister. One of the
conditions which the prime minister's office had imposed on Lennon if
there were a meeting between the two, was that there would be no
advance publicity of any kind. At precisely 10:55, John and Yoko were
rushed by limousine to the Parliament building.
The Lennon's fifty-one-minute meeting with the PM was private and,
afterward, they were besieged by the press.
"If there were more leaders like Mr. Trudeau," John said into a field
of microphones and cameras, "the world would have peace." Later John
told me Trudeau had talked about how important it was for him to keep
in close contact with youth, and how he would like to meet the Lennons
on less formal ground for further discussions.
From the PM's office, the Lennons were escorted to the ministry of
health for a lengthy meeting with Health Minister John Munro and
senior members of his department.
When the generation-gap subject hit the table, Munro seized the
opportunity to get some Lennon advice. "Often when I talk with young
people," he said, "I can't even get my mouth open before I'm battered
with placards and posters and catch phrases. Quipped Lennon: "Get your
own posters together and fire them back."
Back in London, Lennon said: "It was the best trip we've ever had. We
got more done for peace this week than in our whole lives."



This is where the joke comes on these pseudo-intellectual Deanies.

What do frustrated people, Lesbians, pedophiles, Marshall McLuhan,
cult followers, big people, pseudo-intellectuals, Bob Dean, Carolyn
Dean and Nazis all have in common?

They are all right brain dominated.

No kidding.


. The findings indicate that lesbians have a 91 percent greater chance
of being left-handed or ambidextrous than straight women, while gay
men are 34 percent more likely than straight men to not be right-


"Pedophiles are (also) about three times more likely to be left-handed
and that's something that really only happens with brain organization
before birth."



. One of the highest proportions of left-handers, for example, was
found among the Yanomamo of South America. Raiding and warfare are
central to Yanomamo culture. The murder rate is 4 per 1,000
inhabitants per year (compared with, for example, 0.068 in New York).
And, according to Dr Faurie and Dr Raymond, 22.6% of Yanomamo are left-
handed. In contrast, Dioula-speaking people of Burkina Faso in West
Africa are virtual pacifists. There are only 0.013 murders per 1,000
inhabitants among them and only 3.4% of the population is left-handed.


# Testosterone: Exposure to higher rates of testosterone before birth
can lead to a left-handed child.[11] This is the Geschwind theory,
named after the neurologist who proposed it, Norman Geschwind. It
suggests that variations in levels of testosterone during pregnancy
shape the development of the fetal brain. Testosterone suppresses the
growth of the left cerebral hemisphere and so more neurons migrate to
the right hemisphere. The highly developed right hemisphere is now
better suited to function as the center of language and handedness.
The fetus is more likely to become left-handed, since the right
hemisphere controls the left half of the body. The theory goes on to
tie the exposure to higher levels of testosterone and the resultant
right-hemisphere dominance to auto-immune disorders, learning
disorders, dyslexia, and stuttering, as well as increased spatial


Table 2: Brain Hemisity Distributions within Populations of Fifteen
Professions (n=421)



Physicians (Medical Students)

This is why I 100% advocate calling them two Bob Dean and Carolyn
Or Carolyn Diencephalon the Quebecan whore.

They are responsible for right brain oriented fascism.

and I am here to be the left brain counter-environment.


[09:54] a676a: let me have some fun before I go
[09:54] chadnantais: ok. well, so long as you express an intention to
engage in computer crime, I will not associate with you.
[09:55] a676a: I want to destroy this website
[09:55] a676a: ::: Incest Taboo has the highest populated incest
chatroom online!
[09:56] a676a: I want to destroy them.
[09:56] a676a: You have no idea how many children are being traded
there everyday
[09:56] a676a: If that company fucks with me I will blackmail them
with their own chat logs
[09:57] a676a: It is me against the internet
[09:57] a676a: Fuck the internet
[09:57] chadnantais: I can appreciate your disgust with that kind of
chat room
[09:57] chadnantais: but there are more effective ways to influence
such things
[09:57] chadnantais: you delete them, they'll just come back
[09:58] a676a: That is the North American liberal philopshy
[09:58] chadnantais: best way to influence them would be out-of-band
[09:58] a676a: if you delete them they need time to reorganize
[09:58] chadnantais: no, that is computer science
[09:58] chadnantais: plus sociology
[09:58] a676a: and then I will whole heartedly advocating deleting
them again
[09:58] chadnantais: you'll just strengthen their defences
[09:58] a676a: I do not believe in your Canadian free speech dogma you
grew up with
[09:58] chadnantais: i grew up with US dogma
[09:58] a676a: in the U.K. they don't tolerate that shit
[09:59] a676a: The US dogma is the Canadian dogma
[09:59] chadnantais: 99% of my info intake was from detroit
[09:59] a676a: U.S. and Canada are the same shit
[09:59] a676a: U.S. makes the porn. and Canada excuses it
[10:00] a676a: North America is too liberal for me
[10:00] a676a: I about 160 miles from you
[10:01] chadnantais: go to Africa
[10:01] a676a: Bauhaus Books & Coffee
301 E Pine St
Seattle, WA 98122
[10:01] a676a: How far are you from that? map quest it
[10:02] chadnantais: I can't right now. I'm in a skype meeting
[10:02] a676a: where is your current address?
[10:02] a676a: I mean where your ass is sitting right now.
[10:03] chadnantais: 888 Mainland Street
[10:05] a676a: Vancouver?
[10:05] chadnantais: yes
[10:06] chadnantais: I work between Nelson and Davie (Rockafeller)
[10:08] a676a: out-of-band what is that?
[10:08] chadnantais:
[10:09] chadnantais: it mean offlne
[10:10] a676a: You used to be my number one wing man, now I find out
you are infected by internet-ism. Max knows better than that. you are
too damn liberal
[10:10] chadnantais: Well, that's all good.
[10:11] a676a:
[10:11] chadnantais: I'm so Liberal, I'm Conservative!
[10:12] a676a: North Americans (U.S.A. and Canada) are infected with
[10:12] a676a: Vancouver is infected with Net-ism, Seattle is infected
with Net-ism.
[10:13] a676a: Los Angeles to Montreal it is all Net-ism.
[10:13] a676a: You are infected with Net-ism.


Chad Nantais is the one who called you Subgenii fat.

Left-Handed Authors
Marshall McLuhan

____________________________________ 01286.ece

Why is a woman's brain smaller than a man's? Maybe because she's a fox

. The tamed foxes wagged their tails, whined for affection, were
submissive, barked like dogs and their ears flopped.

And the tame foxes’ brains were smaller. Domestic animals generally do
have small brains.

All we do know is that blood levels of stress hormones are lower in
tame than wild animals and that brain levels of anti-stress hormones
are higher.


In any event, small brain size seems to optimise emotional
intelligence. In a paper published last month in Current Biology,
Brian Hare and his colleagues at Harvard University showed that
domesticated foxes were better than wild foxes at reading human social
cues. For example, domesticated foxes instinctively understand a
person’s intention when he or she points at an object and they
investigate it. Social intelligence, therefore, seems to be increased
when fearfulness and stress are lowered by selective breeding for


And then there is body size. Irrespective of other factors, there is a
direct correlation between the size of an animal’s body and its brain.
We human beings have haremic tendencies, so women are smaller than
men. So their brains are too.

_____ .html

The right hemispheres of straight men and gay women were found to be
bigger than the left, while the respective volume of these two
cerebral hemispheres were about the same in gay men and straight



Its you right brain propagandists who are the BIG, FRUSTRATED, LIARS!

Why else would you delete me Bob Dean?
After all I have done for you.

I was the number one poster on five bodied.
I increased the hits to your website, by my many diverse subjects that
have high density of keywords that your audience is looking for.

You even said I was one of your best chart readers.
You used my name on a radio show!

You tried to coerce me back into your trance and it didn't work
so you deleted me!

I even coached your new pet lap dog "Monsquaz"

All the abuse I have incurred from the COTSG from the point of now.
Pales in comparison to what I have received from you and your

The posters on five bodied cheered for my suicide
they heartlessly spread rumors about me
so much disgusting passive-aggressive withdrawn behavior from them


Shlain believes (taking McLuhan on his word) that it is the initial
phase of literacy that pushes a culture towards madness and once this
phase is past literacy may begin "to work its salutary wonders for a
culture." [p. 431]. Taking into account that Western culture is now
over 500 years past absorbing the initial shock of the printing press,
why should we be so wary of the printed word at this time and so
optimistic that a new golden age is at hand because of right brain
hemispheric values. For all the negative effects of the printed word,
Shlain is unable to cite any previous "golden era" in history where
right brain values dominated. The dark ages, pre-history, the Spartans
and the Nazi's hardly make for prime examples, but this is all Shlain
has to offer here.


“According to Roger Sperry, psychological tests showed that both
John Does had remarkably similar personalities. Except for language
ability, they were about as much alike as identical twins. Their
attitudes and opinions seemed to be the same; their perceptions of the
world were the same; and they woke up and went to sleep at almost the
same times. There were differences however. John-Doe-Left could
express himself in language and was somewhat more logical and better
at [planning...]. John-Doe-Right tended to be somewhat more
aggressive, impulsive, emotional - and frequently expressed
frustration with what was going on.”

"Understanding Human Behavior" by James V. McConnel (1986)2

Women, in other words, seem to be hard-wired for a top-down, big-
picture take. Men might be programmed to look at things from the
bottom up (no surprise there).


Baron-Cohen's work supports a view that neuroscientists have flirted
with for years: Early in development, the male hormone testosterone
slows the growth of the brain's left hemisphere and accelerates growth
of the right.

The research concluded that people with high theta activity are
considered to be "right brained," (creative, artistic, spatially
oriented). People with high beta activity are considered to be "left
brained," (logical, mathematical, linear).

On average, women use more of the left hemisphere when shown
emotionally arousing images, while men use more of their right
hemisphere. Women also show more consistency between individuals for
the areas of the brain activated by emotionally disturbing images.[6]
Activations of emotionally significant areas differ between men and
women when shown arousing pictures. In men, six out of eight
activations were in the right hemisphere, while all activations in
women were in the left hemisphere.[10]

When a psychopath does inherit genetically-based, developmental
disabilities, its is usually a stunted development of the higher
functions of the brain. 30-38% of psychopaths show abnormal brain wave
patterns, or EEGs. Infants and children typically have slower brain
wave activity, but it increases as they grow up. Not with psychopaths.
Eventually, the brain might mature as the psychopath ages. This may be
why most serial killers are under 50. The abnormal brain wave activity
comes from the temporal lobes and the limbic system of the brain, the
areas that control memory and emotions. When development of this part
of the brain is genetically impaired, and the parents of the child are
abusive, irresponsible or manipulative, the stage is set for disaster.



To sum up my post

Right brain oriented = left handed = pedophilia = anti-social =
violent = testosterone = slower brain waves = big and stupid = Bob

I have written all kinds of crazy shit.
and he has never deleted me before.

I start writing an expose on his cult programming
and instantly both of my accounts are erased.
lorem ipsum
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