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Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:13 pm
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Post subject: Dobbs' video from 1993... Reply with quote

... presenting the after-image of the Android Meme with me in the Rumplestiltskin bubble.

Eric Yealland

directed this video commissioned by Nelson Thall. I actually had a role in this project. I provided the tetrads and five-section colouring suggestions to assist Eric in organizing the footage that he found.

Robin Len

got a job offer in Boston shortly after this video was made.

The music, created by Dave Newfeld

[M: Dave Newfeldó

KD: David Newfeldóthe genius! The crazy, lovely, beautiful man! This is basically his record, heís the captain of the ship, we knew that going in, and it was a helluva time but weíre here.

M: His level of perfectionism was recently compared to Brian Wilson and Kevin Shields.

KD: Iíve tried to explain to him that that was the ultimate compliment, he was like, (nonchalantly) ďYeah, thatís cool.Ē ďNo Dave, thatís like this really, really big compliment,Ē and heís like, ďYeah, well thereís still fucking crack addicts outside my Goddamn door and I canít fucking breathe in this fucking studio and WAAAAAHHHHHH!Ē

M: Is he neurotic?

KD: Dave?

M: Yeah.

KD: Heh, heh, heh, heh, ohÖ Iím not even gonna answer that. Just tell the world heís a beautiful eccentric man and people are boring and thatís why we hang out with him. Itís true, people are boring. Iím glad Iíve got Newfeld in my life to make everyone feel uncomfortable at times. Itís great, itís challengingóthatís what this record is. I didnít realize it was this beautiful, fearful album while we were making it. But while I was away on vacation in Portugal in August, I was watching CNN because that was the only English channel, and there were so many fucking natural disasters going on in Europe, and the Gaza thing. We had just finished the record and it was very intense lying on this bed listening to it and watching the news. I felt like it matched somehow. Thereís pretty much a defeatist vibe in the world now. Itís so uncomfortable in these comfortable times. Itís like a house sits on your chest every morning, and I feel like something has snapped or changed in the last little while, something I canít quite fully feel, but the idea of continuing without wanting to turn your fucking head into a grenade is kinda strange.

M: Itís dark.

KD: Itís dark, and I feel like this record reflects that. I mean, a lot of people are like, ďNaw, it sounds like a party to me.Ē Well, itís a party with a fucking bomber in the back.]

and Steinski and Mass Media,

was taken from BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY SQUARED (1993).

It was made in a film studio in downtown Toronto over the weekend before Jan.18/93. I was videotaped there miming the Grand Wazoo's Decad-Dance in an empty room to some oldies on a boom box. I've always been a unique dancer.

That's Bob Marshall, at the beginning, claiming to predict the effects of TV in 1959.

And that's Garrett Deane receiving some hand signals from me at the end.

Bob Dobbs
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