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Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:36 pm
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Post subject: Zappa and McLuhan Reply with quote

Note the nod to Frank Zappa here:

[[ It is important to place McLuhan's indebtedness to the fine arts, literature, the lively arts, and the way their practitioners thought about these matters (e.g., Eliot's essays, Eisenstein's writings on film, Kandinsky or Klee's speculations about their work) in perspective, because the success of his [McLuhan's] project suggests that a rich potential for affinity between modernism, our contemporary cultural production of the last half of the twentieth century, and the study of communication, culture, and technology remains to be fully developed. The new schism that some schools of cultural theory have created between the cultural production represented by the so-called "fine" arts and the "lively arts" of today's everyday culture suppresses a rich source of insight, particularly of the rather intimate connections between them (e.g., John Cage and Frank Zappa's respective interests in Joyce), an insight which McLuhan certainly considered essential in his poetic. ]] - Prof. Donald F. Theall (former President of Trent University), THE VIRTUAL MARSHALL McLUHAN, 2001, McGill-Queen's University Press, p.172

Bob Dobbs
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