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Sat Jun 17, 2006 1:26 pm
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Post subject: Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs Reply with quote


Stairway to Heathen tape side 1 has some good "surf and play jazz" parts
-also George's 22 stuff.
(This tape primarily deals with U of T - Kelly, etc.)

HOT BOB TAPE SIDE ONE (says '2' on the tape box)
-some good 22 updates, ie: Aryan Rockets>VOA&RM/George

(1st 1/4 of tape deals with the) "old dialectic of visual space vs. acoustic space is now thrown out, it's been superseded in the 20th century by Kinetic and Tactile space. TV brought in tactile space, that reigned for 10-15 years in the 50' & 60's. Once the planet extended itself with the Sputnik environment: the satellite environment; you were then faced with a situation of tribal replay of the archetypes: technological themselves. So, tactile space, pushed to its extreme, flips into kinetic space. The dialogue between kinetic space and tactile space since 1950 is the hidden ground of what's been going on. We only talk about this in terms of visual space and acoustic space to give a subgenius novice an acquaintance with the sensory dynamics involved, and just to master the effects of the alphabet and printing - which is visual space - is the task that takes a while. Especially when you're born into an environment that is kinetic and tactile: its basic ground. So, we go back, we educate about visual space, then people begin to realize the acoustic-space effect under electric conditions via radio and telegraph - So, when Irving Layton discusses poetry moving into the movie form, the filmmaker as a new poetics, he is just beginning to realize that the oral tradition was superseded by the kinetic tradition since the Twist." ----should we?------

RAP MUSIC - "The basic ground of the oral tradition mixed with the tactile space of television creates a preference for the kinetic tradition. Now, in the rap tradition...why that's surfacing now as a major mood-mud that people can dance to is symptomatic of (edit) how we have retrieved human scale.....because the distinctive feature of rap is the emphasis on words again. A kind of - ironically (why is it ironic?) - hard-edged verbiage, as more dominant than the rhythm part. Human scale is a return to words. Words were the tribal environment/ground centuries and millennia ago."

*n.b. MM Counterblast "...The content of writing is speech; but the content of speech is mental dance, non-verbal ESP."

-------------(Also resonates with low tech 60's activity marking human scale emphasis and it's reemergence in the later 70's as the punk democratization of acoustic preference and involvement in making and participating on a corporate level previously reserved for Genesis, Led Zeppelin and ELO. Presently, prepaired percept previous artifacts/archetypes are acoustically sculpted including James Brown's humanly executed and looped to mark it's cyclical resonance in the new time zone pre- and post-immortal funky drummer, ghetto budgets, street knowledge, attitude, mud, human scale rebellion simultaneous subsumed or cancelled out effect indeed, etc.) ----------------------

Caller: "I need some advice - lesbian roommate, what should I do?"
Bob: "You mean, you can't accept her lesbian habits."
(weird Yoko SFX)
Bob: "Nice."
Caller: "I'd like to readjust your threshold of pain."
Bob: "Thank you."
------this part suggests its own answer call rhythm. There's similar stuff later on the tapes that use a similar structure, check notes, and experiment with edits-----------

Call 1/3rd through side one hot bob tape :::Kid cheering frantically, then kicks into stuff Bob really digs....----use as transition to 50's style song?-----
------can you find "No Place to Play" quote?-----end the song maybe with the follow up part: Bob: "I apologize for hijacking the airwaves, Myke, that is my's not over yet."

Satellites....Bob: "That's like when the Challenger blew up, that proved the earlier Challengers were blown up as Dr. Beter said, and finally it showed up for us right in the regular mainstream of kinetic retrieval." ('mainstream of kinetic retrieval'??)

side one (using Alpage cassette counter)

32 - Brent Bambury: "And still ahead tonight, J. R. Bob Dobbs."

155 - Bob: "I run the solar government. Just give me access to satellite hookups and the whole planet can share the space - the discarnate interval with me...."

187 - "It's not that I'm a bureaucrat and you have to match with my state of mind. It's through understanding."

*196 - "The problem is we're going to have to shut you down - CBC - and all media - including CKLN - temporarily, as a media fast to set up the artform of our intended goal and agenda which is media ecology.....OK...too many words? Too many words?......
Brent: "No, no, the words are fine, the ideas are a bit thick."

208 - David Lynch - crackily crack

218 - Bob: "Tetrad: to manage the turbulent times we're going through."
---------let's arrange a 'song' that can readily teach the public tetrads - or at least give them a damn good percept -and
their tactile bias of sculpting, arranging and understanding visual/acoustic/kinetic space effects,. And we'll also be presenting it through an acoustic form bias-------

222 - Brent: "What about the 'Exists'? (Bob that's brilliant language fascism by the way) Where did they land and what is their significance?"
Bob: "Aaah, the Xists are from Bootes, a constellation out there, pretty close, but check your maps for the actual location of Bootes."

331 - "Many people know I'm a woman, we have female girls and male girls, those are our callers - so, I'm not preaching to men, are we not men? - man is the tactile interval of a post-conventional male/female split - so, in the tactile interval we don't know what we are, we're something new."

480 - "The post-tactile, post-electronic mood is what we call eco-fascism as a pink reflex. But, really what we want to deal with is that since the television, radio, computer and satellite environments have merged into a mixed corporate-media, discarnate collective water; then we brought in VCR's, remote control, satellite (hookup) therefore having personal electronic interaction with the electric content in the electric water; we've had that for ten years. And all the political and cultural images reflected that we now are exhausted with because every, say, 12 months under electric conditions we go at least 2,200 years - so, this can exhaust our preference. Human beings are sensory and they will get tired of a similar constant kind of stimulation. So, we now have an anxiety or a need, phantom pain for something that's beyond the electric environment, but we can't do it. You can't have it. We can look at all these rearview mirror archetypal retrievals and try and live in them. The only way to get around it, to meet this new post tactile need, is to turn off - at least the tactile mesh of television and computers - temporarily."

CBC Tape Side two

59 - Bob: "The only thing that shocks me is the success of my operation."
Brent: "How successfull are You?"
Bob: "Well, listen......(silence).......(laughter)........"


Side A

199 - Garrett: "Bobby, bobby, bobby, who can take even one word you say, and understand it?" (some good laughter)

229 - Garrett: "I better go before I faint."

254 - Garrett: "Make a recording of it, Bobby, and play it to me one Christmas Eve, when the children are talking about when they were children, and the mothers are talking about when they had lovers, and the farms are talkin'bout when they had their fields. Play it back to me someday, will you?"
Bob: "We have made a recording of it."
Garrett: "Alright, OK. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby...."

311 - Caller: "Marshall McLuhan thought privately the electric environment had something to do with the Anti-Christ?"
Bob: "Yeah....Lyndon LaRouche says (tells bckgrd. re:Larouche,
which holy office: logic, etc. re:technology)...No, Bob Marshall interviewed him. He (LaRouche) wouldn't agree with Marshall McLuhan."
---------------use LaRouche interview there maybe---------
"....... you decide if MM or LL is correct. I suggest you follow both of them at the same time."

335 - Bob: "Simultaneous, comprehensive mythmaking"

432 "I'm different when I'm on the air than when you meet me in person..."
Caller: "...Ooohhh..."
Bob: "That's a different context."

441 - "These offices are used in different contexts, different grounds and they're also subsumed into the discarnate state, which actually we use the figure of Marshall McLuhan to talk about that, but that's not the only side, or point of view, or pattern of looking at it. Just because you talk about the discarnate state doesn't mean you know what it is./ You've got to apply it."

----------------(could go to "Bob's talk show famous phone call" ending in laughter seagoing to Garrett's laughter?)-----------------------

"That's why our jobs become our hobbies, and our hobbies become our jobs."
MM:- "Where involvement is high, work is low." Counterblast 1969

450 - Bob: "Savings and Loans banks: 22 of them to funnel money to Contras."

495 - "We've gone from global theatre to solar theatre with this dimension."
Sean: "OK, now, who's orchestrating in the solar theatre? Is it the Xists?"

503 - Bob: "The Xists are part of our future, and they are a result of my Perfect Pitch chart that's in High Weirdness by Mail (page 147). You can see that even the universe, and before that, the solar system, is subsumed into the electronic, discarnate state, so the aliens are corporate media that come here to act out as actors like other media on the stage, they're showing up as actors, therefore they are controlled by the master playwright: myself, right? Yeah, OK."
--------------could we add dabblings of Reese's peanut butter cup circle sightings campaign?-------------------

526 - "Well, the point of media ecology - and that's what you do in a solar gov't position - is you orchestrate the grammars of all the media - not just print or alphabetic media - I would never read a Margaret Atwood novel, etc..................I study the effects on different audiences. I don't read the content of books. But as a hobby I will read the book and content. I prefer Finnegans Wake for private novelistic reading."

550 - "....No time for narrative stories, because my narrative, my own verbalized drama is the most incredible narrative and retracing of the processes of cognition - and cathartic at the same time."

557 - "That's media ecology. You study the audience; HCE in Finnegans Wake stands for 'Here Comes Everybody': the audience as archetype."

617 - (2nd phase of's extension of himself,
re-creation - the creation of new time and space zones (daily) check written notes for quote)

MM:- "We must invent a NEW METAPHOR, restructure our thoughts and feelings. The new media are not bridges between man and nature: they are nature." Counterblast

652 - "Now we get into Barbara's question: about human scale. What's the difference between living at the speed of light and human scale? Human scale is that point when we flip beyond electric autonomy - and that's really hard to talk about." --------maybe add as comment re: explaining human scale in the mood mud cylical-- 60's punk rap-----------------------------

661 - Bob laughs - click - "OK .....Ok, let's go back to Sean, I'm sure Sean just loved what I just said, he probably has something to input on that, go ahead Sean, what do you say about what I just said? I wasn't listening.
Why not? 'Cause I'm not supposed to."

FEB 22nd/90 BOB Side B FEB 22nd/90 BOB Side B FEB 22nd/90
42 - Edward: "A man who lives in an infernal region which is a parody of our world - noxious chemical plants, christmas turkeys that leak 10w40 on the table as we watch in fascination." (talking about Eraserhead)

75 - "......risen above the industrial pollution, how could you do that?" Bob: "Through the electric discarnate state. The idea of the singer is just referring to the song of acoustic space and tactility."

172 - (Bell rings) "Aaah, my time is up." - click - "OK, we're going to go on to Heaven?
I know this alarm clock isn't popular........"

258 - "Do you know that not one psychic or one occultist or anybody predicted that Germany would be unified within '89-90 other than me? Do you realize that I predicted it in an interview in Los Angeles, it's on the record. I am one of the - I am the only person on the planet who predicted it. Now there's one psychic group that did, the Xists, but they did it a month after I did. So, let's realize that you're correct in saying I know what's going to happen because...."
Caller: "Praise Bob!!"
Bob: "Yeah, let's have some testimonials here, we'll get into some new knowledge."

322 - "The 4th Reich is operating out of North America, the territory of the 4th Reich is shrinking, and now it's shrinking in Europe, hoping to build opposition to Gorby. The answer is gd. times are coming - they'll still operate out of North America - Germany is more considerate of Gorby than the 4th Reich. They're going to have to do some media ecological news management.
The matter was settled seven years ago, Germany doesn't exist anymore. The obligation for the power structure, before '82 - already got involved and made their deal with Gorby, you're just seeing an acting out of images; this is the theatre, these are the archetypes that you can study if you know the - (garbled or hidden by alarm and caller)-(hidden ground) as secret battle."
Caller: "Slack, you're great."

359 - Bob: "This is the Church of the SubGenius, we are over our hour, yee hoo, I get to stay on and rule some more."

394 - NASA re: Gorbachov - solar level.
"So, don't worry about the involvements and ramifications of cultural archetypes merging and separating on the planet; that's the stage, that's the theatre. We're talking about what's happening in the universe on a solar gov't level for bureaucratic control; that's what Gorby controls, that's why he's let it all go because he doesn't need this area of control. He's operating from the satellite zone. That's what they won in 1977: the Battle of the Harvest Moon."

407 - Dublin: "People can't live in space long without medical bad effects."
Bob: "There's no problem. Stay on the planet and supersede space by being discarnate. The electric experience goes beyond Newtonian space. The space program is essentially Newtonian, we're post-Euclidian here in the discarnate state, we have access to the whole universe. We can stay on the planet and travel faster and farther than anyone who's stuck in a capsule, he's like an old version of the angel; he can go anywhere he wants, but he's only at that point when he's there. When you're discarnate, you're everywhere at the same time, you're not limited to one body. Just by watching TV or listening to the radio electric environments, that's where it's at, that's where we get our slack. I'm not going out to space on the pink program."

474 - "That's right, rampant narcissism. Narcissism?! Collective narcissism, that's why you should never buy another album, never buy another CD, don't go to another club, do not apply for another grant, do not take a job, find out how to get slack in that prison situation....." Bob O'Leery

555 - "OK, yes, you're on."
Caller: "Whoa, whoa -woo who who - real radio - what's this with the reverb and taped interfaced. It's like a cross between John Cage and Pink Floyd - yeah, yeah, it's resonating - ooooow Heaven."


410 - Bob: "A lot of this was arranged ten years ago. We're just seeing the appendages of the media archetypes as figures such as Gorbachov and Bush acting out the script of the effects of the interplay of the media archetypes. And what you're seeing here is the retrieval of human scale."

420 - "Came in the 60's, it was the main conceptual framework for the counter-culture, human scale came in when the satellite went around the major media archetypes: book, telegraph, movie, radio and television; then we have human scale. Problem is that it was an environmentally created situation of human scale."

MM:- "We must invent a NEW METAPHOR, restructure our thoughts and feelings. The new media are not bridges between man and nature: they are nature." Counterblast

(Bob goes into history of tactility in 20th century, quite detailed, refer to tape.)
--------question of how can we elaborate and sculpt an illustration of the history of tactility in the 20th century-------------------------------------

*444 - "Tactility is the interplay of all the senses."

485 - "Bob returns to human scale: increased accessibility at CKLN."---------------------------maybe cut to Brent Bamberry saying "My, you're accessible">---------------check for this on CBC tape, I think side b---------------------

(Start of this tape, and 1/2 through 'hot bob' tape is same stuff)

Sean calls.
Bob: "A lot of this happened ten years ago. We're just seeing the appendages of the media archetypes, figures such as Gorb and Bush acting out the script of the effects of the interplay of the media archetypes. What you're seeing here is a retrieval of human scale. You know, Sean, human scale came in the 60's. It was the main conceptual framework for the counter-culture. Human scale came in when the satellites went around the major media archetypes - book, telegraph, movie, radio and television. But, it as an environmentally created situation of human scale."
Cool form to Hot form Cool medium pushed flips to hot form.
Ed Sullivan vs. Heraldo
Low tech vs. Hi tech

"The musical complement to that was the Punk Movement, the retrieval of, futile - but, the retrieval of the low-tech, human scale effort of the 60's."
Hi tech is opposite of cool - Punk is retrieval of low tech.
Hot baroque mood of mixed corporate-media: Punk as an anti-environment.

532 - "You have the atmosphere that Gorby set by going into street situations and talking one-on-one with people. He'd taken the advice from me that the Russian people would never believe the major media, trusted slightly the Samizdat, the Russian underground, but I told Gorby if he brings in human scale figure-mood atmosphere by the middle 80's, then he would surface as a barometer of our times and be very popular. So, the human scale manifested lately by Gorbachov threatening to resign in January. That's human scale. That's someone you could have access to and who'll listen to your grievances - but on the larger corporate-media effect, he does have to be President for a larger span of time. Why? President is a top-down position, and you have to be part of the solar gov't to be President. The popular reflection of that is to have come out of the intelligence agencies which both he and Bush did. Bush is trying to play catch up ball, trying to offer a gentler, kindler nation; that's human scale." 550

(2/3rds through 'hot bob' tape says how Bush relates top-down dilemma into human scale for the global audience. The hot media of top-down control is now advocating - via the United Nations - neo-fascism and world gov't)

595 - "The world gov't will be retrieved as an archetype and agenda for fake action by the hot media, which is what Bush and Gorby represent and recommend. The figures are just appendages of media archetype actors. The main circuit river of the mood-and-effect archetypal interplays is Advertising."

611 - Advertising as blood
"Any activity is a mere surface species spume; an appendage of the larger effect of these archetypal environments. Small reflections like that on the surface of the bloodstream aren't the area of advertising. Advertising is the form of communication between these huge environments. The hard sell of the hot world before 1950 - in the cooler 60's:- soft sell happened."

650's - discussion re: Futurist manifesto in the 20's leads into "period after WWII - cliches made new; that's our job - nothing's new under the sun, nothing old under the sun now." 661

689 - Caller: "He's Bob, but he's a little pink around the edges."
Bob (laughing):
"That's the human scale Bob, see we're no longer polarized in the old pink/subgenius dialectic - that's why I'm the biggest pink around. This Bob you're talking about is holding the fort - not ready to merge with the pink in himself. Bob on human scale has a pink aura." 694

696 - "What d'ya make of what I just talked about? I'd never said that before, it's pretty amazing, isn't it? It's big talk."
Caller: "It's big talk, it's big talk."

BOB DOBBS MAR15/90 SIDE .2....................................................

29 - Myke: "We, ah, OK? Anybody fall asleep yet? No....."

More on advertising as blood. Polstergeists. Consume/subsume/interplay does each media with other existing ones............(important Marshall point)

172 - Bob: ".... since the mixed-media corporate version are the actors and their archetypes; then, what do we call the artist? The entertainment figure would have to be an appendage of those effects. If mixed media effects are the corporate actors in the global solar theatre; the prominent artist would mix and mime the subtleties, the nuances between the interplay of these media.
For example, here's what I propose: this is an update of what I said a year ago. You take Frank Zappa as specialist form of artist. He sculpts kinetic and acoustic space effects via visual space bias. They have to be proficient and charismatic in all media involved in order to have any staying/lasting power."

302 - "OK, if you think of the kinetic environment as movie and car, the acoustic as radio and speech, the visual as book, photo, newspaper, geometry. And the computer and television as tactile; let's try Burroughs. Burroughs visualizes kinetic and acoustic and old tactile space effects."
Dublin: "Old pieces of newspapers cut up and rearranged."
Bob: "That's the visualizing of the American and radio, occult and extra sensory ESP groups which I'd call the old tactile, not the new electric tactile."

318 - "Notice I don't say sculptures, 'cause he visualizes, he uses print media."

320 - "Captain Beefheart: he sculptures visual and acoustic space, poetry and music via old tactile space bias. The Paleolithic ESP, pre-Agrarian, pre-civilized modality." (Dublin triggered into dinosaur/fossil recollection by the word, "Paleolithic".)

350 - "You take LaRouche, he sculptures - 'cause he's political - kinetic and visual space, the American environment and book and geometry effects via acoustic space bias. More like the radio image - part of the hot media spiral retrieval that Reagan was - and acoustic is the perceptual bias of his trying to articulate process in geometry and geometric form." (? is this whole segment entirely correct?)

358 - "I then would say, the supreme artist would be McLuhan, because he sculptures kinetic, acoustic and visual space effects via a tactile space bias. In other words, he's the one who's more accurately the appendage of television."

404 - "This could be something to follow in the future; how the Irish deal with this new atmosphere of human scale."
----------------Hidden Agenda comes out nine months later, talk about the birth of universe theatre archetypes manifesting under the top isn't just down apparently auspices and kineticizms of Bob's particularbeam vision, yo baby yo, surfin' jazz with my top down, bottom's up, since having fun seems like an appropriate task when job's become hobbies--------------------

523 - "They're using concepts and not percepts; but, that's jargon, right?"

530 - Edward compliments show, having fun, then does an amusing mind theatre abrupt sign off.....

590 - Bob: "That's why the electric age is creating so much diversity, because you can hoick up 200,000 people under electric conditions since you have access to billions of people, every person can access, as a kind of cult artform - cult as artform; have access to a couple hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, whatever."

620 - "It means that you have the time to put a lot of emotional and intellectual energy into your hobbies - edit - you are daily involved in a massive work of making sense. Everybody in the global theatre is making sense, and that's a very taxing and demanding activity, no matter what role you play you're contributing as much as everybody else, including the cancel-out factors of you cancelling the work, counter-work, that's being done by someone else."

648 - "It's the narcissism of the body. Hoping to last forever. And that is the visual-space, Greek form of the body bounded by a line on a bag of chemicals."
Listener: "I lost you."
Myke: "That's OK, we're going."
Bob: "You're putting me to sleep, caller. I don't think I can go on."
-------Nature; an invention of the Greeks ?---------
-------deep freeze or biological immortality?---------
-------ah, never mind.------

BOB DOBBS MARCH 28TH 1990 side one BOB DOBBS MAR 28/90


54 - Taped message from caller: "Ooooh Bob, I'm merging with your fragments. I am loving every minute of it, it's so wonderful. It goes over and over and over in my tape deck all the time in the car and I love it. I keep turning it on and turning it off. It's Sue in Halifactsfaxedfaxedfastmediaartstrikecognizingmediaecologybutasanunsurgicalshutdownasopposedtomorecarefulmanagementmodesproposed. And thank you for sending me that wonderful tape."

126 - Bob: "Bob's going to be covered in the major media pretty shortly and we have a member of the global theatrical brain police here tonight monitoring and giggling, knowing he's got a monopoly on the situation at this point. He can be the fulcrum of the Esperanto for awhile - therefore, he's here to study the show and monitor. This means difficult days ahead, but I've been to the mountain top."

What's the fulcrum of global collective consciousness? Is there such a thing, or is this a product of visual space sculpted with a tactile bias? Thus as a previous visual-mechnical bias of having a point on which something is raised? Both.

280 - Women - surveillance software - re: Godfather - doesn't get the Godmother - Connie as hidden ground - Tribal societies mafia-ridden - electric/preliterate mafia-ridden.
Bob: "Now the major media archetypes are the mafia effects. Big Brother had to go inside, so he's busy fighting himself like the legs of an octopus confusing each other. Therefore, they keep arresting and freeing each other. Because they're not the hidden ground. The hidden ground is the mafia of the media archetypes - that's Ma."
Sean: "And the emphasis is on Ma - fia, it's not Dad - fia, is it?"
Bob: "Good one, Sean, you're hot tonight."
Sean: "Yeah, the eyes are blind, they always look with their eyes instead of listening or touching..."
Bob: "Yeah, FBI Eye, CIA eye yi yi, they're private."

(Visual space enhances surveillance, as does electricity which also changes the time space force of surveillance making it inclusive, hence paranoia and brain police effects)

327 - "It took us, what? 2500 years to get out of visual space. Now we're into acoustic space - of course, we're not using those terms anymore - we've moved into kinetic and tactile. 'Telekinetic' is another term for tactile vs. kinetic. So, we're well beyond the categories for men and women, right now. We're just superhuman, discarnate things. Right now. That's why Women's Lib rose up as an objection to being assimilated into the old categories. They don't apply anymore. They just wanted role mobility like man thought he had, but he's not very good at it. So, women are going to dominate from here on in." (clapping in background)

"By surpassing writing, we have regained our sensorial WHOLENESS, not on a national or cultural plane, but on a cosmic plane. We have evoked a super-civilized sub-primitive man. NOBODY yet knows the languages inherent in the new technological culture; we are all technological idiots in terms of the new situation. Our most impressive words and thoughts betray us by referring to the previously existent, not to the present. We begin again to structure the primordial feelings and emotions from which 3000 years of literacy divorced us. We begin again to live a myth."
MM Counterblast 1969

354 - Bob: "What was I talking about, Sean?
Sean: "TVO."
Bob: "Just before that?"
Sean: "The New Age."
Bob: "I'm moving fast here, I'm moving fast, Sean; I'm resonating fast, I don't want to say that I'm moving. We're not moving anywhere, just dancing on the spot here, swimming on the spot. Bobbing Bobbing, when you swim, you bob...Bobbing............The New Age is : they're trying to conceptualize the basic telekinetic percept and they try to fit it into the old archetypal retrievals of Blavatsky to ? to Cherokee tradition, to who's before that...Atlantis, and they go out to be alone and inside to be social, no actually they go out to Sirius? and head out - the solar system as a garbage dump."
Sean: "They're heading back to Atlantis 'cause it's a choral society."
Bob: "Did ya get that, Myke? A choral society, not an oral society...Yet, it was a study that they sang, they sang and they had great ecological sense which we hope to mime, but we can't use their concepts for our new media ecology. Man, I'm hot tonight with this brain police monitoring me, I'm just flowing with the concepts and percepts. Sean, you hogged the show two weeks ago, call back Sean, 'cause you know your stuff, and you can get me going. OK."

418 - "Colour is a tactile medium, but, that's a visual expression of tactility, whereas white, black and white, dull greys are abstract, visual space, alphabetic effects of colour. ----could implement into 'history of tactility' section----
I'm tactility, which would mean I would include all media."

430 - Re: Bob escapes monitoring throughout 60's and 70's by ordering surveillance of independent left groups and journalists as a protective cover for his own unhampered operations.

442 - "There's a movement in Vancouver maybe, I know Wayne Morris had a guy on who represents a group that have an art strike on-----maybe put in silence ... to cbc part re:BB: 'I didn't hear anything'>-----The Art Strike strike. But, I do it on a solar level in the form of media ecology....Where we shift and , ah, respond, and turn on and off the collective environment, the archetypes, the mythic images."

550 - "Information is a perceptual threat to your anthropomorphism, which is pinkness." (Bob's response to reaction to Dr.Beter's Robotoid pronouncements)

688 - "You were thinking something they brought up? I thought that I told them that? Well, in this situation, where we are subsumed in this collective Finnegans awake; these collective archetypes dreaming awake, therefore they're hallucinating. We can naturally, as a by-product, have telepathy, therefore anybody can take credit for anything, that's the global Esperanto......Let's go to the phones."

720's - "Not just your body or mind, but the interval between the two."

_________________MAR 28/90 SIDE 2 MAR 28/90 SIDE 2

2 - Bob: "Follow your own rhythm, drummer beat."

22 - "All the media have become private, interactive. The telephone with the answering machine - that meant you could have your own private bubble; still interactive efficiently with the telephone environment, but not have to respond immediately as if a drum beat was imposed on you. Then you had VCR - tape shows and watch at own pace. Remote zapper: bypass advertising. Tape deck, satellite dish, PC, etc. brought back the sensation of interactive and demand media, like cable. All these things came in from the middle 70's and that's when the 'Me Decade' and the neo-conservative retrieval of the 18th century - chafing at the bit to get back to the original autonomy of the original ideals in the American constitution, whether liberal or conservative. The 18th century concepts had been retrieved as an icon; as an effect of the retrieval of the human scale, the human scale meaning that these monster media don't impose their drumbeat on you anymore." ------this is a relational variation applying the idea of human scale. Is man striving for it by tendency?-------

64 "We're now beyond the bureaucratic structures as solutions."
-----could be restated more clearly on tape---if need be to use it-----

Caller: "We're free."
Bob: "That's right, we're free to suffer at our own rate, and of course, suffering always flips into ecstasy..."

-----cut to 'the march/campaign goes on for Bobby's 30's/Jimmy Stewart kinetic persevering???---------------

America's Home Videos
78 - "We have another caller...."
SFX of kids playing (over phone) ----keep in mind a mary day----
"So, is this an example of taking Bob's show to human scale? I mean is there a hijacking going on here, with people using their own cassette operations and mixing them with telephone and radio? Therefore, becoming private broadcasters and generators of their own church syndrome?" (edit)
Myke: "I think it's just people wanking off."
Bob: "That's very important. They say that masturbation is the thinking man's television. Now, think of that."

118 - Caller: "Listen, I really enjoy your show, but I've got one question."
Bob: "What's the 'but' for? You imply that having a question takes away your enjoyment."
------Bob's tactile sculpting/rhetorical mastering of a visual indicator of a faulty conclusion into a charming probe ephemeral under new time-space energy percepts probe yet lasting in the moment it lasted: Percept. You had to be there--------

158 - "The only source of top-down informa
I went to the party & all they gave me was this little chip.
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Post subject: Hex Reply with quote

tion relevant for the post '79 period is Dr. Beter. He was part of the hidden gov't, so he was the only person who could know it. Mae Brussell was a housewife working through the major pink press; it was an excellent job what she did, but she didn't have access to vast changes that happened as we got into the final turn, which happened from '79 to '82."

168 - "You get, for basic education, you study the holy offices of Mae Brussell, then you escalate from that to Lyndon LaRouche and then you move into a little Sherman Skolnick and then Dr. Beter. Always as you're doing that, studying Marshall McLuhan , because he knew that, but figured out as a member of the Establishment how to talk about it. How to talk about it without naming names."

202 - "Iran-Contragate had no effect, it was entertainment. It was a nostalgia for the feeling that Big Brother still was doing some dirty work behind the scenes. We've gone well beyond the control of Big Brother. It's now a solar gov't level. They don't need to deal in dope, that's left for spinoffs from unemployed intelligence agents. Because intelligence is obsolete too, information is obsolete; you've gotta start lookin' on the solar gov't level, and that's Dr. Beter's stuff. That's why Iran-Contra had no effect in the way the regular researchers thought that it would upset the Reagan Presidency. This is stuff that's irrelevant from this point on, but it's necessary for young people or old people or slow people to study this stuff just to get their basic mathematics. That's why Mae Brussell is the holy office of mathematics. You're counting, you're numbering figures. But, you have to study McLuhan to understand the ground. The macromyths. Alright. So, that's a mouthful, I expect you to understand that."
Caller: "Yeah, I'm with you on most of it, I think."
Bob: "Yeah, you should be."
Caller: "OK, well thank you very much."
Bob: "Spread the Gemstone File around."
Caller: "I have been actually."
Bob: "Are you a high school teacher?"
Caller: "Well, I'm going to teacher's college right now."
Bob: "OK, well put that stuff on your course when you get a job, give those kids in grade six a little taste of the past."
Caller: "Romanticism."
Bob: "They'll love it, they'll wanna read again."

277 - "That's the new."
Dublin: "Didn't you hear the 'the the the'."
Bob: "Yeah."

280 Dublin: "It's beautiful to listen to a child babbling....."
Bob: "It's miming, dreaming away, it's trying to use language to see."

327 - "Every new child, every new being, every new pink, subgenius has to look at the world through the other, that way forms their own identity, so, they have to absorb the other. That's the macromyth, that's the historical heritage."

310 - "What's a metaphor? Well, when man's or woman's or its reach exceeds its grasp."

355 - "When we die our body weight does not change, yet 20 yrs. ago people thought it did change. They measured it and there was a change in weight, but then they found out it was some chemical in the body. So, the mind is weightless....soul is weightless, so, it doesn't exist in physical terms, but it's not outside the physical, it is in-between, like an X-ray, it interpenetrates metaphor and the brain. That thing you can't locate is carving out the metaphor."

366 - Dublin: "Well, it's interesting because...."
Bob: "It's not interesting."
Dublin: (laughter).

375 - Bob: "Look at the phrase 'artificial intelligence'. That's what metaphors are: artificial intelligence. Language is an artificial intelligence. It gives us a grasp of the world, it gives us a way of looking at the world, but is not the whole of intelligence."

386 - "To exceed your grasp is what we do when we speak because, you can't pin it down what you're talking about in the essential bit, yet, you're talking and using it. So, we are making something out of nothing , and so that makes Jesus possible. There was a possibility of 'virgin birth'. That would be within the laws of the universe: that something could come out of nothing. So, I think I converted a hundred people tonight."

437 - "The Women's Lib shows up in the electric age when the electric environment can't be bought, sold or stolen. So, they will take over as a false myth, but you won't have any control, because you can't at this time, and that's perfect for them 'cause they don't want to control it."

477 - "That's what we do here, we make sense, we don't match with some standard, we make sense, we make it up, but it's important, it's miming what's going on in the world. We're basing the world on illusion right now."

514 - Sean: "Hello Bob."
Bob: "Ooooh, oh Sean's back, yeah Seannigan, we're making big progress. Oh yeah, it's a great show, this is a great show, you taping it? Yeah, yeah, it's gonna take weeks to digest what we're grasping, right?"

535 - "Women want role mobility, men want role mobility, everybody wants to be everybody, everybody wants to wear everybody else. It's like you said two weeks ago: all cultures are trying to get under each other's skin. All media are trying to get under each other's skin, all human beings are trying to get under each typology of skin, right?....So, what is the cause of that? The need comes from the hidden ground, and it's the electric discarnate state."

567 - "We put on the kinetic as a costume, as ghostlike costume, while we deal with the telekinetic effects - which is total obliteration."

580 - "Burroughs just visualizes kinetic and acoustic and tactile space effects, visualized into the novel form. That's nowhere near what McLuhan does; he sculptures kinetic, acoustic and visual effects via tactile space bias. Burroughs just visualizes it."

598 - "Now we're in a situation where human scale's come back. So, you see the Nazis start getting gentler and kindler.....we're going to have a Utopia here that's going to drive us crazy."

627 - "How are we gonna wake up to the fact that Finnegan's awake? Our mixed corporate-media are dreaming awake, how we gonna wake 'em up. We can imitate them by falling asleep. That's why Reagan falling asleep at the wheel was the perfect expression of media ecology."

(Marshall didn't believe the medium was the message.) ----should we play the 'tape' testifying to this ?--------

656 - "We can say anything - dogma changes every 15 seconds here."


185 - Bob: "A tetrad on the microphone - that's us. What does the microphone enhance? It enhances the torch singer who whispers in everybody's ear. OK? that's the microphone. It enhances the inflated persona for everyone to wear. Hey, that sounds like me: Bob. The inflated persona for everyone to wear. The private individual voice, the intimacy of Bob. What does it obsolesce? Private space and privacy, it obsolesces the big band, the old-fashioned orator - or the big-mouth. Retrieves the close group, the tribal mode; that's the Church, right? And it retrieves intimacy, the cozy nightclub. When pushed to its extreme, it flips into the closed, collective space, the wrap-around sound-bubble. I'll cuckold the cockeyed woild."

Tape goes into Robotoids with Dr. Beter

484 - " The cliches come back as new archetypes. The old comes back anew."
--------maybe play the signature 'pump up the jam' matrix sample>>mix to musical excerpt of Jolly Giant somewhere in the middle where the music's hipper-------

648 - backwards swedish acoustic space speech sounds on phone line.
Bob: "...That was on my message machine."
Myke: "We've heard this before (Myke hangs up). No need to hear it again."
Bob laughs at Myke's powerful hit: "Just hang up the phone and disconnect thousands of people."


304 - Bob: CBC New Year's address.

393 - Brent Bambury: "That was J. R. Bob Dobbs of the Church of the SubGenius, and you're listening to Brave New Waves on CBC Stereo, the CBC that was formerly a tool of the left-wing counter-capitalist movement, but now, a mere cog in the homeopathic revolution of the Church of the SubGenius - Praise Bob - now, more music from Big Pink."

415 - Bob: "Touche,'ve been leaking secret info."
Tom Touche: "You're so washed up, Bob, that I can talk to you."

518 - Caller: "I want more info. re: conspiracy to wipe socialism off the map and replace it with Christianity."
Bob: "Are you a socialist?"
Caller: "Yes."
Bob: "Top-down or bottom-up? Top-down plays catch up with the bottom-up effect. Socialism was wiped out by TV. Not the content, medium itself. TV brings in New Left/New Right. Neither effective in the long run. Decentralization means you're free, you don't need an external gov't to control your situation. You're free! Of course, that means everyone else is free to run amuck over you. So, you've got to be paranoid."

560 ---bob dobbs > bob marshall 580 berlin wall Gehlen - hijacking ...of "characters with heart JFK, MLK, etc." ----cut out most of caller's stuff - too slow------

584 - "Difference between capitalism and communism?"

(Now, watch ladies and gentlemen how McLuhan's very applicable at a John
Birch Society or This Magazine meeting, or one with Henry Kissinger, whoever is figure for some human form you lations carefree owing to Bob's or Marshall's rhetorical tactile mastery and sense a rhyee interplay with the mythic audience in any particular given situation, though from a top-down recognition you still might get replaced by a nasty paramilliontary shadows reveal more or less than light refracting kinetic fascist film production smoking pistol lightening man high impact close-ups and alarming haunting sus spensory rear stage shadows eliciting sudden acceleration car movie effects silent movie set in motion eventual computer environment says Marshall back to cigarette torch singer hot medium that's detached pounding leather boots that 'landed where the hand of man never set foot." , Fascism archetype/mood tremoringly filter resonates - as other mythic proportions can within many discarnate space biases - like the soul between the mind and body
The new media are not
be -bridges- tween man and nature: they are nature Counterblast MM 1969 our nature inn our image
that recreated ethereal archetypes inside the mythic hardware of aryan beauty in perfume and designer genes ads were the sepiotones that so covered the dream artifacts of experience in hot kinetic ground mythic residue in the later tactile soupzone from the soupies, a decade you probably haven't heard of in my mix because it was covered up by other stuff, but since it's of mythic proportions nowadays new decades can be offered as probes into the history of the new time-space energy nature linked to man. Whatever one's to make of this can reside in the almost certainty that everything's approaching everything eventually though they may never bobby, this theme of yours using the 4th reich and kinetic space as a ghostlike costume in the transformed ground more approximating the present technihilogical splatters dust gets in your eyes and also mood mud them into bobby marshall, sounds perfectly hectic. And what the heck did. Percept. Including Bob's documented 4 nanosecond one in March of 90 according to Stanford researchers/spoke as a persons but in the end certainly hoicked up their bodies as a shared medium of human scale or grounding zone for discarnate man, therefore the propaganda didn't matter from the onset. Dreaming awake can't merely be transformed by shutting off the TV. We can hardly designate the ramifications of turning it on and recreating time and space and developing an infrastruct around it but now inside it as figure for the ground around it, like the soul interpenetrating the mind and body. Maybe.)

584 - "Difference between capitalism and communism? No difference, both by-products of the newspaper age 1830 and before - filtered through cultural bias. We're living in a world of mythic stage now, where you take your mythic social pattern and run amuck, you play hardball with it, you don't dialogue. So, the capitalists were able to hardball the electric autonomy mood that rose in the 80's under satellite, VCR, remote control conditions. You know, the cocoon of electric software addiction that most people are involved in."

(Myke has some classical music playing in bgrd.) Post-TV age

608 - "The golfers are not fighting in the Gulf; they're fighting with their satellites on the solar structure level."

617 (sounds neat with Myke's music, use it as a canvas for our own sounds)
Caller: "The CIA and the Pentagon had actually had this machine in their possession through some sort of ...I don't know how they got it....."
Bob: "I think Tom Touche gave it to them."
Caller: "....It had a weird effect on people like R. Nixon and J. Carter, who had more brains than Nixon."
Bob: "Are you sure about that?"
Caller: "I don't know."
Bob: "Then, that's a myth you bought into, mighty assumption you're using in your own thought processes."

651 - "Capitalism didn't win...I mean Bush is collapsing too as much as the Soviet Union, Britain and Canada...and note who isn't collapsing: Germany and Japan. Why?"
Caller: "'Cause they lost WW11?"
Bob: "Yeah, there's no way of -----gd. example of bottom-up response to a usually top-down topical consideratorium-----succeeding other than through failure. (chuckle) That's true, you stoop to conquer."
Caller: "That's right, I guess so."
Bob: "You now know. Take this go from there, don't run back into your confusion."
Caller: "Praise Bob. Thank you."
Bob: "Conversion right there."

--------should we musically bring in something 40's? A lot of these quotes end with reference to music--reoccuring motif's mood sewn/sculpted with instrumentation depicting various time zones, particularly the 20th century--seems quite appropriate--I'm sure no one on the committee Will Object-----------

**link to other sections employing this idea>> 689 - Caller: "You didn't sound at all like yourself on the CBC New Year's broadcast."
Bob: "Oh no, that's another part of Bob Dobbs; that's the serious Bob, the Secret-Council-of-Ten Bob. You've never heard me talk about employment figures or this - ---definite zone to bring up gold story wash---a bunch of nonsense, but when they tell me, I merge with the medium, play off the particular media of CBC."

696 - Caller: "I'm doing artwork, yes."
Bob: "You wanna make any album covers?"
Caller: "No, ah, do I?? Ah, yeah sure."
Bob: "Ok."
Caller: (laughter).........."Room 222 is back on air at 2:30."
Myke: "Bad prints, pubic hair caught in the lens...." (laughter)
Caller: "They replay it for the number 22."
Bob: "It's 22 weeks since Saddam attacked Kuwait, now they're having a summit...---initiated war against Iran Sept 22/80?---- Cycles of history are based on these numbers, 19 and 22. What's your address?"
Caller: "Well, 592."
Bob: "592, that's 5+9=14, that's 14. Well, you're part of the new pattern, 14's the new number coming up...Gimme the last four digits of your phone#."
Caller: "Uhhh, 3298."
Bob: "3+2+9+8 = 22.....You're a 22 also. Case closed."
Caller: "That's marvellous!!!" - (cut)


185 - Vladimir phones in the Kabbalistic meaning of 22. 22 letters in the 'mystic' Hebrew alphabet...we can't use this part anyway cause Myke's getting silly with the "where were you on Nov 22/91?" quote.

308 - Bob: (Bob explains Myke's purpose) "We have a dialectic here. We have me who involves everybody. I'm Bob, I'm everybody. I contain multitudes in the discarnate state. We have to have a knowable level of the discarnate state by using words, so, I have to have a person who believes in the English language; will use it when you bark it at him. --edit--So, if I say the English language, he'll think I'm talking to him and I can use that as a red herring while I'm communicating discarnately. Well, Heather, you have a great knack of pushing the percepts beyond what I've said before."
Heather: "Oh, that's good."
Bob: "Anything more?"
Heather: "Not really."
Bob: "C'mon, c'mon, you guys can have multiple orgasms...c'mon."
Heather: "Oh, let me just think."
Bob: "Yeah, let's rest for a second."
Heather: "Don't want to waste airtime while I come up with something."

326 - Caller: "I'm not up on LaRouche..."

337 - Bob: "LaRouche didn't do anything, he's one of the nicest people, the most moral person of the 20th century. Just because he inspires dupes and useful fools to run around at airports - he's made breakthroughs in the intellectual territory and in conceptual space. And his effects he's not totally responsible for."

343 - Caller: "What are some of the bad things about Mr. LaRouche?"
Bob: "He doesn't understand Marshall McLuhan or too many of the other holy offices. He doesn't have complete comprehensive awareness which I'm the only person that has, so, I wouldn't knock him for not having that, nobody else on the planet has it....(Myke: "Bob is Good.")....You can develop that if you stay regular in your taxi cab. What's your licence#?"
Caller: "P.O. Box 1324."
Bob: "You're a 22 cabby, way to be."
Caller: "Well, there's a little more to life than just that, don't you think?"
Bob: "Not much."
Caller: "Not much?"
Bob: "There's no life before death anymore."
Caller: "Oh, OK..."

*550 - Bob: "The ad maker, the wordsmith, doesn't have a point of view. Marshall McLuhan would have talked to Kissinger, even though he called him the Kissinger of Death. He would have related to him, just like LaRouche has to relate to the Mafia and the Gehlen-Nazi network. When you're involved in an imploded zone, you can't use value judgements."

568 - Re: leasing our eyes and ears to private corporations.
Bob: "That's why we shouldn't talk about rights. What should we talk about? -----Cosmic Awareness quote from one of the first two issues of Perfect Pitch?-----What's a strategy, a form of protest, so that we don't fall into the trap of obsolete issues? How can we protest?"
Tom Rich: "I think the way to protest is to shut 'em off."
Bob: "Yeah, we refuse to buy the Toronto Star, refuse to do the CBC."
Tom Rich: "It's not the Toronto Star, the newspapers. It's CNN."
Bob: "Mulroney's on the right track by taking the budget away from CBC. Next, turn off the media coverage of him."

592 - "'Media Ecology' is the slogan, and what it is, it's not just private, say, boycotting of your own TV; it's demanding your politician to deal with this one issue. It's becoming monomaniacal about Media Ecology, not about nature, oil, high prices. Ignore everything, get the public to engage in that level of sloganeering."

611 - breakdown as breakthrough
Bob: "War and peace. Bypass concepts of war and peace because it's man vs. his inventions, it's not war or peace.........I just want to stop 'cause I know there's other callers."
Tom Rich: "Do you?" (laughter).

* Any comments not in quotation marks and any underlinings were made by David Newfeld, my studio butler.


June 4, 1990

As I sit here dictating this memo to you and watching Connie dancing with herself hugging the letter in her arms, you might hear the tears running down my face (that's You're Still the One in the background). Pardon me, but I can't believe how we got here, 22,000 miles above the earth, and I'm drifting back- they just mentioned Zareski again on the radio- back to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the summer of 1966 when we watched little Bobby Dean and tiny Carolyn Wheeler go on their separate little adventures never to be seen again. Oh, they would be "seen" again but everyone knew they weren't the same. That fall, their last year in high school, Bobby was famous for having hitchhiked to California and back again with only five dollars given to him by some kind of Taco Bell franchiser who had driven him for about 1000 miles. Carolyn had spent the summer in Sherbrooke, Quebec where she checked out the transformative powers of French kissing. It worked. She was very popular that first Darteen dance in September. That hadn't happened before. She was different. And indeed they both were! These facts served just perfectly as "covers" for what had really happened. The truth of the matter was that they were victims of Walk-ins - namely, me and Connie!
What a year that was for us! There we were, both 44 years old and veterans of Mata Hari/James Bond scenarios since World War Two, pretending we were teenagers in a little town on the Eastern rim of the North American plate. But, as usual, such was our luck that it was the best time to be a teen - or rather, to pretend to be youth. Actually everyone in the world was trying to act young and wild! However, for us it was an assignment and the stakes were very high. But, Charles, right now as Connie and I float in the arms of victory I see those faces drift by and I wonder what the citizens of Dartmouth will think when these memos are published. Of course, the majority will hardly even remember who Bobby Dean and Carolyn Wheeler were except for a couple of vague rumours. In 22 years from now they will be the ones who will build the tourist monuments. Still, those who knew and shared our local schemes will now have many questions answered. Perhaps they will feel it was all not in vain and even a little significant.
Take Steve, for example. He suddenly found Bobby sitting next to him in A-5 (a Grade 12 division in Dartmouth High School), a not very academically inclined class (Steve was in there because he was too smart to study), after Bobby had been "streamed" through the advanced class with Mike and Karen and Phil and Don and Christine (now a politician with a Minister's portfolio sometimes) and Peter (rumoured to be a doctor in Annapolis Valley) and Terry (later murdered in the '80's) for five years. By shrewdly dropping chemistry, biology, German and picking up Social Problems I arranged for Bobby to be put in Steve's class so he would have a very light homework load giving me much free time for our real assignment. Phil and Don would later refer to this period as the time when Bobby "died". But Steve can now understand why Bobby suddenly became obsessed with his FREAK OUT album by the Mothers of Invention. Bobby was going to be a physicist, couldn't even hear music and back in '65 wanted to form a band with Steve and Alan Billard and call it The Valets. The Valets!!! Steve was outraged. Understandable because Steve was studying guitar by listening to Paul Butterfield records. But Bobby was a good dancer (he had learned from his childhood buddy Butch Lucas) and was often mistaken for a "coloured" person at the Banook Canoe Club dances. But suddenly Bobby couldn't stop requesting to hear Frank Zappa's music whenever he was at Steve's house. Then there was that moment in February, 1967 when the substitute teacher for Paul Kutner's physics class (a Beatnik) gave a copy of McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage to Steve and Bobby. Why did he pick them out? For the first time (if anybody had cared to notice) Bobby was distracted from doing his homework. This went on for a couple of weeks and the consequences were felt for years after by his close friends. The next catastrophic change that actually affected Steve personally was Bobby's announcement to him that he would not be travelling around the world with Steve when they graduated from high school. He was going to go to college with Carolyn. This seriously disrupted the intended path for Steve's life but I couldn't tell him why then. That would have to wait another year.
Meanwhile, back to Connie's and my mission. The echoes of the kids' relationship started to be felt around the world. On October 9, 1966 John Lennon and Yoko Ono first met in that gallery in London - the very day Bobby declared his designs on Carolyn to his hockey buddy Phil. Oh, that reminds me of an echo when Bobby was in California the summer of '66 when I made my initial "possession" of him. It was Friday night, July 29, 1966 - the night of Bob Dylan's motorcycle accident and the first advertised Mothers' Freak Out! (Dave Walley might argue with you on that point but not with me because he doesn't know how to reach me.) Bobby wasn't at the dance that night but he was in Los Angeles. He had just made the first "radical" move in his tiny, tiny life. He, two draft evaders, a gambler, and a Mexican had just quit lemon-picking at a camp in Carpinteria. They probably had 75 dollars between them. That night was an extremely resonant echo. Another important echo which became more significant in the later '70's was the case of Walter Bowart's 40-day long pure Sandoz acid journey during the fall of '66. Walter, you remember, was the founder with Ishmael Reed of the East Village Other in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Bobby tried to get his driver's license that wonderful autumn but failed miserably because I had not mastered my "control" of his ambidextrous functions (check with Colin May on that embarrassment). But the Luck Plane was slanted our way because events escalated rapidly as Rhyee returned to the Plane of Essence (notice it was completed in Feb. '67 when Bobby was given McLuhan's paperback) and during that intense time Connie and I needed to be alone to attend to our intelligence activities without being distracted by high school football games and parties. Having no transportation gave us an alibi. Also, we had the alibi of Bobby's rapidly deteriorating interest in hockey and subsequent dropping from the team roster even though he was the assistant captain. Incidents such as having Bobby fire the puck at his own coach when he had a breakaway probably hastened the coach's decision. Still, it was a drastic personality change from his friends' point of view attributed no doubt to the fact he was either getting laid or he wasn't getting laid. These new tendencies of seeming rebellion culminated in Bobby being expelled in the last month of his high school career in May of '67. Of course, this was necessary for Connie and I to do some scarey stuff during the hyper-serious Arab-Israeli War in the first week of June. Few people know how close we came to Armageddon that time. On the other hand, Connie did not need the sultry "rebellious" cover since her job was to monitor the satellite reconnaissance set-up in her bedroom. Her long hours alone in her room was understood by Carolyn's parents as her preparation for the Provincial Examinations. And Carolyn was even able to have time to finish out the Vice-Presidential term on the Student's Council after Joey Blades ran off to Greenwich Village wearing an earring. Oh yeah, there was a big scandal that spring when some students stole the provincial exams. Bobby was never caught but Norman could verify Bobby's role.
In the fall of '67 Connie and I had to get Bobby and Carolyn away from their parents. We arranged for them to register at Mount Allison University in the marshy little town of Sackville, New Brunswick. Nobody would notice them there. However, one mistake was made. Bobby's roomate, Paul Brison, was "rural" enough to notice something was very strange about Bobby and Carolyn's relationship. So we "inspired" two sophomores, Barry Ellis and Ben Harnish, to form the Mental Mutants "anarchist" club as a cover for our intelligence work. Some of their rantings were even printed in the student paper (check out the Feb.13, '68 issue). And the editor of the paper was so intoxicated by the Mutants' work he offered Bobby the editorship for the next year! But, alas, we would not be staying in Sackville for long.
One of the echoes of that interim was the longest brain surgery in history done in New York City on Nov. 25, 1967 - Marshall McLuhan - under the knife for 22 hours.
Back in Dartmouth for the summer of '68, Connie and I schemed on how to set up a new "cover" to explain our increasing need for a more far-ranging mobility. The college fake would no longer do. We had to use the "dropout" scam. We decided to float the story that we were going to Montreal. That seemed plausible since Leonard Cohen's hit Suzanne had raised the profile of that city for the counterculture. But we needed some kind of tribal group - a commune. So we recruited some local high school kids with the help of Steve. Of course, this meant I had to let him in on our little secrets, or at least some of them. You know, a "need to know" basis. Well, you can imagine the rumours flew that summer about Eddie, David, Tommy, Ingrid, Nolan and Chris. Steve's mother, a very shrewd and perceptive Conservative, went so far as to call Bobby the Anti-Christ and banned him from their home. She knew something awesome and disturbing was brewing in her tiny, tiny town. But it worked and Bobby and Carolyn got to Montreal with no trouble except for a little resistance from their parents. There were some hard feelings but our work had to be done and we knew the benefits of it would be realized later.
Once in Montreal, with the semi-comprehending assistance of Barry and Drapkin (from Mount Allison) and Steve and Shirley (from Dartmouth) we established contact with Dean Latimer, Allan Katzman, David Walley and Lita Eliscu at the East Village Other in Manhattan; with David Worcester and Vern Christenson and Cosmic Awareness in Seattle; with Joe Dun Sloan and the D-cell in Los Angeles; and with Don McBrearty and the film industry in London and later Toronto. From '68 on through the Seventies and into the early Eighties these friends provided safe houses for key periods of crisis in the unfolding of history/evitable fate. But during that particular autumn in Montreal, Barry played a very important role as a liaison with Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque. Drapkin was an important conduit to the pharmaceutical industry. Oh, that reminds me, a curious side-effect of my "control" over Bobby was that he would sometimes lose the basic essentials of his identity rooted in his childhood memories. This would require establishing personal contact with some early close childhood friend where obscure details of their mutual past would be dragged out for major scrutiny in the intensity of their reunion. Montreal reminds me of this because it was there that Randy House had moved in 1964 from Dartmouth and he was periodically visited by us so Bobby could be "reoriented". I'm sure Randy will remember these sessions when he reads this but will marvel at how many years have passed since he last had one (it was 1975, Randy). Excuse me, Charles, while I clear something up and give Randy a particularly cute memory that only he would fully appreciate. Remember, Randy, when in the heat of one of these nostalgic laughing debates that fall of '68, you, Bobby and Carolyn dropped in on Cathy Bowes at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal where she was a nurse and left your names at the front desk because she was not available. None of you guys were really very close to her so she must have been puzzled. Well, Cathy, wherever you are (though Steve told me last summer that he talked to Charlotte Hutchinson and he thinks she mentioned that Cathy Bowes married a doctor and is living in Arizona, but Steve's not sure because he never knew either Charlotte or Cathy) now you know why their names appeared in your life at that time. They were drunk on memory so Bobby could remember who he felt like he was.
For the next few years Connie and I criss-crossed all over the northern Western Hemisphere using the above-mentioned refuges for Solar Government debriefings from the Secret Council of Ten. More on that later. Meanwhile, we found that Montreal was increasingly inhospitable after the FLQ Crisis of Oct. '70 so we decided we could safely relocate in Dartmouth and later Halifax. Steve had long left Montreal and returned home mainly because of exhaustion, and Barry, searching for autonomy, went back to his family farm on P. E. I. to work the land for potatoes. Their responsibilities in our mission were largely superseded by archetypes merging/fragmenting at the speed of light so a rest was well-deserved. Once back in Nova Scotia I had to deal with the karmic fallout from the previous cover of the "commune". The original members plus new hangers-on had fallen into lives of complete disarray.
The subsequent counselling sessions with this Dartmouth gang unexpectedly brought out a new role for Carolyn which we realized would create a great new cover for Connie. If Carolyn became a medical student then we would have the next ten years, at least, taken care of. We knew the management of the solar government was settling in for the long haul after the rapid changes of the Sixties and Connie's satellite surveillance work would be relatively stable. A medical role would be perfect. I still had much travelling to do in my work but Connie could be free to join me around the world during the summers. One important person from Bobby's past, Charles, was a character named Flaps who was one of the original Troika- Steve, Bobby, and Flaps. You see, Bobby always had a healthy streak of megalomania that he kept to himself. That's why I picked him. And Flaps was the one friend he could rehearse this with. Bobby first made contact with Flaps on this level in 1964 when they both agreed they could see "Butch the Electron" - their name for those little spots in the air. Also, Flaps had a similar bent of mind for nostalgic details - even obscure ones that he could hilariously mimic. But as for the megalomania trait, Flaps also was sure that either he or Bobby or Steve was the Second Coming of Jesus the Christ. So this required hours of humorous debate and subtle probing between he and Bobby. Flaps even dropped all his other courses at St. Mary's University in Halifax after his freshman year and began taking Theology classes (about 20 of them) over the next five years. Little did he realize that he actually was teasing and philosophizing with me, Bob Dobbs, all that time. Flaps also provided some great opportunities for he and Bobby's major fetish - ball hockey! This allowed me to do some fine, superfine thinking whenever I was in Nova Scotia. While Bobby was trying to win the scoring title and beat the Seagulls (consistently the best team) for five years (until 1977 - the year of a cosmic power shift when we finally left Halifax and moved to Dallas, Texas), I made some of my greatest perceptual breakthroughs under the alchemical effects of such disciplined physical exertion. Thanks, Flaps. During this period in Halifax, when I could spare the time, I also studied Dennis Young, Vivian Cameron and Eric Fischl (his favorite film at that time was Greaser's Palace) at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
By the way, for the record, the dates for significant first encounters between 1968 and 1977 are:
September 25, 1969 - David E. Worcester
March 1, 1970 - Frank Zappa
March 2, 1970 - Joe Dun Sloan
March 1, 1971 - Marshall McLuhan
July 12, 1971 - Captain Beefheart
October 8, 1971 - Garrett Deane
October 22, 1973 - Harry Whittier
January 10, 1974 - Edgar Z. Friedenberg
May 1, 1975 - Andy Warhol
May 7, 1975 - Paul Krassner and Ken Kesey
May 12, 1975 - Cecil Taylor
February 27, 1976 - Allen Ginsberg
August 8, 1976 - Charles Bukowski
And I forgot July 22, 1970 - Sun Ra - while Bobby and Carolyn were having their honeymoon in New York City (Steve was there, too.)
According to Rev. Stang's Book of the SubGenius (1983), I introduced myself to Philo Drummond in 1978. This is correct. Connie and I had set up headquarters in Dallas after we left Halifax in '77 where I had kept a very low profile whenever I was there - not one of Carolyn's fellow medical students at Dalhousie can say they ever met her husband. The move to Dallas was necessary after the Battle of the Harvest Moon on Sept. 27, 1977 which caused a major change in the structure of the solar government. Most of the scenarios that unfolded in the early Eighties were orchestrated out of Texas (remember J. R., Dallas, Dynasty, and Bush - Lorimar Productions) so that was where I was stationed until '83. Connie would continue Carolyn's medical cover in Toronto where she set up a phenomenally successful nutritional medicine practice that had the same impact on the medical game in Canada as Wayne Gretzky had on hockey. At that time Toronto was a branch plant of the shenanigans in Texas (for details of that fact see Robert O'Driscoll's "action" poem, NATO and the Warsaw Pact Are One) and Connie was assigned to that city until I could join her permanently for more public performances in '84 after Dr. Beter and I had triumphantly interrupted the Bolsheviks' attempt to start Nuclear War One with a First Strike against the Soviet Union on Sept. 17, 1982. For followers of Stang's scene this explanation should clear up the mystery of why the Reverend staged my assassination on Jan. 21, 1984. Because I had left Dallas after Dr. Beter and I put a hold on nuclear annihilation in '82, Stang had nothing left to do but market what he could salvage from my files. But how could he explain my absence? It's obvious what he and Puzzling Evidence were forced to fake.
What did those files contain? Well, again, for the record, here are the dates for significant encounters of Phase Two from 1978 to1984:
March 20, 1978 - Charles Bukowski
April 20, 1979 - Marshall McLuhan
December 2, 1979 - Walter Bowart
April 28, 1980 - Joe Dun Sloan
July 29, 1980 - Mae Brussell
August 8, 1981 - Sherman Skolnick
November 18, 1981 - Ian Arlett
April 3, 1982 - Paul Shockley
April 22, 1982 - Dr. Beter
June 23, 1982 - Barrington Nevitt
June 15, 1983 - Nelson Thall
September 10, 1983 - David E. Worcester
December 29, 1983 - Garrett Deane
August 14, 1984 - Frank Zappa
On August 28, 1984 Bob Marshall made his first broadcast of the International Connection on CKLN-FM, 88.1 in Toronto. This was the beginning of Phase 3. Connie and I privately referred to this act as WHO'S FORGOTTEN FURRY LINT? "Bob Marshall" was Bobby Dean's new role as a journalist and broadcaster. For the next three years Marshall was the figure to prepare the ground for the unveiling of me and my awesome mission - Phase 4. Bobby Dean, with the assistance of his friend Art McKay, had quietly rehearsed this new public visibility by giving a lecture on the work of Marshall McLuhan to a small class at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax on January 6, 1984.
As you well know, Charles, in January of 1987 I met with your representatives in London to arrange your purchase of a large quantity of gold bullion. After that we were ready. We duped Adam Vaughan, the manager of CKLN at the time, by having Bob Marshall replay some audio tapes by Dr. Beter (which Vaughan had forbidden). Bob Marshall was fired. Myke Dyer was upset. Myke invited Bob onto his show at the same station. LO!! I now had a discarnate forum to stage my campaign for chairmanship of the Secret Council of Ten. It was June 17, 1987 - in the middle of the Iran- Contra hearings and two months to the day before the Harmonic Bobvirgins. The world began to feel the effects of decades of planning as momentous changes became obvious to everybody.
A footnote: to illustrate how the forgotten details in peoples' lives resonate and often are prophetic, consider these facts:-
1. Carolyn Wheeler had a boyfriend before she met Bobby Dean. His name was Bob Dyer.
2. Bobby Dean had a girlfriend before he met Carolyn Wheeler. Her name was Carroll Dyer.
3. Bob Dyer, Carroll Dyer and Myke Dyer were not related and never knew each other.

Oh, Gotta Go,
Let Me Know,
I went to the party & all they gave me was this little chip.
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Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:08 pm
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Site Admin

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Post subject: For Hex Reply with quote

Hey man,

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making Bob's book available to more people on this forum. As the book is out of print it's sometimes hard for people to obtain a copy.

Unfortunately, the publishing rights for the quotations by other authors were only granted for print format, not digital. I would love to offer a complete copy of the book on the Internet but until permissions are granted we can't publish their content here.

You've encouraged me to pursue that initiative so over the next month we'll make some inquiries. I have a feeling we'll be able to obtain permission for certain portions of the quotes but I'm not optimistic about obtain rights for their entirety.

I'd like to add that I'm not personally opposed to the book being available on the Internet for students and researchers it's just that a copy can't reside on this forum at this time.

(Note - it looks like some of the quotation orders have been changed from the original, for example, LaRouche should come before McLuhan.)

My apologies to the community for removing some of the content but we were very thankful for the permissions that were granted in the past so we intend to stick to those original agreements. If anything changes, I'll be the first to encourage the sharing of the book in digital format to the public.

(for those who don't know what I'm referring to - Hex posted a very thorough and well laid out digital copy of Bob's book in this thread which I'm sure he'd be glad to make available to other communities but as the 'official' Bob site moderator, I had to remove it for now until I confirm or renegotiate the rights to portions of the book's content. I've left the last chapter of the book here as I don't believe there is a problem with that but I still need to confirm that with the publisher and Bob... so it may need to be removed too but I'm hoping it won't)

Thanks again to Hex for making the effort to share this material.

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Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:13 pm
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Post subject: Uh huh yeah that's right Reply with quote

I respect your wishes to keep this forum "legit"
and to some degree I respect Bob's wishes to be "respectful"
and I even respect the authors in a way according to how I see them or "use" them.

So like I understand.

However since I am on the other side of the coin. (not always the law I am not that bad people exaggerate)

I do have to "represent" for the digital hood.
Like I said I am cyberpunk; I ain't going to break any laws at this establishment.

However I do maintain my own lit crit cred and I will sum up my attitude thusly.


The last one I have a idiosyncratic collegial relationship with.
the previous four can kiss my shiny metal ass.

Oh yeah here is my self-promo spot

cyber hex message boards will be up and running in 2007 and we is going to take the slam, spit, cyberpunk lit crit world by storm....

We is going to get all that Digital Cheddar.
I went to the party & all they gave me was this little chip.
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Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:13 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

i've had multiple orgasms.

gimme five
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Wed Jul 05, 2006 6:16 pm
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Linus Minimax

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Post subject: Re: Uh huh yeah that's right Reply with quote

Hexbodhi wrote:

Oh yeah here is my self-promo spot

cyber hex message boards will be up and running in 2007 and we is going to take the slam, spit, cyberpunk lit crit world by storm....

We is going to get all that Digital Cheddar.

Is this what you meant when everybody froze??
I didn't even see this down here
I did see the full PC though
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:04 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:33 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:55 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:17 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 4:10 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:18 pm
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Tuff Numbers

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Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm trying to find some travel/vacation catalogs... did any of you come across one?
give me some feedback Cruise Ship Wedding
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Thu Jan 11, 2007 2:53 am
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Post subject: Reply with quote

Does anyone know where I can get a hard copy of the Phatic Communion book? I once emailed Bob and the guy I was never able to get a hold of the guy I was told to contact.
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Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:07 pm
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Post subject: Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs Reply with quote

guestron wrote:
Does anyone know where I can get a hard copy of the Phatic Communion book? I once emailed Bob and the guy I was never able to get a hold of the guy I was told to contact.

I'll sell you my copy for 8888.
"Yogi Bear didn't wear pants..."
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Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:21 pm
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Post subject: Re: Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs Reply with quote

snowbody wrote:
guestron wrote:
Does anyone know where I can get a hard copy of the Phatic Communion book? I once emailed Bob and the guy I was never able to get a hold of the guy I was told to contact.

I'll sell you my copy for 8888.

There's one copy on eBay right now. Starting bid $5.99.

Auction ends Jan. 14.
"Yogi Bear didn't wear pants..."
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