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Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:23 pm
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Post subject: Webcast at the very beginning of WHAT YOUTH? on July 21/15: Reply with quote

Lyndon LaRouche on iONdom at the end of the May 23, 2014, webcast at

[[ ... What’s increased in the power of mankind is located in his chemistry. Humans have nothing to do with the animal kingdom. Animals don’t have a notion of the future. The future comes in chemistry. It means that mankind is biologically – by using the principles of the increase of the periodic table, we increase the energy flux-density by the development of man. So man becomes a conscious tool. The creative powers of the human mind becomes a tool. The existence of progress of a species by higher and higher probability. Sense perception is not a competent tool. Chemistry starts in the 19th C development and finding the periodic table of elements. At that point we discovered that the chemical actions correspond to elements but these elements come in an order of magnitude. What is the characteristic of mankind’s natural development? It’s a voluntary capability to create the future by a conscious intention – so always improving, infused in his power. We have now gone into higher flux-densities reached far beyond the capability of chemistry, we've entered into superchemisty (iONdom's "supersugar"). Controllable by man and these things now reach to the point of increasing the power of the sun – (iONdom's "cold fusion"). Capable of designing instruments which will exceed the power of the sun (iONdom's "cold fusion"). Reached the point where we no longer believe in sense certainly, recognize that sense perception is a mirage, a shadow caused by something more powerful. What man can do by the human will of increasing energy flux-density to reach beyond earth – understanding the energy of the sun. Aristophanes understood this, Archimedes didn’t understand this. Aristophanes applied his discovery to the area of the Mediterranean Sea. This was the transition into the development of the Renaissance. The idea of the spiritual feature in life – what we call "spiritual" is a power residing inside the human being but reflects by achievement, by practice. We are capable to synthesize our progress of mankind through chemistry – higher and higher chemistries. Chemistry is not an object, it’s a principle (not a drug). Once the human mind says we are not going to measure events on earth by living on earth, we are going to take the shadow cast by the sun and measure space beyond sense perception by that standard. It is this germ of science that comes in that process and the cells in the Renaissance are the source of modern science. Anyone that does not know that Kepler discovered the solar system is not qualified to be a scientist. Anyone who rejects him is an idiot. ]]

Bob Dobbs
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