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Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:27 pm
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~Foo Fighter~

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Post subject: All Go Rhythm Reply with quote

Bob, you and DeK touched on his interest in algorithms in one of your talks. I had just come across a blog discussing making a magical Pact with your iPhone as if it's a demonic familiar.

I commented to the guy that the iPhone was just an extension of ourselves...but on further reflection he has a point. That being that the many things that run in the background on an iPhone are based on algorithms.
Though they are created by us they aren't necessarily extensions of us. They are an interesting combination of math and software that comes up to being more then the sum of their parts. They function to satisfy themselves…take an input and deliver and output as determined by it’s structure.

Last week Youtube presented me with a totally surprising video that was obviously based on an algorithm looking at previous surfing history to pages with certain tags. The thing was I hadn’t done any such searches in Youtube so it didn’t cater to my Youtube usage but…it catered direclty to ME.

The fear of AI Artificial seemed ridiculous a while back, but it may come not as an intelligence as we know it but as a collection of virus like algorithms that function together to achieve ends that satisfy itself.
Any way, those are my disjointed wonderings.

I think we shoud explore this further.

“I made it all up, and it all came true anyway. That’s the funny part.”

Robert Lees

[Definition: Android Meme - Automated self-replicating unit of cultural transmission; machines communicating with machines.]
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Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:23 pm
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Ad Absurdum

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Post subject: X tension Reply with quote

Extensions/translations of our sub/unconscious thought-processes, many of which are basically the same sort of automated calculations of familiar inputs, only different from these algorithms because written in carbon wetware rather than silicon hardwire...

Emphasis on the "our" -- not just YOUR individual sub/unconscious, but the collective SubSpace where synchronicities are forged (hence the uncanny YouTube recommendation)
turn the other screw!
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