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Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:54 am
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~Foo Fighter~

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Post subject: Re: to get it or not to get it Reply with quote

You might be right...Cabell definatly had artist sensibilities. Like Joyce his prose was trying to burst the confines of print to model some new situation...he didn't do it as well as McBob says Finnigans's Wake does.

Ad Absurdum wrote:
~Foo Fighter~ wrote:
Cabell did this thing all the time.
Cabell, in what I guess you could call manippien fashion, alluded to something (crowley's rite) as if he, the author had indepth knowledge about it, and you the reader, didn't.
Crowley didn't really get it that Cabell, though philosophical, Cabell was basically a writter trying to intrigue and entertain people (and occasionally get a laugh.)

You're clearly more familiar with the subject (and I'm not fundamentally opposed to learning that Crowley didn't get something), but could it be that Crowley recognized Cabell's trick -- and recognized that that is THE basic "trick" -- and played along to give seeming creedence to Cabell's 'insider knowledge'??

“I made it all up, and it all came true anyway. That’s the funny part.”

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