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Thu May 29, 2008 12:04 pm
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Post subject: Sharing the Stateless versus Faithless Inbreeding Reply with quote

Country Total country
population (2004) % Atheist/
Nonbeliever in God Number of Atheists/
Nonbelievers in God
(minimum - maximum)
Sweden 8,986,000 46 - 85% 4,133,560 - 7,638,100
Vietnam 82,690,000 81% 66,978,900
Denmark 5,413,000 43 - 80% 2,327,590 - 4,330,400
Norway 4,575,000 31 - 72% 1,418,250 - 3,294,000
Japan 127,333,000 64 - 65% 81,493,120 - 82,766,450
Czech Republic 10,246,100 54 - 61% 5,328,940 - 6,250,121
Finland 5,215,000 28 - 60% 1,460,200 - 3,129,000
France 60,424,000 43 - 54% 25,982,320 - 32,628,960
South Korea 48,598,000 30 - 52% 14,579,400 - 25,270,960
Estonia 1,342,000 49% 657,580
Germany 82,425,000 41 - 49% 33,794,250 - 40,388,250

NOT only do opposites attract, they also stay together. A couple's genetic differences seems to be the key to lasting happiness - a finding that could possibly lead to a DNA test revealing how likely a woman is to stay faithful.

Christine Garver-Apgar at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and colleagues analysed genes belonging to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which controls the way the immune system recognises invaders. Previous research has shown that the MHC plays a role in sexual attraction, but its lasting role in relationships had not been investigated.

Garver-Apgar analysed MHC genes from 48 heterosexual couples who had been together for at least two years and asked them how faithful and responsive towards their partner they were.

For the women, the more similar their MHC was to their partner's, the less sexually responsive they were and the more likely they were to be attracted to other men and have affairs - particularly during fertile days of their menstrual cycle. Men seemed to be unaffected by MHC similarities (Psychological Science, vol 17, p 830).

The mechanism may have evolved to produce offspring with broad immunity to disease.
From issue 2586 of New Scientist magazine, 13 January 2007, page 15


How genetic differences keep us together


Country Divorces (as % of marriages)
United States

Divorce Rate (per 1,000 population per year)

South Korea 2.1
Brazil 0.58


Korea is Thompson quadrant
Brazil is McLuhan quadrant

There are far more Koreans in Brazil
than Brazilians in Korea.

Engage your multiplicity.

I have had massive sleep deprivation, don't expect to sum all this up now.
but when I do get sleep I will be ready to further this discourse.

Think on this.

Why is that Estonians learn Finnish, better than Finns learn Estonian?

The whole argument of the western European/Germanic culture is that the east is barbaric and unschooled.

Estonians are more open to the world than the Finns.
"Polluting" their language has not decreased their ability to make inflectional verbal intelligence, but has increased it.

Keep it together.

This is a list of the extreme points of Europe, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location in Europe. The northernmost point of the continent is often incorrectly given as North Cape - actually the second northernmost point of the inshore islands of Europe.

[edit] Extreme points of Europe
Extreme points of Europe (without Flores Island)
Extreme points of Europe (without Flores Island)

[edit] Europe

* Northernmost point — Cape Fligely, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land, Russia (81° 48′ 24″ N)[1]
* Southernmost point — Gavdos, Greece (34° 48′ 02″ N)[2]
* Westernmost point — Monchique Islet (31Ί 16' 24″ W), west of Fajγ Grande, Flores Island, Azores, Portugal[3]
* Easternmost point — Cape Zhelaniya, Severny Island, Novaya Zemlya, Russia (69° 05′ 31″ E)[4]

The center of these extreme points is on Saaremaa Island, Estonia
[edit] Some claimants

Locations currently vying for the distinction of being the centre of Europe include:

* Bernotai, or Purnuškės near Vilnius in Lithuania;
* a point on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia;
* the village of Krahule, near Kremnica in central Slovakia;
* the small town of Rakhiv, or the village of Dilove near Rakhiv, in western Ukraine;
* Suchowola, north of Białystok, in north-eastern Poland; and Toruń in the northern part of central Poland;
* Babruysk or Vitebsk in Belarus;
* and a few others which seem nevertheless less justified.


See the yellow?

That is where I will be traveling mostly.
I will only go to the Germanic countries to take money from them.

Israel — Time Zone: IST (UTC+2)
Finland — Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)
Estonia — Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)
Greece — Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

Most over-linked city: Washington DC (0.062)
Most under-linked city: Athens (-0.036)
Specificity of hinterworld: 0.018

New York hinterworld



The anti-Bob lives in Yellow Europe.

I am the anti-Bob.

What Time Zone is Palestinian Territory in?

Standard Time is 2 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).



Essentially this time zone is anarchy capital of the world.
I predict the second coming will come there.

In 2007 Estonia held its and the world's first general Internet election. Voting was available from February 26 to 28.[6] A total of 30,275 citizens used Internet voting.[7]

The truth
• Israel is the only country on Earth that deliberately targets civilian infastracture and justifies it.

• Israel stands unique in using human shields in military operations.

• Amongst all the countries on earth, Israel is the only country that has legalised torture.

• Israel is the only country that publicly jails activists without trial.

• According to the Guinness book of records, Israel holds the record in the number of days of curfew she instilled on the Palestinians.

• Israel is exceptional in being the only country on whose checkpoints patients die due to denied access to hospitals

• Israel is one of two countries, that against international law, use cluster bombs and depleated uranium bombs

• Israel, despite being a rich country, recieves the highest financal aid, more than the sum of ALL aid to sub saharan africa.

• Israel is the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, but the only country that refuses to sign the nuclear non prolifecleration treaty second to South Africa is Israel.

• Israel is the only current country to establish an aparthied regime.

• Israel is the only country on Earth that has a political party that publicly advocates ethnic cleansing of the native citizens.

• Israel is the only country that still has racist laws that discrimate against its native citizens.

• Israel was established upon the ruins of a nation she destroyed.PALESTINE.

• Israel claims its enemies want to wipe it off the map,but infact she has wiped a whole country off the map.PALESTINE.

• Israel has ethnically cleansed over 500 Palestinian Villages

• Israel holds the world record in the number of refugees she deported with over 4 million

• Israel is the country with the highest record of UN comdamnations
with over 500

• Israel is the country with the highest number of protective US security vetoes with over 100

• Israel has killed more innocent Civilians per capita than any other country

• Israel has imprisioned more civilians per capita than any other country.

• Israel has rendered more innocent civilians handicapped per capita than any other country

• Israel is the only country on earth that denies Right of return of refugees.

A stateless society is another word for anarchy.

Palestinians comprise the largest stateless population in the world.[8] Abbas Shiblak Shiblak estimates that over half of the Palestinian people in the world are stateless.[9]

That's me.

If yellow is law.
and purple is the opposite of yellow.

Jesus Christ = 888
(He was born in Israel)

the Nokia 888 phone
the Turkish designer
longest rave in the world is in the Ukraine (Makes Burning Man look small)

its all resonating on this little node of the world

Spiritual nature is stateless.

it flows no matter what

Church versus State is on the chart.

Anarchist quotations

Petr Chelčickύ

The man who obeys God needs no other authority (over him).

Ammon Hennacy

An anarchist is anyone who doesn't need a cop to tell him what to do.

Oh, judge, your damn laws: the good people don't need them and the bad people don't follow them, so what good are they?

Being a pacifist between wars is as easy as being a vegetarian between meals.


Leo Tolstoy

All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do.

In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.

Nicolas Berdyaev

It is beyond dispute that the state exercises very great power over human life and it always shows a tendency to go beyond the limits laid down for it. (Slavery and Freedom, 145)

There is absolute truth in anarchism and it is to be seen in its attitude to the sovereignty of the state and to every form of state absolutism. […] The religious truth of anarchism consists in this, that power over man is bound up with sin and evil, that a state of perfection is a state where there is no power of man over man, that is to say, anarchy. The Kingdom of God is freedom and the absence of such power … the Kingdom of God is anarchy. (Slavery and Freedom, 147–Cool

Untraceable, privately issued electronic money and anonymous internet banking exists in these networks. Digital Monetary Trust and Yodelbank were examples of two such anonymous banks that are now put offline, eCache is a bank currently operating in the Tor network, and Pecunix is an anonymous (submitting personal information when opening an account is optional) gold bank operating on the internet. Anonymous trading is easier to achieve for information services that can be provided over the Internet. For example, the developers of I2P receive anonymous or pseudonymous monetary support from the I2P community. Providing physical products is more difficult as the anonymity is more easily broken when crossing into the physical world. Untraceable money makes it possible to ignore some of the laws of the physical world, as the laws cannot be enforced without knowing people's physical identities. For instance, tax on income for online services provided pseudonymously can be avoided if no government knows the identity of the service provider.


Los Angeles
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