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Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:46 pm
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Post subject: Lord Buckley/Lenny Bruce/Marshall McLuhan for the 21st C?... Reply with quote

... I think so.

This 38-min. rant/probe by iON from Oct.1, 2009, goes further than Lord Buckley or Lenny Bruce by satirizing not so much the foibles, vices, and hypocrisies of your daily fivebodied, quadrophrenic "citizen" as to present a raucous inventory, in the style of Marshall McLuhan, of the effects of the present environmental surround (let's call it Web 2.0) that reveals causes - all four of Aristotle's - the likes of which no other artist, comedian, sociologist, psychologist, novelist, composer, or videographer could even hope to present, let alone imagine - with the para-human rapidity required of our Americanized attention spans, no less:

Note the fate of the recently "undead" presented in the final minutes.

I apologize for the grating, close-up quality of my recorded laughings and wheezes - I wasn't given any warning this avalanche of ribaldry would befall me.

But I'm happy to announce that the RNA Drops have relieved me of some excess mucus I had back then that evoked some gross sound effects on this recording.

By the way, I will be watching the reactions to this recording because I now have a standard or "raised bar" to compare to.

Yes, this is a kind of test to measure the degree YOU can perceive or receive the anti-environment for our Era.

In other words, this will tell me if you will be permitted to claim you are some type of alert media ecologist.

Prepare to meet your Crater (sic), people!

Bob Dobbs
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