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Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:21 pm
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Post subject: FLIPSIDE Series #5 (Part Two) - Frank Zappa Reply with quote

... Bob: But he's perfect for CD ROM, that's why it will be his year because CD ROM is peaking and people are getting it and he's the guy to get.
Michael: And the other one was a DVD disk with some old interviews that were done by Frank. You see the ones that are on the CD ROM are fifteen-frame stuff.
Bob: What does that mean?
Michael: Fifteen frames a second. Regular TV is sixty frames a second. Fifteen frames is slow but you can still put it on a computer.
Bob: Oh, you're talking computer-frame?
Michael: Fifteen frames a second is all that computers can handle at this time unless you've got expensive stuff, and this goes for anyone who has a CD ROM on their computer. The other disk, the DVD disk, is one of the first DVD's produced that isn't a movie, it's a series of interviews with Frank Zappa from a number of compilations from all over, and his wife has them. She has them on tape and film.
Bob: Yeah, they have everything in their vaults. But I'm not sure what is the difference between the first one and the second?
Michael: Oh, the second one you can put it on a computer and it's got a lot of reference stuff in there. The CD ROM has fifteen frames a second stuff.
Bob: How is it different from the other one?
Michael: It's just seeing him in performance, and the DVD disk is interviews, not performance.
Bob: And because there's less information in an interview...?
Michael: The DVD disk is one of the first disks that is not a movie, because most of the DVD disks that come out are going to be movies. It's a new technology coming up, but they haven't even been introduced yet. This one is going to be a Frank Zappa DVD disk.
Bob: Because it's going to have an interview, not a movie?
Michael: Oh, lots of interviews.
Bob: It's going to be the first non-movie.
Michael: The first non-movie which will please Frank no end. The first DVD disk for interviews, just a compilation of interviews with Frank across a number of years and there is even his wife on there saying what it's like living with Frank - you know, when you're living with a mind that thinks all the time.
Bob: No one else would put out interviews with Phil Collins or Johnny Carson. It just wouldn't go.
Michael: Nobody has done that yet because the system hasn't even been thought out yet.
Bob: He's going to be the first talking head.
Michael: The first talking head is Frank Zappa. A lot of people are going to say "How right!".
Bob: Well, he considers interviews part of his composition. So it's appropriate.
Michael: It was fascinating how he said "How do you like that set, guy, how do you like that?".
Bob: He was saying that to you - he's really happy to be the first.
Michael: Yeah, oh yeah.
Bob: Okay, thank you for giving me your dream-impressions, Michael.

ADDENDUM: On August 7, 1995 Bob Dobbs met with Nigey Lennon for a freewheeling, seven-hour discussion/interview about Frank Zappa. Lennon is a musician and author whose personal and professional relationship with the late Zappa is described in her book Being Frank: My Time With Frank Zappa (California Classics Books). At the end of the discussion, Dobbs thought it might be interesting to play a tape of the 1994 sessions with the medium, Michael Blake Read, who had "channeled" Zappa and was supposedly passing along the composer's messages from the afterlife. Lennon, who professes to be a rationalist, expressed some skepticism, but she did note that the medium somehow seemed to be aware of a couple of Zappa eccentricities - namely, his tendency to call Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, "The Rites of Spring", and also his intense obsession with audio gear. She also noticed that at another point in the tape the medium mentioned something that sounded like the "secret word" routine that was featured on Zappa tours. All in all, Nigey felt it was a fitting coda to a very 'pataphysical afternoon!

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