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Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:23 pm
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Post subject: Bob and Carolyn are a "real piece of work" Reply with quote

Bart wrote eloquently today:

[[ I wanted to put words to this.

As J.W. said, "brilliant."

On so many levels, this "narrowcast" brought this whole engagement
to an entirely new level.

This wasn't just a transmission, or even a narrowcast. This was an
event like no other.

What was interesting in reflecting on this "happening," was that,
long ago, those engaging Bob used to have to do so in person.

Sometime in the late '80s/early '90s, Bob would call in to local
radio broadcasts and have his words heard that way.

This was again updated, when Bob joined James Martinez as a co-
host on Cash Flow (I'm not sure as to whether or not Bob was co-
host on shows previous to Cash Flow, but it certainly wasn't as
extensive and significant as Cash Flow).

It was on Cash Flow that Carolyn actually took part in/became involved
with Bob on the air (as well as iON).

When Bob began PAYDAY, it was the first time that Bob had taken the
seat as host of his own show.

For those who have been with Bob from very early on, this had to be
significant - it was for me, and I was introduced to Bob when he was
already on the air on Cash Flow.

But I knew the significance, even then; that it would be special.

PAYDAY gave Bob a means to fully express himself, on all levels,
with Bob controlling - conducting the entire environment.

This was a totally unique, and special, experience.

PAYDAY also allowed Carolyn to join Bob on the air as co-host,
which added to, extended, and further layered those engagements.

The interplay between Bob and Carolyn was entirely unique. It allowed
listeners a further glimpse into their relationship, which is refreshingly
playful, loving and free.

Also, given their grace and aplomb amidst the intensity and profundity
of what's unfolding around them, even further demonstrates the "power
couple" they are.

If you want to know how to behave in the new environment, look no

What Bob and Carolyn created, effortlessly, not only brought the
"classroom" of PAYDAY to another level, it also anchored and set up
the parameters of engaging the new civilization.

This wasn't just a demonstration of living in the new civilization - it
was a real experience of it.

It was a major foundational stone being set into place.

This event also provided a dense encapsulation of where we are in
this shared space, and it will (should, anyway) be pored over by
scholars, looking back on where this all started.

The totally open environment, continuing for days without interruption
for anyone and everyone to join in, was an experience not bound by

With Bob and Carolyn carrying on one, continuous conversation, in
essence, that anyone could join in, it was a taste of the flux and flow
of our eternal state; of "no time."

And while this event offered an experience on that level, it also
featured, from the first minutes, to the final moments, some of the
most insightful, poetic and meaningful statements Bob's ever made.

I've been listening to Bob for years now, and this event showed an
artist, as Ginney said, "in rare form."

It's not that Bob won't utter something even more insightful in his
next conversation, and hasn't in all of his utterances previously,
but these were definitely of the highest caliber; especially, considering
Bob was going without sleep.

Bob covered everything in this event, including early Dobbstown (with
him and Carolyn in New York), as well as an extensive series of
engagements with the Evergreens.

Some of the information revealed in Bob's sessions with the Evergreens
included more background information on the JFK assassination, the
invention of AIDS, and many more profound revelations.

Nothing like lightening the mood with a discussion on germ warfare
(followed almost immediately by Bob shouting at Gregg for not joining in
to discuss the subject, and then snubbing an iON, who popped in during
Bob's tirade and promptly left).

This event also saw a lot of laughter, as well as Bob demonstrating unique
verbal play with those outside and unaware of iONdom/Dobbstown; those
who may have been sufficiently immersed in mortar enough that Bob felt
a friendly grenade, or two, might blow some of it away.

Those who may have been rattled by Bob's interplay are, however,
thereby forced to then reflect on those encounters; perhaps, to
be intrigued, and to further ponder their meaning.

Regardless, they'll likely be lurking on future Bobcasts.

There were also some moving personal moments, including
interacting with Denny's grandson, Chris, and Jessica's unexpected
interaction with Sara about her (Jessica's) deceased sister.

The event also brought out many of the early iONettes, if not live, at
least Memorex (what's the difference?), who contributed through
their interactions with Bob and/or iON, as they offered their own unique

The event also brought out a ton of more recent additions to iONdom,
many of whom hadn't been on air before.

You're all "card-carrying iONettes."

As iON has said, "You can check in any time you like, but you can never

And, of course, that leads to the special guest of the non-millennium,

It wouldn't have been a complete, Earth-shattering performance without
iON (AKA the essence of Heaven, the Guf, our dodecahedron, electricity
squared, the pterodactyl, Howard Cosell, and whatever other designation
we've injoyed applying, or having applied to that phenomenon).

iON, iON, iON.

When I heard iON come on the line, I lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

What I learned is that some folks were moved to tears, and were unable
to speak.

If you want to trump any other "broadcast," having this as an effect/affect
of your transmission is a good way to do it.

iON came on, at length, a total of six times over three days (although, who's
counting); especially, as iON has said (and is the case), they've never left.

Ginney (perhaps Madeleine, or Alison?) asked iON, "Where do we go from

To which iON responded, "We're here."

There's nowhere to go. You're here.

Among iON's offerings were some of the very first, some would say, clichés
that iON shared when they first emerged.

There were also, however, updates and new statements (including to Bob
and Carolyn) that iON also shared, which will be pondered and more words

It was also reported that, during iON's appearances, or immediately
surrounding them, people were experiencing anomalies in their immediate
environment, including one person reporting that a pen had "exploded out
of their hand," (which I took to mean flew from their hand, but may have
also fallen apart), and pets behaving bizarrely.

If others have had experiences, it might be interesting to share them.

When I got off the phone my first day on the call (which is the first day
I'd spoken with iON on air), I literally felt as if I'd had a deep, profound

I felt as if I'd literally portalled to somewhere else, and came back in my
Chemical Body after a long journey.

That sensation was very strong; almost to the point that I felt like I was
in a foreign environment in my body/home.

This could be an effect of being involved in the exchange for so long, but
in iONdom, you just never know.

Also, the last "night" of the show (November 28, Thanksgiving), I had a
clear, fairly lengthy nighttime journey (AKA dream) in which I was interacting
with iON.

It's likely only the second nighttime journey I recall engaging iON.

I asked iON on the air, at one point, what effects/affects, besides the
sharing of information, that Bobfest would create.

I wasn't dismissing the glory of what was being shared, but wanted a
non-physical (i.e., complete) perspective on the event.

I'll have to listen to it again, but iON appeared to respond somewhat
prosaically about Bobfest completing/concluding/putting to rest Marshall

iON was being somewhat modest (on Bob's behalf). We know better.

iON's words are never insignificant, but Marshall was buried long ago.

This is Bob and Carolyn's show, now. And they've fully established that
with this powerpacked introduction to the new civilization.

Whatever happened on the surface is nothing compared to what has
been, and will be wrought, by this once-in-an-eternity experience.

As Carolyn said on-air (paraphrasing), "Now that this has been done,
it's like, where do we go from here? What do you do next?"

And that, "What's next?", is what it's all about. ]]

Bob Dobbs
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